Mavrik Max Driver Review

Mavrik Max Driver Review

mavrik max driver review

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Of the three MAVRIK driver heads, MAX is the “biggest” one. I use quotation marks because it’s technically 460 cc, the legal limit and the exact same as the standard MAVRIK, but the design of the head makes it appear larger .

At address, it has a straight topline and the crown stretches back and down towards the turf. It gives you confidence. Although it is quite large, the Max does not feel heavy. Although the MAVRIK Standard is quite different from Epic Flash in its shape, the Max looks very much the same as Callaway’s older generation of drivers.

The orange details are a matter of opinion. People either love them or they hate it. I really like it , but as Matt pointed out in his review of the MAVRIK Sub Zero , you can always customize it to suit your preferences.

mavrik max driver review

Fitters’ Take

Fitters’ Take is a new feature, which we’ll be adding to certain reviews. Club Champion’s Master Fitters panel will offer their views based upon their personal experiences and the things they see during fittings.

One of our Fitters said that the Callaway MAVRIK MAX drivers will be “a great line-up” and added, “Max is going out to be a fantastic driver this year.” Many fitters have also commented about the better sound quality compared with the Epic Flash. Another thing that impressed fitters was its shape. One said it was “the best looking Callaway head” in a while.

Callaway Flash Face SS20 Technology was praised by one Fitter. He stated that each model and each loft has a unique face designed to help different types of misses. Because of this, he stated, “We can literally fit any golfer who walks through the door into a MAVRIK driver.”

mavrik max driver review

Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review – Customized Experience

Paul Club Reviews Golf Product Review 14 Comments I will be reviewing the Callaway MAVIK MAX driver.

It includes most of the characteristics of the Standard MAVRIK with the addition two interchangeable weights. They can both increase MOI and create draw bias.

Is the MAVRIK MAX able to hold its own on the course, or is it too slow? It should be preferred by those with higher handicaps than other MAVRIK models.

Here’s what I’m going to be covering in this review:

Features, Technologies and Performance See, Sound & Feel where to buy this driver online Conclusion

Keep reading for everything you should know in order to make an informed buying decision.

mavrik max driver review


As a comparison, I think it would be more beneficial to use the MAVRIK standard driver in this section.

It was not surprising to me that the MAVRIK MAX is a bit shorter than the Standard. A driver with high MOI and forgiveness will have more spin, and therefore less carry and rollout.

Golfers who struggle to hit a fairway will probably gain some distance. The reason is that fades go further than draws, so if you add a draw bias at the MAX your shots will have a stronger draw shape.

Overall though distance appears to be about the same as with previous generations Rogue drivers, which isn’t terrible.

mavrik max driver review

Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review, Photos And Video: Clubtest 2020

ClubTest 2020 featured 28 driver reviews and tests. Below you will find the Callaway MavrikMax results.

You can find the full list of drivers and test results here.

Callaway MavrikMax price: $499 / Buy Now Lofts: 9, 10.5 and 12. Our view: How does it work when you have a supercomputer with the ability to produce over 15,000 face designs per day? You end up with products like Mavrik Max. One of the most requested drivers during GOLF’s player testing, the ultra-forgiving, draw-biased Max is highlighted by an AI-designed Flash Face SS20 architecture (made from an exotic FS2S titanium) that’s six grams lighter than traditional materials. The red-hot face is paired with an aerodynamic crown and the company’s JailBreak Technology to improve ball speed and the overall efficiency of the clubhead. With weight ports located in the heel or back of the sole it is possible to maximize the slice-busting technology and get more forgiveness depending on the position you place the 14-gram weight. Mavrik Max is a credible force within the driver category, having landed near the top of multiple performance categories during year 1. In accuracy, the club was close to the top and ran a mile/hour faster than any average driver. This is the type of combination that will appeal to many handicappers, particularly those who are fighting for their slice.

ClubTester’s take (16-hdcp): “My slice suddenly became nonexistent as was my awful toe miss. It almost feels as if you are cheating.

Robot’s view: A high level of swing speed will result in a higher ball speed, draw bias and excellent accuracy. You can expect slower swingers to experience more draw bias and carry.


mavrik max driver review

Callaway Epic Max Vs Mavrik Max Driver Review & Comparison

Callaway likes to offer “max” versions of most of their drivers. Maximize means to get more. More forgiveness, greater launch height and additional features are all part of the package in most cases.

These are the Mavrik Max LS (and the Epic Max LS) which have been designed for players with higher-to-middle handicaps who desire more consistency, forgiveness and fortitude.

If either one of these drivers is appealing to you, then you might be curious about the Max siblings.

They feature a lot of the same types of technology so it can be a tough choice between the two. To help make your decision a bit easier, check out the following comparison review.

Mavrik Max Vs Epic Max Ls Overview Both the Mavrik Max and Epic Max LS are designed to give more forgiveness and ball speed. We can attest to both of these points of emphasis.

Both the Mavrik Max and the Epic Max LS produced true ball flight even on low-face shots.

Flash Face’s design, which is actually a slightly curvature at the forehead, is responsible. This keeps spin down on the tee.

mavrik max driver review


NEW FEATURES. Callaway had over 15,000 face designs tested in the design of last year’s Epic Flash. Callaway decided to make this year’s Mavrik line more efficient. This year, three Mavrik drivers were launched: The Mavrik, MavrikSub Zero and MavrikMax. All of these models use the Flash Face SS20 technology with a stronger, lighter, but still strong FS2S titan for a thin face that does not compromise ball speed. A new internal rib system dulls vibration and amplifies the desired “feel” at impact.

DEFINING FEATURES. Callaway tweaked aerodynamics to the Mavrik driver model. This is a continuation of last year’s Epic Flash models. Jailbreak technology — with two internal bars between the sole and crown intended to generate higher ball speeds — continues in Mavrik, and an added a feather-lite T2C triaxial carbon crown raises both the moment of inertia (MOI) and general forgiveness.

STABILITY AND WEAKNESSES The Max (my preferred model) is considered the most forgiving with interchangeable weights in the sole to balance out forgiveness with your ability to draw. Since I cannot draw, I place all of my weight on forgiveness.

COST AND VALE: The Mavrik Trio retails at $500. It improves upon everything about the Epic Flash. Great. However, is the 500-dollar investment worth it? You’d need to spend $182,500 if you went to Pebble Beach each day at $500 per head. If you buy one Mavrik driver at $500, and use it for 365 rounds this year, it only costs you $500. That’s quite a bargain.

It’s difficult to believe that you need to purchase this Epic Flash driver if you purchased one last year. Callaway’s driver technology in two years has been amazing. Next year, the model will be even better.

To be clear, Callaway is available in three different models. Check out the results. After more than 400 drives, I am able to say that I have never felt a driver so comfortable. Now that I have the correct shaft, driver head, and grip I am ready to go, and I hope I can land more fairways.

Eric Hart received equipment from the manufacturer for his review.

What Is The Difference Between Mavrik And Mavrik Max Drivers?

The Mavrik Standard has a slight draw bias. … The Max has a maximum draw bias, mid-spin and the Max has the sub zero. However, the Sub Zero spins at the bottom and has a neutral draw bias. Oct 23, 2020

Which Mavrik Driver Are You The Best?

The “Best driver” category was awarded to him for his swing speed of 94 mph or less. Callaway MAVRIK max is the perfect head for mid-range golfers who require a bit of help in creating draw flight. I recommend this driver for those golfers that have low to medium swing speeds but need more carry. “More items…*Jun 18, 2020

What Callaway Mavrik Driver is Most Tolerable?

Forgiveness. Although the Mavrik Maxim is clearly the more forgiving driver, there are some outstanding features in all of these clubs that can make them more flexible. The Callaway Mavrik series is really about speed. As speed aids in distance giving, their concern is about speed.

Which Is Better Taylormade Sim Max Or Callaway Mavrik Max?

The Sim Max’s thinner face make them more attractive to players with faster swings. Callaway Mavrik Max’s have a lower loft, making them less valuable for players who swing slower. Although the Sim Max’s felt better, they were more responsive to swing speed changes than the Mavrik Max’s.

.Mavrik Max Driver Review

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