Does Fedex Take Usps?

Does Fedex Take Usps? (Returns, Packages, Boxes + More)

FedEx (USPS), UPS – All three shipping companies share many similarities. They all offer competitive rates, numerous locations and can deliver from coast to shore.

In fact, FedEx and the United States Postal Service are more than competitors; they’re actually partners, contracted to work together on various services since 2001.

But with this longstanding partnership, does FedEx take USPS? You can find the answer below.

Does FedEx Take USPS? (Returns, Packages, Boxes + More)

FedEx To Take USPS By 2022

While FedEx and USPS do not share shipping duties beyond their contractual agreement, FedEx occasionally handles USPS mailings that have ended up in their custody. FedEx may hold USPS mail that they can retrieve. Both shippers can not be used interchangeably and are therefore not compatible.

  • Learn more about FedEx and USPS. What happens to an unintentional USPS drop in a FedEx dropbox? How FedEx delivers USPS boxes.
  • Is FedEx and USPS connected?

    FedEx and USPS are in a partnership that causes confusion as to whether FedEx accepts USPS.

    The partnership began in 2001 when FedEx was awarded the USPS contract that allowed it to access the domestic and international aircraft fleets of the USPS.

    FedEx also received the ability to use the vast array of Postal Service local delivery services.

    Does FedEx Take USPS? (Returns, Packages, Boxes + More)

    Did you know that USPS is legally bound to deliver to every address in the U.S., no matter the road conditions, weather conditions, any of it?

    FedEx will be very interested in this, as they made rural access to the Postal Service the core of SmartPost.

    FedEx ended SmartPost in March 2021 and cut off this portion of their partnership with USPS.

    What happens to a USPS Pack accidentally placed in FedEx Dropbox

    Note that FedEx is not beholden to USPS; they don’t have to deliver packages meant for USPS that got placed accidentally into a FedEx dropbox.

    FedEx sometimes delivers packages on occasion, according to anecdotal evidence.

    There are also other possible outcomes:

  • FedEx informs USPS about a package that is meant for their services and holds onto it until someone from USPS can come get it.
  • FedEx might even reach out to you (if you have an account with them, they could possibly look up your contact info) and let you know about the mix-up
  • No matter what happens, FedEx will not toss boxes that are misdirected.

    However, FedEx and USPS should not be considered interchangeable shippers.

    FedEx can deliver USPS boxes

    Does FedEx Take USPS? (Returns, Packages, Boxes + More)

    If you’re asking, can you use a USPS box to ship via FedEx?

    Yes. As long as any vestiges of USPS such addresses or labels are removed, they can be covered.

    But will FedEx actually treat a USPS box like a FedEx shipment?

    According to the site, no. Some anecdotal evidence suggests that it might, but only in very specific circumstances.

    My best bet is to assume that FedEx cannot deliver USPS-ordered packages. While the two share some services, they otherwise operate individually.

    Furthermore, it’s actually illegal for anyone other than the resident and the postal carrier to put anything inside the mailbox at any given residence.

    FedEx is not likely to have FedEx employees committing federal criminal acts regularly.

    Mix-ups can happen, but if you try to treat FedEx and USPS as interchangeable companies, you will end up sorely disappointed.

    Does FedEx Take USPS? (Returns, Packages, Boxes + More)

    Will FedEx Deliver A USPS Label?

    FedEx most likely will not deliver a package with a USPS label.

    FedEx is a business with a bottom line. They aren’t going to make much doing the work of the Postal Service for them.

    The best case scenario would be that FedEx gets the package to USPS. Your recipient may experience some delay.

    To know more, you can also see our posts on whether or not USPS reuse tracking numbers, if USPS is a government agency, and if USPS forwards other RIS & government mail.

  • Conclusion
  • FedEx does NOT handle USPS mailpieces. But there are stories.

    Many of the problems surrounding these shippers stem from their current partnership.

    Fedex allows me to return an Usps parcel

    Drop off your packages at one of the 63,000+ locations. U.S. Postal Service tenders. Customers can drop off their return package at their local post office or postal collection box, or even leave it in their mailbox or on their front porch.

    Fedex can I use Usps shipping packaging

    It is not legally allowed to use a USPS box for FedEx and could result in problems for your shipment. You can technically do it by attaching a FedEx shipping Label. Use a FedEx box if you decide to use it. Make sure that you include all USPS markings and old barcodes.

    Fedex sends you a package of usps.

    Yes. It will be handed to the USPS, who will then call FedEx for delivery. FedEx sometimes gets the package delivered to FedEx by the local mail carrier.

    Fedex will accept what type of boxes

    Your packaging can be reused if it is sturdy, undamaged and has all the flaps intact. If you are using chipboard boxes for gift or shoe boxes then make sure to pack them into a corrugated envelope. Heavy items can be stored in double-wall containers.

    .Does Fedex Take Usps? (Returns, Packages, Boxes + More)

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