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Top 10 Best Toys to Buy in 2020

Play is something inherent in childhood and a key activity for the development of small. The toys are designed for children to develop new skills or practice those which already have during play. Thus, besides the fun, toys are capable of stimulating motor skills, cognitive and emotional development.

Focused on the child audience, brands such as Star, Grow and Brink + have many super fun toys and also promote the development of these skills. In this article, we will show you how to choose a good toy. In addition, we created a ranking of the top 10 toys in the market. Just choose one that the fun is guaranteed! So, keep reading.

How to Choose the Best Toy

From now on we will show you what to consider when buying a good toy. It is important to remember that in addition to providing fun, toys can also be great allies in child development. Check the topics below and find out what the ideal toy for your child!

Choose the benefit that the toy Can Bring

Especially for children, play is much more than a hobby. It is always a way of learning too, is the educational toy or not. So it is very important to think carefully when choosing a toy. Look reflect on the child’s needs and which aspects you would like to stimulate or develop through toys.

With that in mind, it will be much easier to decide which is the best toy. To help separate some valuable tips. Read carefully and turn learning into fun!

Top 10 Best Toys To Buy In 2020

Social interaction is very important in childhood, as does the child learn to cope with the world around them. Through group play they learn to respect different opinions, to dialogue and to negotiate so that your ideas are applied. Toys that allow children join their friends to play with, guarantee that this interaction occurs naturally.

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For this purpose, the board games are great choices. In them there are rules and missions that need to be followed to reach the goal of the game. Along the way they encounter obstacles that must be solved, often in groups. Not to mention that in some games the game starts on the board, but extends out of it, as in the detective game.

In addition, card games, checkers and chess as well as encourage interaction with other children, take them in the comfort zone, because to win children need to “break the head”, strategize and find practical solutions, stimulating the ability to concentrate and logical reasoning. All this time and respecting the opinions of classmates!

Top 10 Best Toys To Buy In 2020

Children are naturally imaginative. Invent a thousand stories, create characters, imaginary friends, paint, draw, find new ways to use the objects, among other things. Further encourage their creativity is very important and toys can be great allies in this mission.

Toys to draw, write, assemble and disassemble, as in the case of legos and cubes are interesting choices. These games do not have pre-established rules and, therefore, allow children to invent their own way of playing, putting all your imagination and creativity into practice.

Top 10 Best Toys To Buy In 2020

Upon entering the school, children spend to acquire new knowledge every day, but they do not always have the opportunity to put into practice what they learn. This may end up turning all information acquired in something very abstract and uninteresting. Thus, some children end up losing interest in studies.

On the other hand, when they find ways to use in practice the contents studied in school, studying becomes something more stimulating. In addition, the toy can even help improve what they have learned.

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Therefore, for children at the age of literacy indicated toys that encourage reading and word formation. For children a little older, toys with geometric shapes and encourage logical thinking can help a lot with math. Moreover, for all ages there are many choices of starter to play scientist and experimenting. The kids will love!

Top 10 Best Toys To Buy In 2020

Toys that allow small leave home, join with friends and move are essential in childhood. That’s because, in addition they work social interaction and help in child health, since it is a way of them to exercise and strengthen your muscles, also stimulate important skills such as motor coordination and balance.

The number of obese and overweight children is growing constantly. Therefore, it is important to balance the time the child plays sitting, with board games or virtual, for example, and the time she plays moving. Not to mention that stimulate sports in childhood can increase the chances that child become a more active and healthy adult!

So toys like ropes to jump, balls, skates, skateboard, pogo sticks, among others, can be good allies in time to put the kids to move. In addition, some toys like ping-pong, as well as physical benefits also work concentration and mental agility.

Always consult age toy Rating

Even if the child is already a little older and has not much risk of swallowing small parts, for example, it is very important to check the age of the toy classification before making the purchase. Toys are classified in order to protect children from possible physical and psychological damage, in addition to considering the skills of children in each age group.

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By choosing appropriate toys for your child’s age, you ensure that it will not be at risk when playing and also that it will in fact be able to play and have fun with that toy. So stay always tuned!

Who indications tested and approved

Here are the favorite toys of experts, professionals and bloggers partners MyBest. Products are tested and approved by them. It is worth checking!

Top 10 Best Toys to Buy Online

Below, we present the best toys to buy online. We organize this ranking based on the degree of difficulty of toys and skills they help develop in children. Check out!

Top 10 Best Toys To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Toys

Play Foosball Table Children Passante Geek

Children skates In Line 4 Black / White Wheels

Game Detective with Application

Kit 2 Racket Ping Pong Children Disney with Mickey Polka Dot and Aircraft

Media Box creative

There are countless options for all tastes and ages and stimulate all kinds of important skill for children. Board games are great to learn how to strategize. Already manuals toys stimulate creativity. Also, many games can be played with the whole family, excellent option to leave all closer.

Identify which combines more with your kids and go to the fun. See our tips and you’ll be much easier to choose. And remember: whenever you hit that doubt about which toy choose for small just come back and re-read the article. Now it’s time to access a site and buy the one that suits your children.

Buy the perfect toy and ensure hours of fun for the kids!

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