Baby Driver Review

Baby Driver Review

baby driver review

The Review on ‘Baby Driver – Reviewed

Edgar Wright gives us yet another sensational kinetic sugar rush, this time with Ansel Elgort (starring Kevin Spacey), Jamie Foxx, Jamie Foxx and Lily James. US. 2017. Baby Driver takes 112 minutes to complete. It’s full of Edgar Wright’s razzle-dazzle, but the movie also sees Wright continuing to play with genres. Cross-pollinating crime-thriller with action movie, romantic drama and even musical, it runs for just over 112 minutes. You can enjoy it as a mixture of fun, which is also quite disposable. The soundtrack, which includes tasty pop, rock, R&B and R&B music, provides the film with its pulsebeat.

Baby Driver’s superb set pieces and unpredictable song selections keep the story humming along Opening in the US and UK on June 28, this Sony release boasts a starry cast that includes Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx and Ansel Elgort. Those names may drive audiences to the theatre, and Wright’s fans will no doubt want to sample his first movie in four years and the first since he walked away from Ant-Man. Good reviews and positive buzz could make this a muscular counter-programmer amidst the season’s sequels and reboots.

Elgort portrays Baby, a fearless, young Atlanta getaway driver. He suffers from tinnitus and relies on his iPod for music. Baby falls in love with Debora James (Lily James), who is Doc Spacey’s ruthless crime boss.

Wright is able to use Baby’s situation as an excuse to make the movie full of a variety of songs. It puts us in Baby’s mind, and we listen to everything, from Blur to Barry White up to R.E.M. To Run The Jewels. Akin to 2010’s Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World features a joyous symphony composed by filmmakers. Music and images are interwoven, with specific action scenes being cut to fit the music.

Wright was used to mixing laughter with darker tones. But Wright created this film which is more serious and less funny than his other films. Watch as Baby steers Doc’s henchmen to safety during fast chases. Wright shows his remarkable talent in creating electric, propulsive action sequences. The characters still deliver droll quips, but it’s never in question that Baby fears displeasing Doc or that his dreams of escape might prove fatal.

Baby Driver’s brilliant set pieces and unpredictability in song choices keep the story moving, which is vital since Wright’s plotting may not be as deft. They are character archetypes of crime-thriller, with their prominent presence eliciting laughter from the actors. Spacey brings Doc an aura of sophistication and menace, while Foxx constantly suggests that Doc may have disturbed or even homicidal tendencies. Foxx is a hair-trigger associate with the crime boss. Even establishing Baby’s backstory he’s the umpteenth cinematic hero haunted by the tragic death of his sainted mother feels expected, requiring Elgort’s baby-faced sincerity to sell the cliche.

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Baby Driver can sometimes falter, appearing to be living in a film artificiality disconnected from life. James and Elgort exude strong chemistry that convinces viewers that the star-crossed lovers may find a way out of Atlanta. The characters share a pair of earbuds and listen to the same song from Baby’s iPod. They aren’t only in love, but they also bond over a shared passion for music. Wright records them often as if the were part of a broadscreen musical. Wright’s most memorable scene is when brightly-coloured clothes are seen dancing in the wash machines behind them.

baby driver review

Baby Driver Review

Edgar Wright’s passion is beautiful to look at.

Below is a review that does not contain spoilers about Baby Driver’s premiere at SXSW. Baby Driver now plays in cinemas

The first scene in Baby Driver is its best. The scene opens with a car pulling up to the bank. Three thieves then get out and start a bank heist. The car driver, with his headphones in and an iPod on, is left behind. His song blaring from the headphones is synchronized to the choreography during the heist, and then the bank robbers’ subsequent escape. Baby (AnselElgort) controls all the action, including the chase and shootout. The car chase and shoot out are a joy to see, in a style unique to director Edgar Wright. It sets the scene for the action-musical thriller that ensues.

Edgar Wright’s latest film isn’t a musical per se, but what sets it apart from the ’90s action films that inspired it (the “holy trinity” of Point Break, Reservoir Dogs and Heat, as Wright called them) is how its soundtrack is integral to the filmgoing experience. Ryan Heffington choreographed Sia’s music video “Chandelier”, and Netflix’s The OA. Everything in the movie follows the tune of Baby’s iPod music. Wright tested this concept in Mint Royale’s “Blue Song” video music video from 2003. Wright then made the intelligent decision to put Baby’s constant iPod-listening into context. Baby is a sufferer of tinnitus so he listens to music. But the focus of this film is clearly to lean into the glossiness of its stylized direction and not to be grounded in grittiness. The film’s many car chases are thrilling, as is his coffee order for the crew. Wright’s decision that the soundtrack should be more than just a movie backdrop enhances the film’s intensity.

Jon Hamm and Elza Gonzalez in Baby Driver

Baby Driver’s plot is straightforward: Baby works for Doc (Kevin Spacey), a crime boss to whom he owes debt. The talented young driver is close to paying off this debt when he meets a young waitress named Deborah (Lily James) who he begins to fall for, and who embodies the life out of crime that he wants to live. Doc, however, is not ready to allow Baby’s talent go so easily. Instead, Doc brings Baby along for one more job (with several of his favorite criminals, Jamie Foxx, Elza Gonzales), which quickly becomes out of control.

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Wright makes this world special through the small details. Baby, an orphan, takes care of his father CJ Jones who plays deaf comedian CJ. This relationship gives the film a lot heart and adds high stakes. Elgort’s musical theatre and dance background lends him fluid grace throughout the film. This gives him classic movie star charisma mixed with rock star confidence. The soundtrack has already gained a cult following as Wright created a thumping music backdrop with everything from Queen, Blur, Young MC and T. Rex to The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. How about the cars? Wright’s care and attention to this feature makes it special. This is Wright’s first feature since 2013. It’s based upon an idea he’s held on since 1994.

baby driver review

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Includes 8 plates. Each plate is up to 44lbs. Rotating handle allows for weight changes. This opening sequence, which was a remake of the Wright video for Mint Royale’s “Blue Song”, serves as the film’s first major set piece. Wright is an artist who can blur the line between “on” or “off”, so Baby Driver’s opening sequence is actually a remake of the “Blue Song” video Wright made before he went on a car chase. The expositional conversation and rubber-on-road scenes are all Wright’s set pieces. They were designed to strike pleasure centers with high-homing-missile precision. Wright’s party mixes, which are eclectic and wall to wall, blur the line between “on” and “off”, allowing Wright to find egalitarian kinship on FM radios that differ from each other, like a Girl Talk recording. His chaotic escape to The Damned’s “Neat Neat Neat” is followed by a ride on the comical funk sounds of Beck’s”Debra”, which leads to a sweet communion. He also makes The Commodores overplayed track “Easy” feel fresh and alive, while making it sound both heartbreaking and joyful again. The hits keep coming, ruining themselves for future cinematic use, and Wright knows how to transform them into metronomes for sequences that burn themselves into your brain, syncing his steel-trap editing to the tempo of every show-stopping track.

Drive may be the most familiar movie. But this is often compared to the brighter B side, which answers that dark film’s Los Angeles melancholy. With a more cheerful, violent story about a driver with an insatiable love for pop, it’s possible to think of Drive as a happier version of Drive. Baby Driver, in all its movie-drunk-showmanship, is also a spiritual cousin to La La Land. This begins with an early scene where Elgort walks through A-Town and pops into a cafe, propelled only by the magic that flows in his ears. You wonder what an Oscar-winning scene would look like with someone who can hoof. Baby, an orphan child with dreams of becoming a DJ and having to repay a large debt, falls in love with Debora (a radiant Lily James), the waitress at his always deserted diner. Two of their first dates take place at a laundry where they tumble dry clothes in a color-coded blur. It’s like dancing behind each other. It’s natural that they share their most treasured songs to break the ice.

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Each character onscreen is an archetype. With names such as Buddy, Darling, or Bats the villains can be described as criminals. Baby gets sucked into a hazardous job with unstable partners in the second half of the film. These scenes are filled with tension and knotty conversations, which recall Wright’s friend in film geek appropriation Quentin Tarantino. The scenes are full of dazzle, snap and personality. Thanks to offbeat dialogue and actors modulating their menace in their different directions, Jamie Foxx doing some bizarre mix of paternal regard, cold-blooded calculations, Jamie Foxx playing down homicidal insaneity and Jon Hamm suggesting (then releasing), reservoirs murderous rage under his strung-out, junkie calm. Wright is a close friend of Tarantino and has an affinity for offhand delights. Baby Driver can be the QT-indebted gabfest who approaches the true cool.

What the film lacks is the sharp, multi-dimensional characterizations of Wright’s work with Simon Pegg, the so-called Cornetto Trilogy. While it’s not as comical in tone, it has the same spirit and feel of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, which also offered a never ending daisy chain musically creative and musically prolific moments, was also wrapped around an abstract love story. Baby demands that he start the song again at one point. While Dominic Toretto lived his life in quarter miles, Dominic Toretto lived hiss in verse-chorus, verse increments and synchronized everything with his brain. Though he doesn’t have the greatest character, Wright is a shining beacon of reflection, reflecting the enthusiasm, control, and style of his technical wizard, who directs his movements behind the camera. Wright like Baby just wants to hear the music. Wright allows us to experience it too. One incredible pleasure after the next.


.Baby Driver Review

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