How do beginners use flexi rods?

How do beginners use flexi rods?

how to use flexible curling ro

What Are Flexi-Rods?

As the name suggests, these foam curlers fold easily around your hair and around themselves to protect their place. Think of it as a long hair roller. You should wrap your hair around each one and then fold the ends inward to hold it in place as your curl sets. These curling rods for natural hair are provided in different lengths, which comes in handy not only for various hair lengths but also depending on the look you’re aiming for.

What Size Of Flexi-Rods Should I Use?

Speaking of different hair rod sizes, flexi-rod curlers will vary in diameter anywhere from ¼” up to ⅞”. You can select a size based on your hair length and the size of the spirals you’re trying to make. Your hair needs to be able to wrap completely around the curler, so if your strands are on the shorter side, you’ll most likely need a smaller curler. If you have any length to play with, think about the look you like.

Curling rods with a smaller diameter, about ¼”, will leave you with a tighter coil that most closely resembles natural curls. Curling hair with larger hair rods will result in a look that’s close to what a roller set will give you, with bigger, bouncier spirals.

How Do You Use Flexi-Rods?

how to use flexible curling ro If your hair already has product in it, your curls can end up limp and rigid, so start with freshly washed strands. This will ensure that you get the full amount of bounce out of your rod package. There are two key ways to do a rod set: with your blow-dryer or without. No matter which method you choose, apply the Almond Milk Leave-In Conditioner to damp hair and thoroughly detangle into pieces. From there, here are your two options:

1. If you’re going for the heat-free process, part hair into one-inch pieces and add the Pracaxi Nectar Style & Keep Foam to each segment. Wrap hair around the rod and protect them by twisting the ends. Repeat this step until the hair is full of curling rods. 2. If you want a sleeker range of flexi-rod curls, try the blow-dry method. After applying the leave-in and the Pracaxi Nectar Straight Blow Dry Cream , blow-dry hair on a low heat environment. Once dry, apply the Pracaxi Nectar Curl Twisting Custard to one-inch pieces, from root to tip, and then wrap hair around each rod.

How To Use Curl Rods

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If you’re looking for a simple way to make smooth, perfect curls that last for days, and don’t want to worry about the damaging heat of a curling iron, then flexible curl rods are a great choice! Although there are several choices out there for curling your hair, lightweight curl rods have a rubber hold that lets you easily make curls without kinks or breaks. When used correctly, flexi rods can curl your hair without damaging it, as other heat options can.

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how to use flexible curling ro It’s not bad enough that having perfectly pretty curls with a curling iron is harder than you’d think (and despite the support we offered novice curlers in another of our famous articles). (and despite the help we offered beginner curlers in another of our popular articles.).

Flexi Rods Deliver Easy Heatless Curls To Die For

There’S Also The Second Much Bigger Problem.

Anyone who’s ever been holed up in the bathroom styling with hot equipment knows what I’m talking about. Too much heat added too much and before you know it you’ve got a serious case of stressed out strands on your side. And there’s nothing pretty about that. Which is why some would go to great lengths to find heatless styling methods that will help them escape the never ending nightmare of frazzled hair. Knowing as they do that using heat each and every time you curl isn’t wise. It’s way too hard on your strands. One harm preventing alternate is using bendy foam rollers or flexi rods. Heard of them?

Hot Styling Tool Damage.

how to use flexible curling ro For more established curls you can also twist or twirl the strand as you’re winding it around the flexi rod. When taking this method you ideally want to see any holes in the hair on the flexi rod. Meaning the flexi rod isn’t like fully covered with fur. As for every heatless solution the bigger the rollers the bigger, more voluptuous the resulting curls. Bigger still and you’ll end up with waves more so than curls.

An Additional Trick Or Two

They Can Also Work Wonders With Hard To Curl Hair.

The longer your hair remains on the rods the better. Four hours might work for you but eight is probably better for most. This is why it’s safer if you can sleep with them in place overnight. If you’re not wedded to the heatless aspect a blow dryer can still be used to speed up the operation. How you put the rods on your head somewhat defines the curls you end up with. Although you likely want a hard and fast rule, frankly you might need to play with placement some to see what works for you. Who knows? Twisted in completely random directions can prove to be the winner.

These Are A Great Tool To Redefine Natural Curls.

how to use flexible curling ro Courtesy Aisha Johnson Whether you are normal, comfortable, or somewhere in between, the truth of the matter is most of us like to mix up our hairstyles. Twist-outs are cute and curling irons get the job done easily, but there are several other styling strategies out there. One is using flexi-rods, a semi slept-on, heatless secret that is the perfect alternative to curling irons , conventional hard rollers , or a time-consuming twist-out operation.

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The catch? Setting your hair with flexi-rods may feel a little daunting, particularly if you haven’t tried them before. “The process of installing [rollers] into your hair is a little tricky there’s a specific wrapping method that can pretty much make or break the style,” explains blogger and content maker, Aisha Beau Johnson, whose famous YouTube tutorial on using flexi-rods has 20K views and counting. “A flexi-rod set is a much better alternative than using a curling iron on your hair because it doesn’t apply a great deal of heat directly to your hair.” Practice does make perfect, but to help you gain more faith, we tapped into a savvy set of stylists and natural hair bloggers to get those curls popping. Let’s go!

Everything You Need To Know About Styling Your Hair With Flexi-Rods

Flexi-rods produce voluminous curls (commonly called heatless curls) without the harshness of heat styling tools . Their rubbery grip creates smoother curls compared to other methods such as heated instruments or perm sticks. Also, they can be used for wet or blow dried hair. They are a little difficult to get used to for some ladies, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to make some beautiful curly hairstyles.

Why Would I Use Flexi-Rods?

It’s important to have some dampness in your hair as dry hair will not take as much form around the Flexi-rod. You may use a spray bottle to mist your hair with water or your favorite water and oil blend. Your hair doesn’t need to be soaked, just damp. Your hair can always curl if you use flexi-rods on dry hair, but for more voluminous, longer lasting curls, it’s better to use the rods on hair that has some sort of moisture.

How Do You Put Flexi Rods In Your Hair?

how to use flexible curling ro Of all the protective and natural curly hairstyles out there, flexi-rods definitely aren’t the most time-consuming. If you’re going for bigger curls, it’ll take less time. Smaller curls can take a little longer, but it all depends on how defined and precise you get with parting your parts. Bear in mind that you don’t have to be super careful with your pieces. The curls will sit loose enough once you take the rods out that you won’t see the parts that you formed when rolling.

How Long Do Flexi-Rods Take To Use?

Styling with flexi-rods certainly takes a bit of patience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing a full-on wet set or the blow-dry version, it’s super important that you let your hair dry completely before removing the flexi-rods. Cutting them out before your hair is dry would not only mess with how well the curls shape, but you’ll definitely also have to deal with frizz as your hair air dries.

If your hair usually takes a long time to dry, you might want to either hit it with a blow dryer on a low heat setting or sit under a hooded dryer for a while. How do you tell when the hair rods are ready to be removed? Besides feeling your strands to see if they’re fully dry, you should unroll one rod as a test curl. Select a not-so-visible region of your head and remove the flexi-rod so you can determine if the hair has set. If your curl doesn’t seem perfectly shaped, give the rest of your curling rods more time.

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How Long Do You Leave Flexi-Rods In Your Hair?

If you get the hang of doing it, a flexi-rod collection can be your go-to naturally curly hairstyle. Flexi-rods are really a styling tool that allows you the ability to build specified curls in a way that you might not be able to do with a wash-and-go. Getting choices on the diameter of the curls you’re making also allows for more flexible styling options, so you can mix up your look as you please.

How to Use Flexi-Rods on a Weave If you know how to curl natural hair with flexi-rods, you can use the same technique for styling a weave it’s the exact same method. The only difference may be in how long it takes for it to dry, and this depends heavily on the type of hair your weave is made out of. Like human hair, weave hair has different porosities , so some can take longer to set than others. If this is the case, consider a simple dry set using a blow dryer. What do you say, are you legally a flexi-rod pro? Next, let’s introduce you to 20 Natural Hair Products to Try in 2020.

What Are The Benefits Of Flexi-Rods?

how to use flexible curling ro

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One wonderful thing about Flexi-rods is that they can be used on all hair styles and still yield great results. From looser to coarser hair styles, Flexi-rods produce phenomenal curls. The better question is how Flexi rods are best used per hair form. Although the rods can be used on different hair textures and styles, the way you use them might vary to produce good results.

Flexi-rods would provide the best results on wet or damp hair, but your hair texture and density could have different effects on how long you need to keep the rods in your hair. Flexi Rod Set on Wet Natural Hair For example, thicker hair densities might want to mount the rods on damp hair, use a blow dryer to set the style, or just wait a while longer than finer hair densities before you remove the Flexi-rods. Also, for natural hair that appears to be coarser, to ensure a stretched out and smooth result, consider blow-drying your hair beforehand.

You can slightly dampen your hair with water, mouse, or a moisturizer when putting the Flexi-rods to ensure that they form a pleasant curl. Even, when deciding whether Flexi-rods are the way to go for your hair, take into account the length of your hair. Flexi-rods sadly would not work well on short hair. Medium to long hair is recommended for this hairstyle.

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