Ikea’S Slogan

Ikea’S Slogan In 2022 (What It Means, Evolution + More)

IKEA was founded in 1943 and has become a major retailer around the globe. It is also devoted to helping people improve their homes.

  • It’s likely that you are a regular customer of IKEA and wondering what the slogan means. I did some digging and I am happy to share what I learned about IKEA’s slogan.
  • IKEA’s slogan for 2022
  • IKEA’s slogan is “Let’s Make Your Home Special “, which was released at the 70th anniversary of the first IKEA catalog as of 2022. This slogan describes how IKEA implements practical solutions at reasonable prices in order to simplify everyday living. IKEA has had its current logo in place since 1983.

  • Keep reading to discover more about IKEA’s past slogans and their brand promise.
  • IKEA's Slogan In 2022 (What It Means, Evolution + More)

    What is the IKEA Slogan?

    IKEA’s new slogan “Let’s Make Your Home Special” was released in 2021, along with the launch of their brand-new catalog. The 70th anniversary edition has also been celebrated.

    IKEA’s goal to create a home that is unique is reflected in its desire to help customers live better lives through its practical products at an affordable price.

    In addition, IKEA has relaunched their slogan to reflect the notion that IKEA’s catalogue can be used as a ‘how to’ guide for customers to improve their homes.

    This is relevant to the recent pandemic where many people have been spending time indoors.

    IKEA’s Previous Slogan

    IKEA was known for its slogan “Creating a Better Life for Many People”, which referred to the benefits its products have on people’s lives.

    IKEA has placed emphasis on customer-centric marketing and uses the IKEA catalog as a platform to communicate its brand message.

    IKEA's Slogan In 2022 (What It Means, Evolution + More)

    What Is IKEA’s Tagline?

    Following IKEA’s slogan of ‘creating a better life for many people,’ IKEA has adopted the tagline ‘the wonderful everyday’, which features prominently in its television advertisements.

    IKEA created the “Wonderful Everyday” campaign to encourage people to find the good in every day.

    IKEA’s Brand Promise – What Does It Mean?

  • IKEA has a brand promise: “To offer a wide variety of well-designed and functional home furnishing products at low prices that anyone can afford,”
  • IKEA offers a brand promise that goes alongside the slogan ‘let’s make your house special’ and the old saying to create better everyday lives for many’.

    IKEA’s brand promise helps to establish trust with their customers.

    IKEA keeps its promise to customers and encourages them to return.

    IKEA's Slogan In 2022 (What It Means, Evolution + More)

    IKEA’s Core Values:

    IKEA has listed 8 key values that it follows in order to run its business successfully. It encourages others to follow its lead and rewards those who show leadership.

    Togetherness is a central focus at IKEA, as well as caring for the people and the planet, as it wants to be a positive change-maker in the world.

    IKEA also has the desire to sell low priced items. Cost-consciousness is one of its main values.

    IKEA’s core values include taking and giving responsibility, as well as empowering people.

    IKEA also continues to look for ways to enhance its products and maintain the simplicity of its shopping experience.

    IKEA’s ultimate goal is to think differently and create meaning. They do this by challenging established ideas, trying new things, and sometimes even questioning them.

    IKEA Logo: What is it?

    IKEA stands for the founder. the retailer was named for the founder Ingvar Kamprad, the farm where he grew up Elmtaryd, and the nearby village of Agunnaryd.

    While the IKEA first logo was introduced in 1951 the IKEA logo today displays the blue name of the retailer within a small yellow circle and within a larger blue rectangle. This logo has been around since 1983.

    IKEA information is available here. You can also read about IKEA’s market target, ethical issues, and interesting facts.

  • Conclusion
  • IKEA’s motto “Let’s Make Your Home Special”, was adopted during the 70th anniversary celebrations for the IKEA catalog.

    IKEA ensures that its slogan, tagline, and brand promise all align with its aim to give customers quality home and lifestyle products at low prices.

    .Ikea’S Slogan In 2022 (What It Means, Evolution + More)

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