Parents Need To Be Involved in Kids Education

If those great scientists didn’t give us the common people their inventinon or their discoveries we would be running with sticks in our hands hunting animals .

Its a sad thing that people curse while learning what they invented or discovered. The biggest insult to them is we learn for jobs for money but not out of curiosity or for the sole purpose of learning .

I home school our oldest. He’s ahead in all his subjects right now because of the one-on-one interaction. He now cares enough to tell us if he doesn’t understanding a concept or lesson, which shows us he actually cares to retain the knowledge.

When it comes to traditional schooling, we understand that it’s not the teacher’s or principal’s fault. The way the public education system is set up is a one-size fits all deal, though not all kids learn the same way, which is what was discussed in this video.

While people feel private schools offer better education, the lack of socio-economic diversity can affect the way a child behaves/interprets other groups of people.


He has a hard time doing homework and sitting still listening, and the horrible memorizing. BUT he can do anything technological on her own, he can write simple code, he watches tutorials and cooks, he makes anything and decorates all her clothes and room.

he LOVES to work with her hands, period. Doing projects on her own is her thing. We try to let her know that school gives you insights on what moves you, that it opens doors to choices, but that it doesn’t “test” what he is learning. It’s hard.

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