Top 10 Best Wireless Chargers (Wireless) In 2020 (Samsung, Xiaomi And More)

Top 10 Best Wireless Chargers (Wireless) in 2020 (Samsung, Xiaomi and more)

The mobile is a great partner for many things, but it is quite common to get home and have to take a carregadinha on drums. Be looking for an outlet to connect with that stretched cable may not be as stylish as you would like. For this, we have the wireless chargers! Of course, it still needs to be turned into energy, but forget that plug into the phone, just let up and go!

With this article, you will know the technology and be ready to choose the best wireless charger model. In addition, you will can check the ranking of the top 10 wireless carriers in the market. There you will see brands like Samsung, Xiaomi and Multilaser. Follow with us and carry your phone with more style.

They work as the Chargers Wireless?

Top 10 Best Wireless Chargers (Wireless) In 2020 (Samsung, Xiaomi And More)

Wireless chargers are a relatively new technology. They have coils that create an electromagnetic field when they receive power from the outlet. To load is simple, just let the phone resting on the base, it will recognize this field and convert to wireless battery charge at all!

With these devices, it is not necessary to be looking for the phone plug. This practicality is its main advantage. In addition, it is compatible with all electronic with IQ technology, so if you have a watch, or compatible headset, just let up and wait.

Are you interested? So, check out our tips below and choose the best carrier for you!

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How to Choose the Best Wireless Charger

Now you know how the IQ technology works, but to choose the ideal charger is also necessary to know a little more about power, detection distance, dimensions and other technical specifications. Let’s talk more about this below, check!

10W Power Can Charge Your Phone Faster

Top 10 Best Wireless Chargers (Wireless) In 2020 (Samsung, Xiaomi And More)

The wireless charging, although practical, usually slower than wired charging. To minimize this difference, it is important to keep an eye on the machine’s power: the higher, the faster it tends to be.

You will find on the market models with power from 5 W. The optimal value will depend on the brand of your device. For products with Android system, the ideal is 10W power. Already in Apple devices, the brand recommends using 7.5W chargers.

For More Convenience, Check Distance Detection Maximum

Top 10 Best Wireless Chargers (Wireless) In 2020 (Samsung, Xiaomi And More)

The practicality ends up every time you need to charge the phone is necessary to remove the dust cap, is not it? To avoid this, choose chargers to recognize your phone to a distance of 3 mm. If you use a thick dust cap, you have options that carry up to 8 mm.

But beware if your hood has magnets or metal objects, these items will disrupt the time of exchange of charge between the devices. So even if the distance is appropriate, you will have to take the hood anyway.

Prefer options with LEDs Operating Indicators and Load Complete

Top 10 Best Wireless Chargers (Wireless) In 2020 (Samsung, Xiaomi And More)

As the outlet, it is not good to leave the device connected even after the charging is complete. This can cause the cell to heat or overload the electronics. Hardly something critical happens, but may decrease the life of the appliance.

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To avoid problems like this, some wireless chargers have LED to inform you when the charge is complete, so you can remove the phone from the charger. There are also products with LEDs that tell you when the phone is misplaced and therefore is not charging. Both are very useful check.

Make sure the charger Follow Source

Top 10 Best Wireless Chargers (Wireless) In 2020 (Samsung, Xiaomi And More)

Although not require you to connect anything to the phone, the wireless charger needs rather a source to be plugged in. After all, he has to get energy from somewhere, not true? But attention! These sources generally do not come with the product.

Try to use the font that came with your phone, it will provide the right power to charge the device be as fast as possible. Avoid sources with too high currents, notebook or ipad, they can ruin the product. also run from weak or generic sources, charging may become very slow.

Attention to Product Dimensions

Most wireless carriers are round and look like a coaster. This can be very functional, since the round base is very discreet and beautiful. But its compact size can end up hindering a little time to position the mobile on it.

In the square bases usually easier to position correctly cell. However, even if you choose a round base, prefer boots with a diameter greater than 8 cm. Also check the thickness of the product: the thinner, more discreet. There are models with only 0.5 cm, is worth checking out!

Some Extra Features can leave the charger Even More Useful

The wireless technology already offers plenty of practicality, but we can go further! How about a dual wireless charging? With it, you can charge your phone and your watch at the same time. There are also wireless chargers that function as portable charger (power bank)!

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In addition to these practical issues, some security features can ensure a smooth operation. The detector of foreign objects, for example, cuts the power when it identifies different objects of a cell on it. There are also devices with automatic shutdown when the battery is full, to avoid overload.

Top 10 Best Wireless Chargers

Now you know some important things to consider when choosing the best wireless charger for you. So let the ranking of the top 10 models available in the marked. Stay tuned to the differentials of each product and choose the perfect model for you. Come on!

Comparison table of the Best Wireless Chargers

There, now you know what the best wireless market chargers. We hope our article has helped take some of your questions about this technology that is getting ever stronger and affordable!

Choose the model that best suits you and say goodbye to wires that are lying around. When in doubt, be sure to visit again!

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