Cobra F7+ Driver Review

Cobra F7+ Driver Review

cobra f7+ driver review

Sound & Feel

Here is the point where my Cobra King F7+ driver really impressed me. The modern driver has become so proficient in performance, that companies can only focus on areas such as feel, adaptability and forgiveness. Many new drivers report feeling fantastic in this season. What driver feels best? This is hard to decide. I believe the Cobra King F7+ is definitely one of the best in 2017.

Shots hitting the King F7+’s sweet spot feel like shots are shot straight from the canon. The feeling in the hands is very soft and solid, but it’s still responsive. Forged 8-11 Titanium E9 faces emit a sound that is middle volume. This sounds like the crack of the King LTD but has a bit more percussion.

A person came up to me while I was trying out Club Champion.

cobra f7+ driver review

What You Should Know

PRICE: PS279.00 YEAR: Cobra reviews the 2016 Cobra F7 driver. The need was never there.

Instead, they have fixed shiny new spokes, replaced the tyres and made sure they’re freewheeling their way into the bags of the masses.

These two new 2017 drivers feature two head shapes and two styles, as well as moveable weights.

Cobra Connect has been added to the driver. To provide players with driving stats, a device at the bottom of the grip can connect to Cobra Connect. The app can also be downloaded for free.

Cobra KING F7 profile (left) and F7+ profile Looks F7 Larger of both at address with a 55% larger face. It came in a glossy blue finish, which was stunning. The product is also available as a black or orange version and in silver.

We felt more confident behind the ball because we were slightly rounder than other traditional drivers.

F7+ This profile is smaller at 455 cc and will attract better players. Finished with a matte texture.

cobra f7+ driver review

Cobra F7/F7+ Driver Review

Cobra King F7/F7+ review by Dominic Choma. Club Fitter. Needless to state, Cobra was challenged with improving the King F6+ and F6+. The King F7 and KingF7+ drivers are here to help. New for 2017, the King F7 driver will replace the King F6 and will retail at $349.99. King F6+ is being replaced by the King F7+. The King F7+ retails at $399.99.

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King F7 drivers feature a comparable movable-weight system to King F6. There are a few differences. First, the King F7 now has a third weight port that’s located in the heel. It allows for more draw-biased ball flights than the King F6. The new model is welcome, as it should be a great option for more golfers. Additionally, the maximum weight of the driver has increased from 10 to 12 grams. This will make it more effective in adjusting the weight settings. There are eight settings for loft on the King F7 driver. Three settings have a higher pitch, which can be used by those who slice or hit too hard.

As for the King F7+ driver, this one differs from its predecessor more than the King F7. The King F6+ had a sliding weight track, but this has been replaced with 3 weight settings, one in each of the King F7’s front, rear and heel. The King F7+ also features the same 12 gram weight that is in the King F7 driver. If both drivers are the same weight with identical weights, then what’s the difference?

You will find a few things that are different between the drivers. These differences will affect which player each driver will enjoy. One of the most important differences is in each driver’s appearance. Comparable to the King F7 the F7+ features a more prominent clubface and a smaller profile from front to back at the address. Because of this, the F7+ will be more popular with the lower handicapper. This will also make the KingF7+ more manageable than the KingF7. It gives the more skilled golfer more control of their ball flight. With its bigger footprint and more streamlined shape, the King F7 should be appealing to higher handicap players who want greater forgiveness for their mistakes and straighter flight. The loft settings on the King F7+ driver are another difference. F7+ drivers have the same three loft settings as F7 plus 8 more options. The loft settings range from 8-11 degree. If you are not a fan of hitting your tee shots too high this is the perfect option.

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The Cluboratory at Miles of Golf Ann Arbor put these drivers to the test. It was a great way to see how they perform. In each setting of weight (Back/Heel/Front), I tested each model (King F7+ and King F7+). My swing loft was to have each of my head at 9.5 degrees with the standard lying angle setting. I used the Aldila Rogue Silver 70 gram Extra Stiff shaft for this test, as this shaft fits my swing profile well. In this test, the only variables that varied were the clubhead model as well as the weight settings. Here are the results

Setting Clubspeed Ball Speed Launch Angle Spin Rate Carry Total Launch Dir Spin Axis

F7 Back 116,1 172.1 11.6 2578 297.8 319.6 -1.1 2.2

cobra f7+ driver review

Cobra F7+ Driver Review

Cobra Golf continues to create the best and most performance-driven lineups possible in 2017. To do so they will again be offering three options in the driver segment: The King LTD, the F7, and the F7+. THP managed to obtain the F7+ driver to test the design changes and to show the results in aesthetics, performance, and general playability.


Cobra displayed a strong commitment last year to manageable weight. Cobra decided this year to add more features to the F6+ than just offering a variable front-to back option. Because of that, the F7+ now features a three weight system that is more of an expanded version of the F6 than what we saw with the F6+ last year.Key Technology Rundown:

Cobra is placing heavy emphasis on weight savings and manipulation in the F7 line of drivers and the F7+ might be their most impressive example. Due to the sheer amount of technology involved in the F7+ it seems sensible to provide a detailed breakdown of this technology to help you better understand its impact on your performance.

Weight adjustment

Three weight ports are available on the head, one 12g and two at 2g. These allow for CG fine tuning and manipulation based upon player needs. As usual, there is front (low launch) and back (high launch), but we also see now a heel side location which, for the first time, is giving the user some draw weight orientation options in a lower launching and spinning “+” design which is traditionally a more neutral to fade biased head. Cobra has changed the terms on their heads to avoid the F6-like “towering”, or “penetrating”, but instead they have used a more refined “high”, low, and “draw” design. This is a minor thing but makes it easier to package the product.

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According to performance, weights indicated on launch monitors that movement between the three ports had an impact on ball flight. The average launch angle increase of placing 12g in the back was 1.6deg, while the spin speed increased by 323 RPM when the weight is in the front. However, the draw port did show a slight increase of 0.6deg but a noticeable effect on right-to-left flight. Something to keep in mind here, the amount of change will vary based on the user and their needs, but the data recorded does not lie that the three location setup works. Cobra might make it easier for users to find more weights than what they did with F6’s.

Is the Cobra Driver a Good Driver?

Cobra drivers have always been popular among both professionals and amateurs on the links. Cobra drivers can produce outstanding ball speed, great spin, and excellent accuracy.

Which Cobra Driver Do You Think Is the Best?

Cobra’s King Speedzone golf driver is one of the most accurate for distance. It impresses with its versatility and ability to deliver high levels of forgiveness, while optimizing distance. May 13, 2021

What is the Difference between F7+ and F7?

The biggest difference in the overall shape and look of each driver. The F7+ is a more imposing driver than the King F7. It also has a deeper clubface and fewer front-to-back addresses. … F7+ continues to offer loft adjustability in three different levels, just as F7. The F7+ also offers 8 options. But the lofts are between 8 and 11.

Are The Cobra F7’s Drivers Forgiving?

My optimized performance with King F7 was not the best, but it did lead me to extremely long distances. However, I found that the King F7 was extremely reliable and forgiving. July 11, 2017, 8:00 p.m.

.Cobra F7+ Driver Review

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