Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi

Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

Aldi is a well-known US grocery chain that was founded in Germany and has been working with Instacart ever since 2017. However, it’s not difficult to get started if your first online shopping experience with Instacart was not easy.

  • This guide will help you use Instacart Aldi. It includes all the information, tips, and tricks that you need in order to get the best out of every order, and to ensure smooth transactions.
  • A Quick Overview Of Using Instacart At Aldi
  • Aldi customers may choose Instacart delivery (which can be anywhere from $4-10) or pick-up (which varies between $2-5). Aldi also offers Instacart, which comes with a $9.99/month membership. This allows you to get free delivery if your order exceeds $25. Instacart can have higher prices in some instances for Aldi groceries.

  • Keep reading for more information about Instacar ordering on Aldi.
  • Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

    Instacart: What’s the Best Way to Place an Order at Aldi?

    Instacart account is required first. Sign up at or download it from your app store. Follow these instructions to establish an account.

    To add to your account, you will need a debit card or credit card. You can also use your EBT card to make payments.

    Instacart once your location is set, will list the shops that you are able to shop at. Pick the one you like, and it will move to the main shopping page.

    Then you are able to begin creating your list. Each app and site are organized according to store sections. So your bakery goods can all be found together.

    When you place your first order, the app will create a shopping list called “Buy It Again” that includes previous orders. You can also reorder items by adding to it each time you place another order.

    Buy It Again is an option if something was purchased weeks back and you don’t know what it is. You can also search for specific departments using the headers at top.

    You should also pay attention to how many items are being sold. You can buy bananas by their quantity or weight in pounds. Click on an item to alter its quantity or measure.

  • You may believe you’re ordering 10 Bananas. In reality, it’s 10 Pounds worth.
  • Once your list is complete, you can head to the check-out. You will need to order delivery for $35, or pick up orders only $10.

  • The little green and white card icon in the upper right corner of the app is your shopping cart; click on it, and you can review your card and also “Go to Checkout.”
  • You can choose to have delivery or pickup at check-out. Also, make sure that your contact information is accurate. Finally confirm your payment method.

  • (This area is also where delivery notes are entered. For example, where should they leave their bags? Or if you wish them to knock.
  • You will see the “Add promo Code or Gift Card” button when you scroll past the total. This can be especially important if your first time shopping.

    Once you have submitted your order, you’ll receive confirmation messages on the website or app as well as an email confirmation and push notifications on your mobile device.

    Then you wait for your Aldi shopper to start. You receive another notification when someone begins; that’s your sign to keep an eye on your cart. Aldi shoppers will be extremely friendly.

    Aldi’s fluctuating restocking means that it is important to make sure your smartphone or internet browser is open at all times. You can then quickly respond to any question or run out of something.

    It means that even if all of your items are not in the cart, the shopper is able to help you make it work or offer a partial refund.

  • It is important to note that your pickup or delivery will be between 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. However, the pick-up time for your shopper opens at 1:05 p.m. so don’t fret about losing your item!
  • Aldi merchandise is kept at the proper temperature until delivery or collection to your vehicle.

    This app keeps you informed about all steps of your delivery and pick-up so there are no surprises. If you opted for delivery, oftentimes your driver will send you a photo of your items where he or she left them.

    Do Groceries Cost More On Aldi Instacart?

  • Aldi allows you to use Instacart and will charge an additional fee for grocery items. Their website states that prices for items purchased on Instacart might be slightly higher in certain cases to help cover delivery charges.
  • Instacart’s website explains, “While many retailers offer everyday store prices on Instacart, some retailers may set prices on the Instacart platform that are different than in-store prices.”
  • Aldi will still do its best to lower the price of groceries in Instacart over in-store Aldi.

    Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

    How Do You Pay For Your Aldi Instacart Orders?

    Signing up for Instacart will prompt you to either add a credit or debit card. You can also use Apple Pay or Google Pay. Aldi added EBT payment to Instacart recently.

    You should note that although customers may pay for their SNAP groceries via EBT, other charges such as delivery/pick up fees or service costs must be paid with a separate debit/credit card.

    Our guide contains more information on Aldi Instacart, EBT payment, and other topics.

    There are no options to pay by cash, Venmo (PayPal), or the WIC Program.

    Aldi will give you bags when you order Instacart?

    Aldi does give you bags with your Instacart orders; however, just like in stores, they do charge for them.

  • This can be seen on the receipt that you receive.
  • It is an additional fee but it will be much less than $1. Depending on the quantity of bags you order, it could even come down to a dime, a nickel, or a quarter.

    Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

    Do You Have To Be Home For Your Aldi Instacart Delivery?

    You do not have to be home for your Aldi Instacart delivery, but Aldi has no way of keeping your refrigerated/freezer items cold until you get home.

    Order non-perishables, if possible. Or plan to be at the delivery location when it is dropped off.

    How do I pick up my Aldi Instacart Order

    Aldi, Instacart and other companies have made it easier to pick up your bags. Before you leave, open your app to mark yourself “On My Way”. This will let employees know that you have arrived and allows you to shorten the waiting time.

    When you get there, you will park in the designated pick-up area. The designated pick-up area is clearly marked by bright blue, numbered parking spaces. It doesn’t really matter which one of these you use; each spot also features a sign that designates it as a curbside collection spot.

    You can click on the “I’m Here” button once you are parked.

    In order for customers to know the person to place the order to, you will need to also provide the vehicle make, model and colour.

  • The app guides you every step of the way, from “A shopper is collecting your bags” to “A shopper is bringing your bags out.”
  • To ask them where you would like your bags, roll down your window. When they give you the OK, it’s done! Instacart should notify you via your smartphone that they have received the pickup order.

    Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

    Should you tip your Aldi Instacart Drivers & Shoppers?

    When it comes to curbside pick-up, tipping the person who brings your bags is not expected. There is no reason to not tip them after you have packed your bags.

    Delivery orders are another matter entirely. Tipping should be expected since 100 percent goes to the driver and accounts for the bulk of their income.

    Either in-app or cash tipping is possible. You can tip the app at 5% of your order, however 15-20% is a good amount for excellent service in any industry.

    Are You Having a Problem with Your Aldi Instacart Order

    Instacart’s system for quickly resolving issues is something I personally can attest to.

    Instacart makes it easy to submit issues via their app.

    A pop-up window will ask you to rate your last transaction if you don’t have it rated in the app. After that, click “Get help”, and the app will show you the steps.

    You can submit a problem if you realize a week or more later that you have an Aldi order issue. Just go to Instacart and select the three horizontal lines on the top right corner.

    Click on “Your orders” to display your last transaction. Each transaction will contain a “Get assistance” button. The app will navigate you through the process.

    Instacart will usually issue a refund if an item is lost. If you received something you didn’t order, it’s yours to keep (stores can’t take them back), and no further action is needed besides letting Instacart know.

    If some time has passed, and you’d like to return an item for whatever reason – be it quality or expectations – you can easily do so at your local Aldi store.

  • Take your digital receipt along with you to the register. The cashier will assist. You can read more about Aldi’s return policy by clicking here.
  • Does Aldi Instacart Accept Coupons?

    Just like the store itself, Aldi’s Instacart shopping hub does not accept manufacturer’s coupons, however – Instacart itself may offer deals on items week-to-week.

    These deals can be searched in the app, as well as being sent to you via email.

    Instacart will also run app-wide promotions, like $20 off any order of $100 or more. This promotion was done in 2020 during the holiday season and applied to all stores selling through Instacart.

    These deals don’t often happen, but when they do it is great, especially in Aldi which has such low prices.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi’s Instacart store is an easy extension of its low-priced, simple business model. If this popularity is anything to go by, it should mean that Aldi will continue offering online ordering plus pick-up and delivery.

    How Do I Use Aldi Instacart?

    To use the service, shoppers go to or download the Instacart app and fill the virtual shopping cart with groceries. The next step is to select the delivery time, which may be as little as an hour or up to one week after they make payment. Instacart personal buyers then pack, package and deliver orders. Sep 18, 2018

    Does Aldi Provide Bags For Instacart Shoppers?

    Aldi gives bags with Instacart orders. Aldi will give bags to you with Instacart orders. However, like stores, they charge extra for these bags.

    Are Instacart Prices Higher At Aldi?

    A. ALDI offers the best grocery prices every day. Instacart prices might differ from the in-store price in your region. Instacart can sometimes charge more for personal delivery.

    How Much Do Aldi Instacart Shoppers Make?

    Payouts for full-service shoppers depend on how many orders they receive. Instacart calculates the possible earnings of every order. Shoppers will be paid $5 to $7 for delivery only orders, while shoppers can expect to earn $7 to $10 for all full-service orders.

    .Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

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