Top 10 Best Tennis Rackets

Top 10 Best Tennis Rackets To Buy In 2020

There are hundreds of tennis rackets models. Choosing the right for your style of play is very important, whether you’re a beginner, recreational player or even the champion of the next championship. A tennis racket needs to be comfortable and keep track of your skill level, some characteristics such as size, weight, frame stiffness and grip directly influence the performance and pleasure of playing.

The most popular brands are Wilson, Babolat, Head, Dunlop and Yonex. However, before so many models, it is difficult to choose a tennis racket without knowing how the specifications will impact your game, it is also essential to know the qualities that differentiate a high-level racket. Here we summarize the main points that must be observed for your choice at the end compare prices and features to list the top 10 tennis rackets’s time for you to raze on the courts!

How to Choose the Best Tennis Racket

A tennis racket is more than a sports object is a personal right. So when investing in new equipment is important to select, from the options, which ones most fit your body and style of play.

Technical specifications such as weight, size and grip the head, need to be known from the beginning of the search for the ideal tennis racket. Factors such as calibration of the strings and stiffness of the frame can raise your game to a new level.

The racquet weight is the secret for Good Performance

tennis rackets heavier transmit less vibration, are more stable and enable the application of force majeure in play. As for the lighter rackets facilitate swing and agile movements.

Top 10 Best Tennis Rackets To Buy In 2020

Lightweight racquets are made when weighing up to 270 g, intermediate between 270 and 300 g, is heavy when more than 300 g. Beginning players prefer lighter rackets therefore require less power to perform a good swing. Already intermediate and advanced players, as well as stronger people prefer heavier tennis rackets, which provide greater control on the impact of the ball.

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The manufacturing materials of tennis rackets directly influence its weight and durability, the main ones are:

The location of most of the weight on the tennis racket, balance, is another important factor. To better understand it is important to know that the size of a normal racket is 68.5 cm (685 mm). The centralized equilibrium point is at 32 cm (320 mm), if it is below the weight is concentrated on the cable, if above is concentrated in the head of the tennis racket.

Rackets with the balance on the head (greater than 32 cm) require less arm, so are preferred by children, women and players who are starting. With it you can hit the ball with power even without being in the best position.

Already the tennis racket to balance the cable (less than 32 cm) requires more strength and skill, however guarantee the accuracy to a stroke of weight on the ball, a key factor for intermediate and advanced players. However, it is important to clarify that sold more rackets have centralized weight, ie 320 mm, which gives a good relationship of power and control, ideal for those who are still exploring their style of play.

Cape Thickness (Hilt or Grip) can Prevent Injuries

Top 10 Best Tennis Rackets To Buy In 2020

The handle, also known as Grip or cable, is the most important requirement for health arm. To avoid injury is vital to buy a tennis racket that fits in the hand comfortably and that does not require a lot of strength to hold it.

There are 6 levels cable size, the lower grips are referred to as L0, L1, L2, L3 have as intermediary, and finally the larger footprints are L4 and L5. In Brazil, the most widespread models of racquets are of size L2 (thin), L3 (middle) and L4 (thick).

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If you do not know what is the ideal grip for his case, a tip is to choose a fine option and adjust the thickness with an overgrip, which is a very soft tape to thicken the cable.

The head size of the racquet offers Control and Power

Top 10 Best Tennis Rackets To Buy In 2020

This is perhaps the main thing that a beginner should take into account, the higher the smaller racket head area are likely to miss the ball. A larger area to hit the ball offers more power, for beginners this is critical. However, larger areas reduce the control and precision of the moves which can be a big problem for advanced players. Therefore, more technical and experienced players prefer heads with smaller areas.

Excellent tennis rackets are available in sizes between 85 and 135 inches. Intermediate sizes with good balance between power and control are between 95 “and 110” and can be a good option for those who practice tennis just as a hobby.

Rigidity of the racket is Important for More Demanding

Top 10 Best Tennis Rackets To Buy In 2020

The more the racket bends at the time of impact, the greater the energy loss, so power the ball. It is common to think that more flexible rackets, the catapult effect, provide more power, but this is a mistake.

more rigid tennis rackets is offering more power, but less control and greater vibration. Players beginners and intermediates should use stiffer rackets, but over time the transition to more flexible models will be needed to better control each hitter. advanced tennis players prefer more flexible models that allow greater control over their moves.

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The stiffness index (RA), also known as Stiffness varies between 62 and 65, 62 and 65 the more flexible the more rigid. Consider this when buying to achieve the desired performance!

For More Control, More Stringing Prefer a Closed

Top 10 Best Tennis Rackets To Buy In 2020

Finally, the string pattern influences the type of player in the game. Described in two numbers (eg 16 × 18), the first indicates the number of vertical ropes, the second horizontal strings.

more open standards such as 16 × 18, provide increased power and spin, more closed patterns between the ropes, 18 × 20, for example, provide greater control and durability to the ropes.

Top 10 Best Tennis Rackets for Buy Online

Now that you know what to consider when choosing a good tennis racket, check below the top 10 tennis rackets of the moment. Choose your moves and do better and better!

Comparison Chart of Top Tennis Rackets

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Graphene Touch Speed Pro

Among many options, models list it perfect for beginners, for those who already have some skill and also to the most aficionados tennis.

The options listed here offer comfort and versatility for the player. We chose the rackets with the best materials and technologies. In the ranking there are also models of all values, so that anyone can buy! So now is to decide which the best racket and put on a show in the next game!

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