Ping G410 Irons

Ping G410 Irons

Ping G410 Irons

What Is The Difference Between Ping G400 And G410 Irons?

Ping G400 irons and Ping G410 irons are a range of iron golf clubs that can be used from a 4-iron to a 9-iron. Your four common wedges include the pitching wedge, utility wedge, sand wedge and a lob wedge.

Face-flexing technology is used in the Ping G400 series to help launch golf balls high and fast. This gives the player the same stopping power and distance of playing on a tour.

G400 Iron golf club’s face is made from Hyper 17-4 stainless. It is strong and thin. They have a streamlined and smooth hosel transition at the address point that gives the golfer more confidence with his shots.

The premium finish reduces friction by 40%, and helps to improve spin and launch.

The Ping G410 series have a free-moving and flexible clubface that helps a player to achieve maximum height and distance while lessening the chances of hitting the club into the green. This golf club also helps to hold the putting surface in a good way with precision and control.

Their weight savings are more focused on the hosel and toe that in turn result in expanded perimeter weighting. Hydropearl 2.0’s resilient finish makes it easy to transition through turf while maintaining good contact.

The Ping clubs use COR-Eye technology and have a deep top-rail undercut. This badge helps in suppressing the vibrations as well as rendering a powerful feel and sound. There are many options for shaft flexes available in steel and graphite.

    Ping G410 has a lower offset by 10% than the Ping G400, making it more flexible. The Ping G410 feature a smaller blade length and a more refined shape than the Ping G400 that increases its visual appeal for players who want a classy looking golf club. The Ping G400 appear to be chunkier at the top and has a wider sole. The Ping G410 offers 8% more MOI than the Ping G400 and hence allows golfers to be more consistent with their game. These golf clubs, which are smaller than the Ping G400 clubs, make it much easier to launch and hit the ball. The thin leading edge increased hinging and enhanced face flex are other contributing factors. Ping G400 golf clubs have a higher average backspin than Ping G410, but they also enjoy the Ping G410’s sound more than the Ping G400. The finish of the Ping G400 clubs tends to wear off faster over time in comparison to that of the Ping G410. The Ping G410 golf clubs have a marginally faster average clubhead speed and ball speeds, as well as a lower average descent angle than the Ping G400. Ping G410 clubs have a higher average height and carry distance than the Ping G400 golf clubs by approximately three to five, eight and eight respectively.
  • Ping G410 has a lower offset by 10% than Ping G400, making it more flexible.
  • Ping G410 has a shorter blade and more elegant shape than its predecessor, the Ping G400. This makes it more appealing to players looking for a stylish golf club. The Ping G400 appear to be chunkier at the top and has a wider sole.
  • Ping G410 has 8% higher MOI than Ping G400, which allows for more consistency in golf.
  • These golf clubs, which are smaller than the Ping G400 clubs, make it much easier to launch and hit the ball. Other contributing factors include a thin lead edge, increased hinging, and improved face flexibility.
  • The Ping G400 series have higher average backspin for some players when compared to the Ping G410 golf clubs while they enjoy the sound of the Ping G410 more than the Ping G400.
  • Ping G400’s finish tends to fade faster than that of Ping G410.
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  • Ping G410 golf clubs have a marginally faster average clubhead speed and ball speed, as well as a slightly higher average descent angle than the Ping G400.
  • The average peak height, carry distance and a total distance of the Ping G410 golf clubs are more than that of the Ping G400 series ones by about three, five and eight yards respectively.
  • The Ping G410 series is only marginally better than the Ping G400. Most golfers find this to be true. The G400 is sufficient for you to upgrade to the G410, but I doubt that the G410 will be enough.

    Ping G410 Irons

    Distance (G400 Vs G410)

    Overall, the Ping G410 series offers more distance than the Ping G400 series. The following are some aspects that players have noticed with respect to the distance when they tried using both the Ping G400 and Ping G410 golf clubs after hitting four times with each club.

      A Ping G400 iron club’s average carry distance is shorter than the G410 club. The G410 has a greater distance by about five yards. The G400 has a carry distance average of 165 yards. Golfers can reach 170 yards using the G410. Ping G400 delivers an average of 165 yards, while the G410 can carry 170. The G400 covers an average distance of 170 yards. However, the G410 can cover eight more yards to reach 178 yards. The average peak height delivered by a Ping G400 golf club is about three yards lesser than a Ping G410 club. The distances between the clubs are approximately 28 and 31 yards, respectively.
  • A Ping G400 iron club’s average carry distance is shorter than the G410 club. By about five yards, the G410 is farther than the G400. While the G400 offer an average carry distance of 165 yards, golfers achieve 170 yards with the G410.
  • Ping G400 delivers an average distance of 170 yards, which is less than the Ping G410. The G400 covers an average distance of 170 yards. However, the G410 can cover eight more yards to reach 178 yards.
  • The average peak height delivered by a Ping G400 golf club is about three yards lesser than a Ping G410 club. The distances between the clubs are approximately 28 and 31 yards, respectively.
  • Ping G410 Irons

    Is The Ping G410 Better Than The G400?

    Yes, the Ping G410 is better than the G400. The improved design allows golfers to drive the ball 5 to 6 yards further.

    The shorter blade length combined with the relatively less offset gives the Ping G410 a more refined shape and a better visual appeal. It is visible from both the address and the back.

    Hydro-pearl finishes ensure that the clubs are not glare free. These aspects make the Ping G410 more suitable than the Ping G400 for low and mid handicappers.

    Ping G410 has a more free-moving head and is less rigid than Ping G400. Golfers can achieve maximum height with maximum control and precision.

    You’ll also notice less spin on the ball; while presenting less chance for the golf ball to get hit into the green. Additionally, the face structure helps to deliver faster ball speeds.

    The Ping G410 golf clubs also have more width towards their sole that increases their Moment of Inertia. The face of the Ping G410 golf clubs has a full-cavity co-molded aluminum badge and elastomer that suppress vibrations and makes a powerful, reassuring sound.

    The badge also makes the Ping G410 feel lighter and more comfortable in the hands of the players. The club also offers more consistency to golfers.

    Ping G410 Irons

    G410 Iron Features

    For forgiveness and distance, re-shaped

    The face and the cavity of the iron are restructured to give faster ball speed and save weight expanding the perimeter weighting.

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    To save weight, more weight is placed on the hosel than the toe. This gives it an 8% MOI to increase forgiveness and consistency. The face flex gives better ball speeds for great distance and maximum height.

    Core-Eye Technology

    The G410 employs the Core-Eye technology which works together with the cascading sole design and the top-rail undercut to power the performance of the iron.

    The technology has also contributed to the increased golf speed with an easier and a higher launch.

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    The Look

    Ping G410 features a sleek, modern shape that is inspired by the shorter blade length. This creates a unique blade-iron-style appearance. It also features a resilient hydropearl 2.0 finish that gives it an attractive appearance.

    On the length, the cast 17-4 irons look slightly longer that i210 and i500 irons. However, they are shorter than the G700 or G400. Because they have a lower topline and less offset, they are more appealing to golfers.

    The Sound and Feel

    The sound and feel of G410 iron are inspired by the full-cavity, the elastomer badge and the co-molded aluminum that absorbs excess vibration created at impact hence delivering a powerful and reassuring sound and feel.

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    The Performance

    Iron’s strength is based on the combination of the slim face, multi-material badge and 360-degree undercut cavity. The Core-Eye design gets thinner around the edge of the hitting area helping to generate more ball speed.

    An undercut cavity at the rear of the head helps to save weight, which can be repositioned in other areas for improved performance. To increase the mass of the toes and hosels, and to ensure stable off-center hits and a higher MOI, the weight is moved to the toes and hosels.

    The 360-degree undercut design pulls down the center of gravity (CG) from the hitting area resulting in higher-flying shots that are the pride of every golfer.

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    Ping made many improvements to G410, starting with the aesthetic appeal and improving off-center forgiveness.

    The iron appeals to players who are looking for more distance and forgiveness and still maintain the look.


    Pings G410 irons come at a recommended retail price of $1,429.00.

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    Ping G410 Irons

    G410 Iron vs. I210 Iron

    These are the notable differences that players reported between G410 and i210.

  • The i210 golf club is more forgiving than a G410 golf club and gives golfers a better feel when they hold the club.
  • The i210 club is a preferred choice over a G410 to play from the rough because it has a slightly smaller profile.
  • If the ball contact is to the toe, or any other part of the clubface, the i210 club will help you score higher than the G410.
  • Because of the springier face, longer length and greater distance required by some golfers, a G410 club is preferred to an i210 club.
  • For players who place more emphasis on soft feeling and precision, the i210 is a better choice than a G410 club.
  • Due to its superior sole design, the i210 club is more consistent than a G410 club.
  • The G410 golf club helps mid-handicappers hit the greens more when compared to an i210 golf club.
  • A G410 club is more likely to hit the mark than an I210 club.
  • The G410 golf club helps players deliver higher and straighter shots in comparison to an i210 golf club.
  • Ping G410 Irons

    Review of the Ping G410 Irons

    As a game improvement iron, the Ping G410 is true to its purpose coming with an improved visual appeal, reduced size and packing all the forgiveness features from the G-Series iron.

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    This iron is different from previous models in that it removes the custom turning point from the cavity.
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    The iron can be customized to suit the needs of each golfer. It also allows for more face flexibility and increases the MOI. We’ll get to the bottom of this review.

    Ping G410 Irons

    Ping Ping Irons I525 Overview

    The Ping i525 irons have a more modern muscle back design but the same minimal offset and short blade length as the G410 irons.

    You will need to be pretty accurate with the Ping i525 irons but if you are, you will be handsomely rewarded. Spin rates are kept in check in the longer irons and are very robust in the short irons. Each club was loved by our testers.
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    They were able to space easily and only needed to use their 5 irons to reach the green at par 4. Our testers noticed that the longer irons played well on difficult lies. You can launch them high enough to avoid hazards, and get onto higher greens.

    Ping G410 Irons

    Who Are The Ping G410 Irons For?

    The irons do tick many boxes, meaning that they would potentially be an excellent investment for players of most levels.

    These clubs can be used to improve your game and they are designed for those who have high-to-mid handicaps. The Ping G410 iron specs are geared towards that market, as they offer increased forgiveness and consistency. Regardless of your level or ability, you don’t need either of these aspects.

    Even if your handicap is low, consistency has been a problem. It may be time for you to release the ego to find a way to make things better.

    Ping G410 Irons

    Degree Of Loft (G400 Vs G410)

    Although Ping made some notable changes to its Ping G410, it decided to keep the same loft for its iron clubs in each series. They are standard for the Game Improvement category.

    Each set also has identical Power Spec lofts for the golf clubs. Ping has created a unique loft design that strengthens the lofts for all clubs in a set. This helps golfers who wish to improve their speed and distance. The Power Spec lofts primarily benefit aging golfers.

    The lofts for the 7 irons, 4 irons, and 7 irons are altered by 1.5deg. 8 irons, 9 irons, and 9 irons have a variance of 2deg. The pitching and utility wedges depict a change by 2deg. The sand wedge shows a change by 1.5deg while there is no change to the lob wedge.

    Ping’s Website shows the loft specifications for the G400 series. This data is also found in the table below:


    Loft (degrees)

    Power Spec Loft

    4 iron



    5 iron



    6 iron



    7 iron



    8 iron



    9 iron















    Ping G410 Irons

    G410 Vs G700 Iron

    Below are some differences that G410 and G700 players consider important to keep in mind.
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  • When golfers want to be more patient and achieve maximum height, a G410 club is preferable to a G700 club.
  • It is more chunky than the G410, and therefore does not suit some golfers.
  • Golfers are more concerned with the club’s appearance and cost than they are about how far it can be played.
  • Players choose the G700 club golf club over the G410 because of the sound.
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