Top 10 Best Rpg For Ps4 In 2020 (Dragon Quest Xi, Monster Hunter World And More)

Top 10 Best RPG for PS4 in 2020 (Dragon Quest XI, Monster Hunter World and more)

Traditionally, the PlayStation brand video game consoles bring a wide variety of games of the genre RPG (role playing game). This could not be different in the PS4, which brings ambitious title developers as Square Enix, Atlus, CD Projekt Red, FromSoftware and others.

But with so many titles and prices a little salty, it is important to carefully choose the best RPG for PS4 for you or gift for someone? So apart several tips on how to choose the ideal RPG and even selected the 10 best games of the genre. Take a look!

How to Choose the Best RPG Game for PS4

The games have evolved a lot and a lot of factors can be considered when buying the perfect RPG. Check out a few details that will help you make your choice!

The Battle System is Important for RPG Games

While formerly the RPGs with based battle systems in shifts were the norm, today many titles mix of action game elements. This part should be fun, or just let the player bored and unmotivated. Check below some information about these different modalities.

RPG games based battle systems in turn allow the player to take your time to plan their actions, be it attack, using a magic skill, defend or heal your life or energy ready.

After selecting the actions of each character of the player group, comes the turn of the enemies run their own actions and so on until the enemy or the player is defeated. This system may sound boring, but many of today’s games strive to keep everything fun and full of beautiful animations for every action.

Many RPG games nowadays also adopt gender elements of action and vice versa, which is most evident in the battle system, where everything happens in real time. Usually they are great for improving your coordination.

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In this more dynamic gameplay style, players must be alert and able to respond to enemy attacks with the press of one or more buttons to perform a variety of actions, such as attack, block, jump, heal and several other depending on the game.

To Play with Friends and Other Online, consider a MMORPG

There are several RPGs that offer game modes allowing players to play online with friends, but we still those where there is only this option: MMORPG (massive multiplayer online RPG game).

In an MMORPG, you create your own character and adventure in a world inhabited by other players online performing their own missions to level up or facing battles in PVP (player versus player). We used to have this type of game available only for PC, but already there are options for those who prefer to play on the PS4.

Check if the game was located for Brazilian Portuguese

Top 10 Best Rpg For Ps4 In 2020 (Dragon Quest Xi, Monster Hunter World And More)

RPG and MMORPG games tend to be full of dialogues between characters and texts with important details about the plot and the fictional world, all to deepen rather immersion. So playing a genre title without understanding what is being said or written can steal quite the experience.

Nowadays, it is common for popular games are completely localized in Brazilian Portuguese, some counting up with dubbing. If you do not know English keep an eye on the games that are translated, something not so hard to find among the titles available for PS4.

Keep an Eye on Age Rating Indicative Game

Top 10 Best Rpg For Ps4 In 2020 (Dragon Quest Xi, Monster Hunter World And More)

Many RPG games discuss heavy topics, not suitable for children, while others bring worlds most colorful and lighter stories. So it’s always good to keep an eye on indicative age rating that is specified on the cover of the game by the letter “L” (free) or the numbers 10-18 signaling the minimum recommended age.

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Who indications tested and approved

Before checking the ranking of the best RPG games for PS4, see the indications of MyBest partners: gamers to indicate their favorite games. Check out!

Top 10 Best RPG games for PS4

Now that you have all the important criteria that should be considered when choosing the ideal RPG take the time to check our ranking with the 10 best RPGs for PS4 available. Ensure your!

Top 10 Best Rpg For Ps4 In 2020 (Dragon Quest Xi, Monster Hunter World And More)
Top 10 Best Rpg For Ps4 In 2020 (Dragon Quest Xi, Monster Hunter World And More)
Top 10 Best Rpg For Ps4 In 2020 (Dragon Quest Xi, Monster Hunter World And More)

Comparison table of the best RPG games for PS4

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

The Elder Scrolls Online

Check also for PS4 Games Other Genres!

How about exploring also PS4 games from other genres? We selected the best adventure games for PS4 as well. Click below and check!

If you expect your game is accompanied by a good story, worthy of a book, television show or movie film, so there is certainly something for you among RPGs. And if not so in order to deal with complicated strategies in battles per turn, nowadays there are several more dynamic options and “direct to the point”

While the genre of RPG or MMORPG games can be seen as niche, with several little-known titles, it also includes many popular works and is still going strong in all generations of consoles. Whatever your favorite type of game, there must be something that will please you in this category.


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