How To Activate A Walmart Visa Gift Card?

How To Activate A Walmart Visa Gift Card? (+ Other Faqs)

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Walmart, one the largest retail chains in the US offers a range of promotions, including gift certificates such as the Walmart Gift Card.

  • Many customers are open to the idea of gift cards and might be curious how one activates a Walmart Visa Gift card. You have come to the right place! Let me tell you, I did the research.
  • How to activate your Walmart Visa Gift Card 2022
  • Walmart Visa Gift Card activation can be done online at, or by phone using an automated system. The instructions on how to activate your Walmart Visa Gift Card can be found on the sticker at the top of the gift card, or on the back.

  • Continue reading to find out more about activating your Walmart Visa gift card, what it takes to activate, when it will expire, and how you can tell if it is activated.
  • How To Activate A Walmart Visa Gift Card? (+ Other FAQs)

    How do I activate my Walmart Prepaid Visa Gift Card

    You can activate your Walmart Prepaid Visa Card by following the activation instructions on the card’s packaging or the sticker on the front of the page.

    Alternativly, visit to activate your Walmart Prepaid VISA Gift Card. Click on the Register button at the top.

    Walmart’s Visa Gift Card homepage prompts you to enter 16-digit numbers on the front and back, as well as the expiration dates.

    Then you’ll receive an email with an activation code that you need to enter before you can activate your card.

  • Once you complete the activation process, the gift card should be ready for use!
  • In some cases, however, the gift cards may need to be held for up 24-48 hours before they can be used.

    Is it necessary to activate Walmart Visa Gift Coupons?

    For security reasons, Walmart Visa Gift Cards worth over $250 must be activated.

    Walmart mandates that gift cards with more than 25 gifts cards be activated.

    In-store gift cards valued less than $250 and bulk purchases of less 25 cards are not eligible for activation.

    With that, activating your Walmart Visa Gift Card prevents it from being used when lost, stolen, or damaged.

    How To Activate A Walmart Visa Gift Card? (+ Other FAQs)

    How Long Does It Take For A Walmart Visa Gift Card To Be Activated?

    Walmart Visa Gift Card are automatically activated upon purchase.

    Walmart Visa Gift Card recipients may be required to activate the card on their own, following the activation instructions.

    Further, the card can be activated immediately or require between 24-48 hours for activation.

    Why doesn’t my Walmart Visa Gift Certificate work?

    Walmart Visa Gift Card Balance Checker – If the card is not functioning, call 1-866-633 9096 to check or go online

    In other words, even if the funds you have available to finish a transaction are adequate, the merchant might have added to your final sum a tip or any other amount.

    Additionally, if you have insufficient balance to complete your payment, request the merchant for a second payment option that will cover the difference.

    More importantly, you should keep in mind that the Walmart Visa Gift Card is not eligible for cash withdrawals, recurring payments, gambling, or payment at the gas pump.

    How To Activate A Walmart Visa Gift Card? (+ Other FAQs)

    Why does my Walmart Visa Gift Card say invalid?

    A Walmart Visa Gift Card might be invalid if your card has not been activated, you are charged more than the available balance, or your merchant charges a higher dollar amount.

    The credit card processing machines may also raise the cost to pay a gratuity and place a block on the card.

    How Do I Know If My Walmart Visa Gift Card Is Activated?

    If the activation code has been sent by email to you or printed on your card, then it is possible to determine if your Walmart Visa Gift Card can be used.

    For activating the card over the phone, it is important to have the card activation code and ID number.

    Therefore, if this information is not provided on a sticker on the card, then the card is probably activated.

    How To Activate A Walmart Visa Gift Card? (+ Other FAQs)

    Do Walmart Visa Gift Cards Have To Be Used At Walmart?

    Walmart Visa Gift Card cannot be used only at Walmart

    You can still use your Walmart Visa Gift Card wherever Visa debit cards are accepted in the US, except Puerto Rico.

    However, you cannot use the card at any merchant outside of the United States or the District of Columbia.

    Additionally, Walmart Visa Gift Cards are not accepted by merchants who require manual card inputs.

    For more information on Walmart gift cards, see also our posts about whether or not you are allowed to buy Visa gift cards with Walmart gift certificates, as well as whether Walmart gift coupons can be reloaded and OTC eligible products at Walmart.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart Visa Gift cards make great gifts because they can be used anywhere Visa debit card are accepted. It is also easy to activate Walmart Gift Cards.
  • Walmart Visa Gift Card activation can be done online. Customers may contact customer service to activate their cards or visit their local Walmart.

    .How To Activate A Walmart Visa Gift Card? (+ Other Faqs)

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