Top 10 Best Children’S Scooters

Top 10 Best Children’s Scooters to Buy in 2020

Children’s scooters are fun super toys that provide a healthy exercise. Items are ideal for those who want to encourage children from an early age to practice sports habits, without forgetting the fun. And when it comes to fun, this is one of the favorite toys of children!

Brands like DM Toys, Bandeirante and Bel Fix have several children’s scooters. There are so many models that were even confused the time of purchase, is not it? Thinking about it, we made a guide to help you choose and a ranking of the top 10 children’s scooters market. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Children’s Scooter

The best children’s scooters are the ones that provide comfort, fun and safety. Following these criteria, see below everything you need to consider when choosing the perfect scooter for your child!

Choose Agreement model with an Indication of Age

Top 10 Best Children'S Scooters To Buy In 2020

Children’s scooters are usually divided between models of 2 or 3 wheels. Overall, the scooters, 3 wheel are for children ages 2-6 years. This is because at this stage children still lack balance and motor coordination ideal for a two-wheel model.

From 6 years, these skills are already more developed and children can control the scooter more firmly. This is a great time to start entering the scooters 2 wheels. Nevertheless, the manufacturer’s recommendation may vary, so be sure to check this detail.

Select model Support Much more than the current Children’s Weight

Top 10 Best Children'S Scooters To Buy In 2020

As well as the size, the weight of children can vary greatly. In addition, we must take into account that children gain weight faster as they grow. So avoid buying scooters that only support the current weight of the child, giving preference to those who have a greater capacity.

For example, if your child is 6 years old and weighs about 20 kg, you may want to opt for a model that supports at least 30 kg. Thus, the scooter will last longer and will monitor the child’s growth, preventing you having to buy another model soon.

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Prefer models with adjustable handlebar

Top 10 Best Children'S Scooters To Buy In 2020

Toys like scooters are manufactured taking into account the average height of children of a particular age group. But we know that there can be large differences in height even among children of the same age, is not it? Not to mention the super fast growing!

If you want to avoid that the scooter be small logo, choose a model with adjustable handlebars is critical. Most of manufacturers scooters with adjustable handlebar informs the maximum height of the workpiece, but in general it can vary between 76 and 90 cm. Stay tuned to this detail!

Check the diameter of the wheels

Top 10 Best Children'S Scooters To Buy In 2020

The diameter of the wheels is also a detail that should be noted before buying a scooter for your child. This is because depending on the size, experience with the scooter may be different. wheels with 12 cm models, for example, are ideal for trips and shifts from day to day.

Already scooters with 10 cm diameter wheels are suitable for more experienced children and radicals, because the thinner wheels are perfect to perform maneuvers. Analyze well what is the model that best fits the style of your child!

For Greater Portability, Select Models Folding and Light

Top 10 Best Children'S Scooters To Buy In 2020

For those seeking a children’s scooter that can be easily taken on trips and tours, it is interesting to select the folding models. Several brands have models for easy folding, which make it easy for carrying and storing. It is an advantage for people who value convenience!

Another factor related to ease of transportation is the weight. Most children’s market scooters weigh between 2 and 5 kg. If you want a model with greater practicality possible to carry, choose lighter.

Also check the Extra Features

With the variety of similar models on the market, some items that can make a difference when choosing a children’s scooter are the extra features. Some models have super fun features such as lights on the wheels, smoke effects and even music via Bluetooth!

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An important feature to review is the rear brake, which gives more security to the scooter. There are also models with bases or non-slip wheels, suspension and others that comes with safety equipment such as knee pads and elbow. The options are many, it is up to you to choose the ideal for your child!

Prefer products with Inmetro Certification

For safety, always prefer products with the certification seal of Inmetro. This label ensures that the scooter passed strict safety tests and is in line with the quality criteria required in the market.

This way, you ensure that your child will be using a safe product without parts that offer choking hazards or sharp edges that might hurt. Not all products have this certificate, so be sure to check!

Top 10 Best Children’s Scooters

Now that you have understood the important aspects to choose a children’s scooter, check our ranking with the best market models. We included in this selection models with different features for you to evaluate according to the characteristics of your child!

Comparison table of the Best Children’s Scooters

Frozen Kid II Skatenet

Scooter Children 2 in 1 ladybird

Scooter Children Pink and Blue

See Our Tips for Getting the Best Scooter

Riding a scooter is a healthy exercise that stimulates balance and motor skills of children. But, despite being simple, it is important to be aware of some basic tips for the child to get the most out of the toy. Check out:

Taking into account these simple tips and following the guidelines that we in this article, you will be preparadissimo to help your child get the best possible use of this super fun toy!

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With the guidance and advice of our guide, surely you no longer feel so confused by the variety of children’s scooters models on the market, is not it? Now you know exactly what are the criteria that need to keep in mind when choosing the ideal model for your child.

Before you buy your scooter, be sure to check our ranking with the best children’s market models. They reflect what is best both in quality and cost-effective. Also see the tips for the child make the most of the scooter safely!


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