What Is An Ikea Family Card?

What Is An Ikea Family Card? (Price, Discounts, Benefits + More)

Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
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; 78 years ago





in Sweden
Ingvar Kamprad
Delft, Netherlands
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445 (2021)


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Middle East

North Africa

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Southeast Asia


North America
Key people
Ready-to-assemble furniture

, homeware, food products
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41.3 billion (












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IKEA sells many more than furniture. It’s great for visiting to pick up a desk, but it is also great for stopping by to have a cup of coffee and eat with a friend.

  • You may have questions about the loyalty program at IKEA if you are a frequent shopper. I was curious about the IKEA family cards and this is what I discovered.
  • What Is An IKEA Family Card? (Price, Discounts, Benefits + More)

    What Is An IKEA Family Card In 2022?

    IKEA’s family cards or accounts are IKEAs loyalty program. These account types offer members benefits and discounts that differ from regular accounts. IKEA’s family card offers customers free workshops and other events that help them learn about home furnishings.

  • IKEA family cards cost about $80. Check out the following information to discover more.
  • IKEA Family Card: What is the Cost?

    An IKEA family card and account costs nothing apart from the time it takes to create an account.

    IKEA ensures that their loyalty program is free and offers amazing benefits.

    What Is An IKEA Family Card? (Price, Discounts, Benefits + More)

    IKEA Family card: Whom Can You Apply?

    To get an IKEA family member card, you don’t have to be married. The only requirements are that you be above 18 and have valid email addresses.

    Register for IKEA Family online if you have an IKEA family account.

    You also have the option to update your personal data, including preferences for communication channels and preferred stores.

    IKEA Family Coupon: What Are the Best Discounts Available?

    An IKEA family Card allows you to take advantage of member-only discounts on certain items within the IKEA range.

    When you see a blue IKEA Family label next to an item, either in-store or online, you can take advantage of that price and purchase it at a discount.

    A LAGAN top freezer refrigerator, for example, has a price tag of $599. But, the IKEA family prices it down to $479.

    What Is An IKEA Family Card? (Price, Discounts, Benefits + More)

    IKEA Family Card: Which Benefits?

    You get multiple benefits from signing up for an IKEA card family, along with rewards and other deals via IKEA partnership families.

    If you use your IKEA Family Card and go to IKEA restaurants, you get a warm drink free of charge.

    You also will have extra time for your child to use the Smaland children’s area (depending upon the available capacity).

    IKEA also offers price protection for IKEA Family customers so that you don’t miss out on any offers.

    You can get price protection by bringing your receipt to IKEA. An associate will then refund any difference.

    These benefits are not the only ones. Anyone with an IKEA Family Card may also be eligible for monthly prizes. All you have to do is shop in any IKEA store.

    There will be a chance for you to win an IKEA $100 gift card each month. Simply scan your card and check in at any IKEA location.

    You will be emailed the details of your monthly prize drawing if you are selected. Please opt in to receive communications from IKEA to confirm you have received it.

  • Spin to Win at IKEA is a great way to get more prizes.
  • IKEA Family Card provides free tutorials, workshops and events for customers who want to know more about how they can improve their home and furnish their home.

    Also, you’ll receive a surprise birthday gift that will last throughout the month.

    IKEA Family cards can be used online.

    Unfortunately, as of 2022, you cannot use IKEA Family coupons in IKEA’s online store, and you must use them in-store only.

    You can use your IKEA Family Card on any blue IKEA Family labeled items in store simply by scanning your card at the checkout.

    What Is An IKEA Family Card? (Price, Discounts, Benefits + More)

    IKEA Family cards can offer free insurance.

    IKEA’s Family Card holders get “Oops” insurance to protect their purchases from accidental damage.

    All you have to do is swipe your card at checkout and your order will be processed.

    For a replacement, your receipt can be presented in-store if there is an error or accident.

    IKEA Family Cards allow for free shipping

    IKEA Family Card members cannot qualify for free shipping. All shipping costs depend on the size of the package, starting at $5.99 for small order deliveries.

    The delivery charges for delivering something into your room will begin at $69, and will go up depending on where you live and how big the item.

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  • Conclusion
  • An IKEA Family Card is IKEA’s loyalty program which is free to sign up to with no prerequisites required.

    Member members can get discounts on items and drinks. They also have entry to prize draws. Insurance is available for purchases. Birthday gifts are welcome. Workshop invitations are included.

    As of 2022, members will be restricted from using their IKEA Family Card online, but they are still able to purchase any IKEA Family-labeled items in stores.

    Ikea Family Card Offers Discounts

    IKEA Family does not belong to a select group of people. There are those who have homes that are their passion and others who need help. Just by being a member you’ll receive discounts on many products and we even treat you to a free hot drink every time you visit.

    How do you get the Ikea Family Card benefits?

    IKEA Family members can get discounted prices on certain home furnishing and food products. Members also have access to regular events, such as workshops for home furnishing or sneak previews of new collections.

    What does Ikea Family price mean?

    With an IKEA family card, you can take advantage of exclusive member discounts on selected items in IKEA’s range. A blue IKEA Family label can be found next to any item. This will give you the opportunity to purchase that item at a lower price.

    Do You Get 10% Off With Ikea Family?

    Enjoy more than 10% Discount with Ikea Family Member Offers, 10% Off or More

    .What Is An Ikea Family Card? (Price, Discounts, Benefits + More)

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