Aldi Dog Food

Aldi Dog Food In 2022 (Price, Types, Suppliers, Quality + More)

High prices can be a price to pay for the best dog care.

Premium dog food is expensive. However, it’s important to keep our dogs healthy as we age.

Aldi is able to sell so much more for such a low price than its competitors, and has also entered the dog food industry.

It’s possible you might be curious what the German supermarket chain can offer Fido. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Aldi Dog Food Range In 2022
  • Aldi also sells pet food under two different labels: their Heart to Tail Label and the more expensive Pure Being Premium Label. The prices for both the dry and wet foods are between 45 cents and $9.69. Each label has a different nutritional content, though the Pure Being Food is considered to have the highest overall.

  • For a more detailed breakdown of Aldi’s dog food, how the price compares to other brands, and an analysis of its quality, keep reading!
  • Aldi Dog Food In 2022 (Price, Types, Suppliers, Quality + More)

    What Kind Of Dog Food Does Aldi Sell?

    Aldi sells amazing dog food, despite having a smaller product range than Walmart.

  • Heart to Tail Dog Food
  • Complete Nutrition Dry Dog Food: For bigger dogs (and economical dog owners), the complete nutrition dry dog food from Heart to Tail comes in an 18.5-lb. You can purchase it for just $9.69

    It does try to provide all vitamins and minerals dogs need for a healthy and long life.

    However, its ingredient list leaves much to be desired for some, as there is no actual meat in the food – just meat by-product. First, there is whole grain corn. Then comes meat and bone meal. Finally, there’s corn germ meal.

    You can also find them weighing in at around 20 lbs. It might be less convenient for owners with multiple large dogs to purchase the brand they prefer, even though it may come in a larger bag.

    Canned: Small-to-medium dogs (or big dogs who appreciate a nice topping as a treat now and then) are likely to enjoy Heart to Tail’s canned flavors, including Grilled Chicken, Filet Mignon and Prime Rib, all in 3.5-oz tins, which sell for 45 cents each.

  • Pure Being Dog Food
  • Pure Being aims to provide more nutritious and healthy ingredients.

    Canned: Cans come in 14.1 Oz. Cans are available in three flavours: Chicken and Beef, Chicken, Vegetables, Brown Rice, Salmon, and Potatoes for $1.59 each

    This canned food has one big problem. Despite the label and the promising start to the ingredient list, points out that the food contains carrageenan.

  • Carrageenan is a big no in human foods, as it has been linked to different types of cancer and gastrointestinal issues, and while there is nothing conclusive about its effect on dogs, it might cause “inflammation, lesions, and worse.”
  • Dry Pure Being dry dog food is much more successful than its Chicken & Rice (5.5-lb. Bag) or Salmon & Potato (four-pound. bag) flavors.

    The Salmon & Potato recipe contains such nutritious ingredients as deboned salmon, sweet potatoes, whole ground garbanzo beans (chick peas), peas, lentils, fish oil and dried cranberries in greatest amount.

    In this instance, Aldi’s Pure Being label delivers on the wholesome and nutritious claim.

    Is Aldi Dog Food A Good Deal?

    Is Aldi Dog Food Good Quality?

    Aldi’s Heart to Tail food may not be the best for your dog.

    The ingredients in it are almost identical to other brands, so the quality of this product is not exceptional.

    Pure Being is a different story.

    Most of this food has healthy, nutritious ingredients that we are happy to feed our family (e.g., chick peas or blueberries and cranberries).

    The Pure Being food is good quality – not the very best, not top-tier, but good, and a much healthier option than the Heart to Tail label. The Pure Being dog food is a great choice and can be proudly given to dogs.

    Aldi Dog Food In 2022 (Price, Types, Suppliers, Quality + More)

    Aldi Dog Food – Where are they made?

    Aldi won’t be open about the source of their dog food. Some labels say it came from the U.S. while others like the canned food are Dutch.

    However, packaging needs to clearly identify where the food came from.

    However, I was successful in finding the manufacturer of Aldi’s Pure Being Chicken Recipe Food.

    Sunshine Mills is the company behind it. They have been making dog food since 1960.

    They have an Elkhart office, Indiana office, and their corporate office in Alabama. This office is approximately 150 miles away from Aldi US Headquarters in Batavia (IL).

    Sunshine Mills manufactures dog foods under various labels including Sportsman’s Pride or Nurture Farms, Evolve, and Sportsman’s Pride.

    For more information, please visit our other posts: Aldi allow dogs; Aldi producers are Aldi’s.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi helps you make it affordable. Aldi sells regular dog food that is both economical and free from grains for pets who have a need for wholesome nutrition.

    Aldi Dog Food – Who makes it?

    Sunshine Mills makes it. This company has been involved in dog food manufacturing since 1960. Their corporate office is in Alabama, but they have an office in Elkhart, Indiana – about 150 miles from Aldi US HQ in Batavia, IL.

    Is Aldi Dog Food Good For Your Dog?

    Aldi’s canine food line provides a great source of macronutrients to healthy dogs. Canned wet food contains a healthy mix of carbohydrates and proteins. It also has decent fiber. There are many formulas that include vitamins and minerals. December 29, 2021

    Is Aldi Dry Dog Food Good?

    Aldi Pure Being dog food offers more quality and affordability than Heart To Tail. It is 100% natural with only the best meats. The food doesn’t have artificial colors or flavors.Jan 28, 2022

    Is Aldi Dog Food Good Uk?

    Aldi’s Heart to Tail label food is not the best quality food for your pup. The ingredients of Aldi’s Heart to Tail food are quite similar to other brand names, so there is no reason to think that the quality is inferior to any others.

    .Aldi Dog Food In 2022 (Price, Types, Suppliers, Quality + More)

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