Where Can You Buy Costco Gift Cards Besides Costco?

Where Can You Buy Costco Gift Cards Besides Costco? (2022)

Where Can You Buy Costco Gift Cards Besides Costco? (2022)

Where Can You Buy Costco Gift Cards Besides Costco? (2022)


Costco is the place that you love, and it’s something you would like to share your love for with someone. To purchase Costco gift certificates, you don’t need to make a trip to Costco. You might be wondering where you can buy Costco gift card.

Here is what I discovered through my research.

What other places can you purchase Costco gift cards than Costco In 2022

Unfortunately, Costco does not sell Costco gift cards at any other store (including Walmart, Target, etc.) as of 2022. Since you need a Costco membership to purchase a Costco Shop Card, Costco can’t sell their gift cards elsewhere.

  • To learn more about getting Costco gift cards and whether or not you need a membership to use one, keep on reading!

Where Can You Buy Costco Gift Cards Besides Costco? (2022)

How can I only purchase Costco gift certificates at Costco?

Costco Gift Cards are free of additional charges and always in stock

Costco offers occasional specials on gift cards. Members can often pick up gift certificates for as little as a dollar.

Costco gift vouchers can either be purchased online or in-store. But, it is possible to buy Costco gift vouchers online, such as on Amazon or eBay. There might be an added charge.

How do I get a Costco gift certificate?

No, you can be a non-member and use a Costco gift card. Costco gift card purchases are possible even if you’re not a member.

You can use your Costco gift cards as a nonmember by simply showing the gift card to the cashier and proving that the card has a balance. Alternatively, you can use the gift card online.

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Where Can You Buy Costco Gift Cards Besides Costco? (2022)

What’s the difference between Costco Shop Card or Costco Gift Card?

Costco shop cards and gift cards are the same things, just different terms. Costco gift card are a great alternative to cash and credit cards. They never expire and can be recharged.

How Much Can I Put On A Costco Gift Card?

Costco gift certificates are available starting at $25 and up to $1,000. They can be used in any store to purchase merchandise or renewed as a member.

Where Can You Buy Costco Gift Cards Besides Costco? (2022)

Do I have to Spend more Than my Costco Gift Card

Yes. Yes. However, Costco policies state that the first use of the gift card must be done before you can use cash or debit to balance the remaining amount.

Although some supervisors may tell you to cash the balance of the gift card, this is not policy.

Can I Redeem My Costco Gift Card For Cash?

You cannot exchange your Costco gift cards for cash. To purchase merchandise, however, the gift card cannot be exchanged for cash.

Some supervisors may ask you to cash the balance of your gift cards after you’ve purchased merchandise. This is not a policy and it won’t happen to you every time that Costco gifts cards are used.

Where Can You Buy Costco Gift Cards Besides Costco? (2022)

Can I Buy Gas Using My Costco Gift Card?

Costco gift cards can be used at Costco stations to purchase fuel. The gift card would be used at the pumps instead of the membership card. Costco membership holders can still use the gas station, even though they do not have one.

You can find out more by checking my Costco price match and couponing guides.

  • Conclusion
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Costco gift vouchers can only be bought by Costco members. Although you might be able to locate sellers on Amazon and eBay, these cards are more expensive.

What are the best places to buy a Costco gift card?

Costco members are required to buy Costco gift cards. They can be bought only at Costco warehouses and Costco’s site. Retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, Shoppers, and Target do not sell Costco Gift Cards. Sometimes, Costco Gift cards can be resold online via Amazon and eBay. Jul 14, 2021

Can I Get A Costco Gift Card At Walmart?

Costco gift vouchers are now not sold at Walmart. Costco gift card can’t be purchased directly from Costco or via the Costco website.

Can Anyone Buy A Costco Gift Card?

Costco Shop Card gift cards can be used. There is no expiration and they are available in amounts of $25-$2,000. Costco Shop Cards and money can only be added by Costco members. They can however, be used as payments.

Are you able to purchase a Costco gift certificate without membership?

Both members and nonmembers can use Costco Shop cards to purchase at any Costco store in the U.S. or Canada. They also work online at

.Where Can You Buy Costco Gift Cards Besides Costco? (2022)

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