Driver Booster Review

Driver Booster Review

driver booster review

Driver Booster V9.0.1

Driver Booster is a free driver updater program for Windows that checks for outdated drivers hardware on a routine basis, and even downloads and updates all the drivers with one click!

All driver packages can be downloaded from the program. It is easy to batch download driver files for multiple devices.

This review is of Driver Booster version 9.0.1. Please let us know if there’s a newer version we need to review.

Driver Booster boasts an impressive list of attributes:

Windows 10 Windows 8 Window 7 Windows Vista Windows XP

Millions of device drivers are supported

The definitions of these devices are updated automatically and frequently. This means that there’s no need for you to manually upgrade the program each time a new driver has been added to the database.

driver booster review

Description from a Developer

IObit Driver Booster can be used to upgrade all Windows outdated drivers. It is well-known that obsolete drivers can negatively impact your PC and lead to system crashes. Driver Booster is a one-click tool that allows users to update and correct outdated drivers quickly and easily. Driver Booster not only updates drivers but also provides powerful tools for increasing system compatibility, stability, and performance.

What makes Driver Booster so attractive?

Fully supported Windows 11

Driver Booster has a very large driver database (8, 000,000.+) Driver Booster offers millions of driver update options. However, it ensures that all provided drivers come from the official website or Windows. All drivers have been tested and passed WHQL. Drivers that have been certified can be upgraded without any worries regarding security and system problems.

Automatically Scan and Update You can create a scheduler to scan at a fixed frequency or at each Windows startup. You can save time and effort by selecting the box “Automatically Update Drivers While the System Is Inactive”. It completely removes the responsibility of checking driver updates and drivers status one at a time.

No sound, bad resolution, and no internet connection are probably the headache for all PC users. Driver Booster uses IObit’s cutting-edge technology to provide a number of foolproof tools: Fix no sound, fix network failure, fix bad resolution, fix device error, and so on. Driver Booster is known for its incredible tools. These general PC handicaps can be fixed easily.

A powerful backup and restore No one can assure that there won’t be any problems if you upgrade the driver. Driver Booster offers powerful solutions to reduce the potential for unexpected problems caused by driver upgrades. This includes backing up your drivers and setting up a system restore point. These tools allow you to reverse an update and restore your system.

driver booster review


Trial limit to 2 driver updates each day

– Many functions need other IObit products

The driver software on your computer is the pieces of program that interface with the hardware. There may be hundreds of drivers for your computer. These are made by many different manufacturers. While drivers updates should be able to enhance compatibility, speed up performance, or fix bugs they may not always work. It can make it difficult to keep track.

That’s where a driver updater program can help. The driver update software scans your computer for outdated drivers. The driver update software downloads the necessary updates to your system and then installs them.

Driver Booster 8 is a driver upgrade software that we reviewed. It was compared with the best to determine if this program would work for you.

Driver Booster 8 is an option.

driver booster review

Driver Booster Review – Does It Make Sense? [2021]

You are wondering if Driver Booster is the right product for you.

Let us help you with that.

To give you the best Driver Booster review, we did extensive research.

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The best for those who want to keep up with their computers.


One Click Download and Update

driver booster review

A large online database

The database is a crucial requirement of any program. Driver Booster is a great program. IObit Driver Booster Pro has an amazingly large online database. Regardless of which version you may be using, this driver updater by iObit is a powerhouse. This driver updater supports over 4.5 million devices drivers. The software automatically recommends and updates your drivers, so you always have the correct version.

Driver Booster enables users to update all types of drivers without any limitations. It can update all types of drivers, including video and audio devices as well motherboards and mice keyboards. It also can update the Nvidia graphics driver. It protects itself against Spectre meltdown CPU attacks.

Next, let’s discuss the Driver Booster Pro single-click feature.

driver booster review

Features And Technical Specifications:

IObit just released their 8th edition of the driver updater. There are some enhancements and additional features in this version than driver booster 9.

Technical Information:

Vendor IObit

Software Name Driver Enhancer Pro

Reviewed Version v9.0.1

Installer Size 25.55 MB

Installation Size 107 MB

driver booster review

Driver Booster Review 2019 + Full Download

If you click links to our site, you may earn compensation. Our editors and writers are not paid for publishing content. We adhere to our editorial standards. Although Windows Updates should automatically update computer drivers, they can sometimes become out-of-date. It is common for users to turn off automatic updates. This makes driver updater tools a valuable tool. In continuation of our earlier Top driver upgraders reviews, we would like to review a few more. We are going to review Driver Booster.

Driver Booster is a product of IObit , a company founded in 2004 and devoted to PC optimization, security software, performance optimization tools. Malware Fighter and Advanced Systemcare are outstanding products. Smart Defrag is another example. Today’s feature will focus on their Driver Booster.

What is Driver Booster, you ask? Here’s how IObit presented its driver program. Driver Booster, a driver updater for Windows 10, 8.1 8, 8, 7, Vista, XP and lower is supported by Windows 10. It regularly and automatically checks drivers on user’s device. The software downloads and installs all necessary drivers within a single click.

Driver Booster 6 is among most popular driver update tools. It has a database that contains 3 million drivers for devices, including drivers from Intel and AMD, as well as game parts. This allows it to guarantee a stable and accurate system update. Driver booster offers the ability to view and fix specific issues, create restore points and access system information.


Newest version Driver Booster v.6.5.0 out June 2019

Operating Systems Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

driver booster review

Final Verdict

It could end up costing you quite a bit to have an outdated driver. The vulnerability could be used by hackers to exploit it. This could lead to a serious problem. It could lead to the theft of your data, or even locking your computer and asking for ransom. You might also experience slowdowns due to outdated drivers. Make sure you keep your driver software up to date. Driver Booster 9PRO is an excellent choice for this. Its best features include Backup & Restore, Game Boost and Game Boost.

Driver Booster 9PRO promotes other tools. Driver Booster also promotes other iObit products such as Advanced SystemCare Pro and IOBit Uninstaller. This is OK for free, but it cannot use subscription costs to promote other products.

For over a decade I was an IT professional. I have taught courses and provided technical support.

0 items – Checkout 70% OFF Driver Booster Pro GRAB OFFER NOW!

driver booster review


Limited to Two Driver Updates Daily

Many functions are dependent on other IObit Products

Includes an unwelcome program in the installer

Ads and Upsells on app interface in Pro version too

Warnings of Outdated Driver is alarming Buy Now

It is important that our computers run faster so that drivers are up-to date. Many software programs are available that can help keep your driver up-to-date. In this video, we will completely discuss IObit Driver Booster 8 Review 2021with Pros and Cons.

Review Movavi Video Conversion Premium Review Movavi Review IObit is a provider of innovative software and utilities for PC security that provides superior performance. IObit is a well-respected industry leader in computer optimization and security software. Iobit Driver Booster, a powerful and popular driver optimization tool is available. Let’s examine its capabilities and the various optimization tools.

driver booster review


– There is no original equipment manufacturer warranty for driver downloads.

Images 1 to 5 Image 2 and 5 Image 3 and 5 Image 4 and 5 Image 5 of 6. Maintaining your computer’s health through its lifetime can be difficult. IOBit’s Driver Booster can help you keep your computer in peak condition. It scans the drivers on your computer and automatically updates them as necessary from its database which includes over 3,000,000 game and driver components. It can even identify missing drivers and ones that are up to date but faulty. Easy-to-use and customizable, this driver update software gives you more control over the computer.

Driver Booster ran a scan and found 91 drivers which were outdated. This is a success ratio of 61 percent. Although it was the most efficient software, the 61 percent success rate is quite poor considering industry performance. Advanced Driver Updater was a better performer, finding 48 drivers with only a slim 32 percent success rate.

It doesn’t ensure that the driver files are from OEMs, which is the only problem with this program. According to the developers website, drivers passed Microsoft WHQL/IOBit Review tests. However, it does not give context about those tests. We discovered that Microsoft WHQL certification requires minimal testing. While this may not be as reliable as using OEM drivers, it is still a good option. OEM drivers are updated by hardware manufacturers and designed to match perfectly.

Driver Booster’s exclusion feature lets you select the drivers that receive special attention. You can choose to update all of your drivers, or one or two. You can also choose to delete any additional installation data after installing the update. This will help you keep your hard disk clean.

It takes just minutes to install this driver software on your computer. Thanks to the modern interface it has, it’s very intuitive. Program navigation is made easy by the clear labeling of buttons and tabs. Its one-click scans and automatic updates makes Driver Booster extremely easy to use. It allows you to schedule scans. You can also back up and restore your driver files. The software is compatible with all recent versions of Windows, from XP up to 10, and it takes up only 19.3MB of space on your computer’s hard drive.

driver booster review

Driver Booster Overview

Driver Booster can be found at IObit. It is a Chinese publisher that publishes PC utility software for security and optimization. Driver Booster may be a speed booster but the most important purpose of this app is to make sure your computers drivers stay current. It is, in essence, a driver management program.

Each component will be reviewed in detail. Then we’ll compare Driver Booster against the other applications.

Before you can start downloading and updating drivers, you’ll need to know what components of your computer even need drivers. You should also know if any drivers are obsolete. Windows 10 does streamline the process somewhat, but drivers can be problematic or need to be set up manually. Driver Booster reviews your current state and displays a list of all devices with their drivers. It will also warn you if any need to be updated. It uses a color-coded system that marks the severity of the situation. For example, red is used to identify the most urgent drivers. Yellow will indicate missing drivers.

Driver Booster 7 can find and fix all issues on your system. You have the option to update every device or perform a global driver update. Pick one, then sit back and relax while the app works its magic. Driver Booster Pro downloads and installs all drivers within one click. It only installs WHQL-certified drivers and official updates.

Does Driver Booster Work?

It’s 100% safe. This program is legitimate and not a scam. You can also create system restore points. It will back up all your device drivers, and update them when necessary.

Does Driver Booster Have Malware?

Driver booster does not contain Malware. It is a tool that updates drivers. You will be amazed at its incredible speed and performance. Driver Booster can be downloaded if your computer has slow performance or you have slow pc issues.

Is Driver Booster a Performance Booster?

These are free speed boosts. Updating your graphics driver — and updating your other Windows drivers as well — can give you a speed boost, fix problems, and sometimes even provide you with completely new features, all for free.Sep 2, 2020

.Driver Booster Review

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