Ping I210 Irons

Ping I210 Irons

Ping I210 Irons

Ping I200 Irons: Ncg Verdict

It’s not surprising to me that so many Ping staff members are switching over to the i210 irons.

The i200 has made some significant improvements.

What would I think if a lot of club golfers were to upgrade their i200s. I’m not 100 percent sure.

I expect a set of irons to last a good four or five years so if you bought a set of i200 last year, they should be good for a while yet.

The i210 is a great option if you’re playing the original iirons, or the S55.

They are stunning in appearance, sound, and feel.

This irons will hit your numbers consistently, launch the ball nice and high with a decent amount of spin so they stop when they land on the green.

For me personally, the flight is just a bit too high and spinny.

In the wind, I fear that this would make my life very difficult.

The power spec option would benefit me because I naturally hit the ball quite high and am always looking to get it under control a bit more.

Ping will be my contact to obtain some i210s in power-spec lofts so I can see the numbers.

If money was no option would I upgrade from the i200 to the i210? Absolutely.

If I had to splash out PS800 of my hard-earned cash for the upgrade, I think I’d keep the i200 in the bag for another season at least.

Ping i210 irons details

Sale: July 31

SRP: PS126 per iron steel, PS136 graphite.

You can find more information on the Ping site.

Ping I210 Irons

Ping I200 Irons: The Results

I hit the i210 and the 1200 side by side and couldn’t notice any really differences in appearance when in the address position.

The i210 had a more pleasant and enjoyable sound than the i110.

These are truly a delight to be hit.
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In terms of the launch monitor numbers, there really wasn’t much difference between the two. In each case the 7-ion was doing what I would expect and what I want it to do.

Both have an average carry of 150 yards.

The i210 seemed to have a little more spin, but there was no launch jump which I liked as it is difficult to control the ball.

Both the i210 and i200 have 33@ of loft on the 7-iron compared to 30.5@ on the i500 (which carried 160 yards) it was understandable that they weren’t going as far as some other irons I have hit.

The ball speed numbers were pretty similar to the i500 but it was just the added launch and spin which cost me a bit of carry.

Ping is offering them with the Power spec with higher lofts.

Ping I210 Irons

Ping I525 Irons Comparison & Review

The I series of irons from Ping tends to cater more towards low handicap players. Almost the entire family features smaller, compact heads with minimal offset so right off the bat, they don’t look great to high handicappers at address.

But that’s not really who they are made for anyway. Case in point: the Ping i525 and i210 irons. This was an interesting juxtaposition because the i210 irons seem to barely fit into the player’s performance category so let’s take a look.

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Ping I210 Irons

Ping’s Take on the I210 Irons

“Unlike a lot of irons on the market, Ping irons are created without sacrificing the performance attributes all golfers need to improve the distance, accuracy and consistency they require from their iron play,” said John K. Solheim, Ping President.

“In the i210 iron, we focused on designing a club that ensures a soft, buttery feel with the distance precision to attack flagsticks. We’re already seeing a lot of our tour players seamlessly transition into the i210 iron.”

Ping’s marketing adds: “A larger, softer elastomer insert in the compact head activates at impact for unprecedented feel while a machined face and grooves help provide the impact consistency and distance precision required for scoring. A high-performing set includes a long, gentle iron and a controlled, precise mid and short iron.

Ping I210 Irons

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Tony Finau and Tyrrell Hatton, staff players, arrived at the US Open with their bags. Hatton announced on social media he loved the softer feel and lower ball flight of his new i210s (going on to finish sixth), while Finau had an unnamed forged Ping hollow-body long iron in his bag. In all fairness to Ping, no details have slipped from their lips about either new iron until the covers were pulled from both at The Open… but we were given both sets weeks before so we could test them first.

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TESTED: Which Ping iron suits me?

Ping I210 Irons

Ping I210 Irons Verdict

Ping aren’t short of high quality irons in their range, but the i210s are as impressive as the G410, G710, i500 and Blueprint options available.

The improvements that have been made on the i200 irons that preceded them, means Ping have managed to eek out even more distance, without compromising the feel that the range was noted for.

The idea across the i210 irons is to help create more precision when it comes to approaches to the green and they have delivered that, while at the same time extracting even more short game feel thanks to the redesigned grooves.
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We recommend the i210s as a great all-rounder, and we highly recommend them if you are in search of new irons.

Ping I210 Irons

Photo Gallery: Clubtest 2020. Ping I210 Irons Reviews and Photos

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  • For the second installment of ClubTest 2020, we tested and reviewed 57 new iron models to help you find the right one for your game. Here are the test results for Ping i210 Irons. You can find the full list of irons and test results here.

    All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy a linked product, GOLF.COM may earn a fee. Prices may differ.

    Ping I210 Irons

    Ping I210 Handicap Range

  • The Ping i500s are what I’m using right now. The i210s, i500s, and i500s I tried produced better spin figures.
  • It’s usually best for a 20-handicap golfer to use a hybrid 4-iron, unless you have an exceptional amount of clubhead speed.
  • Your irons must give you confidence and authority in playing. Providing the correct balance between constant distance and accuracy. Find a magic combination and shoot at your pins more frequently and more times and birdies. Sports enthusiasts need to know how to properly iron.

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    Ping I210 Irons

    Irons Ping I525 Overview

    The Ping i525 irons have a premium look and more premium appointments than the Ping i210 irons.

    The first thing we have to talk about is the aerospace-grade maraging steel face they used to make these irons. The Ping i525’s play hot and fast. The maraging steel face hinges to push your ball. These balls launch quickly and are very high.

    Too quick, in fact. Some testers noticed a lack of feedback. Overall though, they loved the feel, distance and short-game performance of these irons. Ping i525 irons have milled faces grooves that help to control the launch angle of short irons.

    If you’re looking for a set of scoring irons, the Ping i525’s will fit the bill nicely. These irons make a nice sound when they hit the ground thanks to the injection of polymer into the sides of the faces. The sound is akin to a low-end click – very satisfying overall.

    Ping I210 Irons

    I210 Shafts

    PING has a variety of shaft flex options to meet your needs in graphite or steel. Selecting the appropriate stroke flex will give you the highest precision for all of the shots. Players with a faster speed will usually require stiffer shafts for keeping ball trajectory lower, whereas players who are slower swing speeds need stiffer shafts that will produce better ball trajectory. The weight of the player and their feel will determine whether they choose graphite or steel shafting.

    Ping I210 Irons

    Irons for Player Distance = Ping I525 Irons

    The i525 is a player distance iron that’s designed for lower handicap golfers and those with mid-handicaps who want to get maximum distance from their irons.

    The hollow construction face unlocks a high launch and low spin combination that can help you hit the ball significantly further than a more traditional iron face with a similar loft.

    It is a combination that works exceptionally well and helps explain why Player Distance irons have been so well received by the general golfing market. The Taylormade P790s as well as the Ping i525s or the Cobra Forged Tec irons fall under the player distance category. They are among the most popular irons currently on the market.

    Ping I210 Irons

    Ping I200 Iron Features

    Take a look

    The i210 irons have a cleaner appearance at address and straighter edges than the i200. It comes with a thin topline, a compact blade length and modest offset that appeal to many aspiring players.

    The shorter irons come with muscle back look with a smaller cavity, compact look, and less offset. It comes with a more refined edge that feels classy through the turf blending well with the Hydropearl 2.0 finish.

    RESOURCE: Download our 15 favorite golf practice drills, FREE PDF

    Ping I210 Irons

    Inside the I210S

    The majority of golfers believe that the longer iron distance is crucial. Some golfers are not willing to admit this truth. Others want to maintain the style they have and increase their accuracy using the irons in order to improve their scores. Ping i200 is currently celebrating its second anniversary. It was hugely loved by both decent and professional players. These are the most impressive irons Ping played on his recent tour. This makes it clear that 210 wasn’t a revolutionary update to the i500.

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    Ping I210 Irons

    The Key Features of Ping I59

    The best thing about the i59 Irons are the materials used and the way they come together.

    The best thing about these irons was their feel. The i59’s combine a forged carbon steel body with a 17-4 stainless steel face.

    Semi-hollow bodies are not something we care about, but the i59s deliver solid contact due to their premium materials and forging process. The i59’s also feature machined grooves which allow for acute control around the green.

    Ping I210 Irons

    So what’s new?

    PING wanted the i210 to be PING’s best-feeling iron, with the most precision and ease in a compact package.

    The i200 series produces ample distance, though it doesn’t have the horsepower of the hollow-body i500. That said, a player with an average 4-iron carry distance of 185 yards should expect to pick up 4-6 additional yards of carry in the long irons (due to increased ball speed and higher peak apex) with the new i210. Also, for those still of the mindset that stronger-lofted irons launch lower, that’s not the case with the i210 and i500 which according to PING produce nearly identical initial launch conditions.

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    Ping I210 Irons

    Looks Good

    In some cases, the iron iseries as well as S55s looked very similar on certain models. In i210 this is virtually nonexistent. I was able to pick a few minor differences with the i210 beside the iBlade, and on them I often mistake them for each other.

    The blade is compact in height and has a thin topline. It also features a small offset. These characteristics attract players. The i200 and the i500 look identical on location and can easily be combined together. On the left, you will see the X560 as well the A421

    Gear fans who get their golf news from the internet will know Ping’s new i210 and i500 irons have been the worst-kept secret of the year

    No details have slipped from his lips regarding a new piece of iron until the covers have been pulled. IRONES RATED FOR FORGIVENESS : 57 sets tested. TETES: Is ping iron suitable for my lifestyle?
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    Ping I200 Irons

    Ping I210 Irons


    Our database shows exactly which new generation i210 is in line with i210. Although our tests did not yield a satisfactory shot, it was possible to exchange the numbers in pairs on another day. This is true, even though the I200s are very popular among buyers. However, there’s not much chance to make big profits. Trading with the i210s would be a good move. The golfers have a higher chance of buying an i210 on data alone so the fact that our test drivers are enjoying the premium look and sound is quite notable.

    Ping I210 Irons

    Composition Comparison

    When it comes to composition, the i59 was our favorite.

    With milled face grooves, a forged carbon steel body and a laser-cut face, the Ping i59’s were built better – and you can really feel it when you play.

    The Ping i210 irons also have a cavity back design and elastomer insert to smooth out unwanted vibration.

    It was also useful to have the large sweet spot and leading edge. The feel of the i59’s is unmatched though.

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