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Best Digital Tape Measures

Laser Tape Measure 2-In-1,Mileseey By Rockseed Rechargeable Laser Measure 131 Ft, Tape Measure 16 Ft With Multifunctional Buttons, M/In/Ft Unit Switch, Hd Lcd Display, Movable Magnetic Hook

Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1,MiLESEEY by RockSeed Rechargeable Laser Measure 131 Ft, Tape Measure 16 Ft with Multifunctional Buttons, M/In/Ft Unit Switch, HD LCD Display, Movable Magnetic Hook
لايتكلف الموقع بشكل جديد
  • 2-In-1 Measure & Excellent Accuracy The Laser Tape Adopted 131 Ft Laser Measure And 16 Ft Tape Measure To Meed Different Demands. With The Built-In Laser Measuring Module The Accuracy Can Be ±1/16 Inch And Accurate Distance Can Be Read Within The Effective Range While Moving.
  • Rechargeable & Energy Saving The Tape Measure Adopted Lithium Electronic Power Supply So That The Laser Tape Measure Can Be Rechargeable Which Is Economical Environmental-Friendly And Durable. Additionally Laser Will Auto-Off Without Operation After 30S And Lcd Can Auto-Off After Suspending 180S Automatically Saving Energy For You.
  • Versatile Buttons & Easy Operation The Digital Laser Measure Has 3 Buttons. Menu Button Is For Switching Measurement Mode And View History. Measuring Button Is For Measuring Including Continuous Measurement. The Last Button Is For M/In/Ft Switch And Measuring Basis Switch. Three Buttons Provide More Functions And More Convenience Making Your Work Much Easier.
  • Durable & Wide Application The Tape Measurement Adopted Nylon Coating So That It Can Be Wear-Resistant Non-Slip And Drop-Resistant. With The Small Back Clip Design You Can Easily Put It In Your Pocket Or Pin It On The Belt For Easy Carrying. It Can Be Widely Used For Measurement In Rooms Factories Warehouses High Places Decoration And Buildings.
  • Hd Backlight Display & Magnetic Hook Unlike Other Tranditional Laser Tape Measure This Laser Measuring Tape Adopted Reverse Display Lcd Better Visual Impact Not Easy To Reflect. In Addtion The High-Quality Magnetic Hook Can Attach To Any Metal Objects Sturdily Not Only Improving The Stability Of The Usage But Also The Accuracy Of The Measurement.

Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1, MiLESEEY by RockSeed Rechargeable Laser Measure 131 Ft, Tape Measure 16 Ft with Multifunctional Buttons, M/In/Ft Unit Switch, HD LCD Display, Movable Magnetic Hook 2-IN-1 MEASURE & EXCELLENT ACCURACY

Smart Body Tape Measure, Fitindex Bluetooth Digital Measuring Tape For Body, Soft Sewing Tape, With Led Monitor Display, Lock Pin, Retractable Button, Fitness Body Measurement Via Phone App

Smart Body Tape Measure, FITINDEX Bluetooth Digital Measuring Tape for Body, Soft Sewing Tape, with LED Monitor Display, Lock Pin, Retractable Button, Fitness Body Measurement via Phone App
The smart digital body tape measures body fat, muscle, and bone density to help you track your fitness and health. This Bluetooth digital body tape connects with your FitIndex app for easy tracking and measurement. With a large, bright LED display, you can see your reading at a glance, and get accurate measurements in seconds. The retractable button and pin lock let you fix your body part for perfect measurements, and the data can be recorded and tracked with a weekly, monthly, or yearly chart. The FitIndex app can be used with the FitIndex scale for even more accurate measurements.
  • Sync Data To App. Smart Digital Body Tape Connects With Fitindex App Via Bluetooth 4.0 Or Above. Download Fitindex App Through The App Store Or Google Play For Free Also Can Be Used With Fitindex Series Scale.
  • Large Bright And Clear Led Monitor Display Visualize Reading Easy To Read And Get Measure Data. Easy To Operate With A Single Hand And Measure Body Part Quickly.
  • Accurate Measurement. Retracting Button And Pin Lock Help You Fix Body Part And Get Accurate Measurements Fast To Get Your Waist-To-Hip Ratio Or Other Body Part’S Value.
  • Record Measurement Track Data With A Weekly Monthly Yearly Chart. Fitindex App Recording Stats Of Neck Shoulder Bicep Chest Waist Hip Thigh Calf Up To 8 Body Parts Can Add Unlimited Users For Whole Family Use View Stats With A Floating Chart.
  • 2 Units And Measure Mode. Both Measure Inches (Max 60’’) And Centimetre (Max152 Cm) Length And Circumference. Great For Weight Loss Muscle Gain Bodybuilding Fabric Tailor Sewing Handcraft. Fitindex Digital Smart Tape Is Powered By A Cr2032 Lithium Coin Battery (Package Included).

Introducing the Fitindex Smart Body Tape Measure! This digital tape measure is perfect for bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to get accurate measurements quickly and easily. With its large, bright LED display and retractable button, it’s easy to get started measuring your body. And with its Bluetooth connection to the Fitindex app, you can track your progress and see your stats in real time.

Etape16 Digital Electronic Tape Measure – For Accurate Measuring – Time-Saving Construction Tool – Red Polycarbonate Plastic– 3 Memory Functions – 16 Feet

eTape16 Digital Electronic Tape Measure – For Accurate Measuring – Time-Saving Construction Tool – Red Polycarbonate Plastic– 3 Memory Functions – 16 Feet
Etape16 Digital Electronic Tape Measure – For Accurate Measuring – Time-Saving Construction Tool – Red Polycarbonate Plastic 3 Memory Functions 16 Feet Accurate measuring Durable construction Weather-resistant polycarbonate plastic Bright red color Side button wheel to access functions Time-saving tool Us/metric conversion Re-zero option
  • Accurate Measuring Ensure That Your Measurements Are Accurate And Easy To Read When Equipped With This Etape16 Digital Tape Measure For Residential Or Commercial Projects.
  • Durable Construction This Digital Tape Measure Is Crafted With Weather-Resistant Polycarbonate Plastic For Durability And Boasts A Bright Red Color To Easily Locate In Your Tool Box.
  • Multiple Memory Functions With Three Memory Functions And A Side Button Wheel To Access Functions You Can Measure Multiple Areas With Ease Without Having To Write Down The Calculations.
  • Time-Saving Tool Spend Less Time Recording Measurements And More Time Getting Work Done When You Add This Digital Tape Measure To Your Collection Of Tools.
  • Us/Metric Conversion Let This Digital Tape Measure Do The Work For You Offering Accurate Readings And Us/Metric Conversion With A Re-Zero Option.

Etape16 digital electronic tape measure – for accurate measuring – time-saving construction tool – red polycarbonate plastic

Dtape Laser Tape Measure 2-In-1,Laser Measurement 131Ft Silent Laser Range Finder Usb Rechargeable Color Lcd Display, Measuring Distance, Ip54 Waterproof, Tape Length 16Ft, Nylon Coating For Diy

DTAPE Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1,laser measurement 131Ft silent laser range finder USB rechargeable color LCD display, measuring distance, IP54 waterproof, tape length 16Ft, Nylon Coating for DIY
Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1,laser measurement 131Ft silent laser range finder USB rechargeable color LCD display, measuring distance, IP54 waterproof, tape length 16Ft, Nylon Coating for DIY 1. High-quality lithium battery power supply, long service life of more than 2 years, full power state can be used continuously for 5 hours, USB rechargeable, can be recycled, reduce battery consumption, save money and worry. 2. Laser measurement can reach 131 feet / 40 meters. The inch tape measure is 16 feet (metric tape: 5 meters). These two measurement modes are suitable for more environments. 3. High-end black and white reverse display screen, the readings are more clearly visible. 4. Laser measurement mode: distance, area. Waterproof and dustproof performance: IP54. 5. The laser is automatically turned off (after 30 seconds), the power is automatically turned off (after 3 minutes).
  • 1 High-Quality Lithium Battery Power Supply Long Service Life Of More Than 2 Years Full Power State Can Be Used Continuously For 5 Hours Usb Rechargeable Can Be Recycled Reduce Battery Consumption Save Money And Worry.
  • 2 Laser Measurement Can Reach 131 Feet / 40 Meters. The Inch Tape Measure Is 16 Feet (Metric Tape 5 Meters). These Two Measurement Modes Are Suitable For More Environments.The Default Unit Is Meters You Can Freely Change The Unit Between M / In / Ft By Pressing The Meas And On/Off Buttons Simultaneously.
  • 3 High-End Black And White Reverse Display Screen The Readings Are More Clearly Visible.
  • 4 Laser Measurement Mode Distance Area. Waterproof And Dustproof Performance Ip54.
  • 5 The Laser Is Automatically Turned Off (After 30 Seconds) The Power Is Automatically Turned Off (After 3 Minutes). The Product Includes One Set Of Tape Measure Rangefinder One Manual One Usb Charging Cable.

DTAPE Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1 – The Most Advanced Tape Measure on the Market! Looking for the most advanced tape measure on the market? Look no further than the DTAPE Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1! This device has a 131 foot / 40 meter laser range finder, making it perfect for any environment. It also has a high-quality lithium battery power supply, long service life, and full power state can be used continuously for 5 hours. Additionally, the DTAPE Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1 can be converted between meters, inches, and feet with the press of a button. With its black and white reverse display screen, you’ll be able to see the readings more clearly. And lastly, the DTAPE Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1 is waterproof and dustproof, making it perfect for any job.

Best Digital Tape Measures

Best Digital Tape Measures

Our top picks

Digital tape measures come in a range of sizes and features. These are just a few of the most popular options. You can search for the right digital tape measure to fit your needs.

Bosch GLM20Blaze 65-Foot Laser Distance Measuring Device amazon com Check Latest Price The Bosch laser distance measure is a great example of the benefits these tools provide. A standard steel builder’s tape measure is 25 feet long. The Bosch measures up to 65 feet long. This device is accurate up to 1/8 inch in width and can be operated with one button. The initial measurement will be maintained by pressing the button again. However, the distances can change as you move. A backlit display gives you clear readings in low-light situations, and units can be set to feet and inches, meters, or inches only.

Pocket-size, it requires two included AAA batteries that typically run the Bosch for six months or more. It’s also very affordable, making it a highly-recommended tool. The Bosch is a great tool for DIYers. While some features may be improved in specific areas, there are many other digital options.

Amazon – Tacklife Advanced Digital Laser Tape, 131 feet com Check Latest Price

The control panel might look a little daunting at first, but it’s a reflection of the many measurement features available. Tacklife Measure provides distance, area and subtract/add two readings. It also offers Pythagorean measurements (also known as indirect), which make use of triangulation to determine a third distance unknown from two inputs.

It has a backlit display that displays a low battery warning and also offers a sleep mode, which helps to conserve energy. The unit is IP54 certified waterproof and dustproof. A wrist strap and belt clip are useful additions.

Leica DISTOD2 330-Ft laser distance measure amazon. Leica is known for its optical precision. The range of the Leica Measure is impressive at 330 feet. Leica Measure is accurate to within 1/16th of an inch, with readings that are hundredths or less of an inch. It can also provide distance and Pythagorean calculation information. Additionally, the Leica Measure will subtract and add. Leica can extend the intelligent endpiece to reach inconvenient locations. The Leica will automatically recalculate. Leica is small enough to fit in your pocket and comes with a clip. You can use it for both water and dust protection, and the operating temperatures range from 14° Fahrenheit up to 122° Fahrenheit.

Bluetooth 4.0 enables the Leica’s data transmission to Android, iOS and other devices via Bluetooth. It is ideal for planers and surveyors. This is an expensive investment but it can provide accurate and reliable information.

The eTape16 16 Foot Digital Tape Measure Amazon is the easiest to use Latest price The initial idea behind the digital tape measurement was to allow for a more accurate reading of measurements, and ensure repeatability. The eTape does meet that requirement. However, there are many additional features that greatly enhance its functionality. The eTape has three memory functions. One allows you to keep the current reading for a brief time and two allow you to save long-term readings. This tape helps you hang pictures by calculating the area’s centreline.

When fully extended the tape measures 16 feet in length. Measurements are available in feet and in inches as well as in meters. This is among the toughest digital tape measures on this list. The zero hook is double-pinned for a strong hold, and the main body is made of polycarbonate the same material as many safety helmets so it’s ready for use in tough environments.

These are the Top 10 Digital Tape Measures. Reviews for 2022

1. Bosch Blaze Pro 165′ Laser Distance Measure – Best Overall Check Latest Price Bosch Blaze Pro 165′ Laser Distance Measure is our pick for the best overall digital tape measure. It is very easy to use and comes with a keypad that can be used for years. You can use one button to get measurements. It also works in real time, meaning it measures as you move. You can store up to 10 measurements for easy recall later, and automatic square calculation technology, and you can also add and subtract measurements right in the display. Bluetooth connectivity allows you switch between fractions as well as decimal points measurement displays.

The digital tape measures were very easy to use and our review was quite enjoyable. One thing that we did not like is the difficulty in reading and interpreting fractions.

Measuring distance up to 160 feet with a precision of 1/16 inches

Easy to use


Actual-time measurement

Ten memory

Automatic square calculation


Bluetooth compatible

Best Digital Tape Measures


If you are looking for a digital tape-measure, one that has a laser is recommended. They have similar costs and offer more utility than non-laser models. Bosch Blaze Pro 165’ laser distance measures are our favourite overall. They’re easy to use and provide the best measuring distance with a Class-2 laser. General Tools LTM1 2-in-1 Digital Tape Measure is another fantastic choice. This is our top-rated value. This affordable digital tape measuring device can be used to determine distances as high as 50 feet. Additionally, it has an integrated tape measure which allows you to quickly and easily measure close range.

We hope that you found the digital tape measure you are looking for after reading our reviews. We hope you enjoyed our buyer’s guides and found it useful. Please feel free to share the guide to the top digital tape measures via Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image, General Tools LTM1 2-in-1 Lazer Tape Measure. Amazon

Comparison Chart


TickTockTools, 2-in-1 laser tape measure You can also measure the height of the tree with it before cutting. The laser tape measure allows you to do everything when working with wood.


The eTape16 Digital Tape Measure Digital tapes are a well-known brand in woodworking. These digital tapes offer woodcarvers and carpenters an easier way to measure lumber and wood. Because they can’t count the tiny lines on digital measuring tapes, many people prefer it.


Use the DTAPE Laser Tape to Measure the Wood. Although there are several ways you can measure the wood size, only one method matters. A simple to use measuring instrument is a benefit if you’re into woodworking and need to measure a lot.

PREXISO Digital Laser Tape Measuring Tape can sometimes be more convenient than the digital measuring tape, especially for those who are familiar with it. It’s much simpler to measure with the PREXISO Digital Laser Tape. It’ll be much simpler and can save you time.

LEXIVON Digital Lazer Tape Measure There is a variety of ways you can measure wood or lumber. These measuring tapes may be a bit difficult to use, as you must count the lines of the blade to obtain the correct measurement. The rise in popularity of digital tape measures is an advantage. The digital tape measure is easy to use for measuring wood and objects.

General Tools Laser Tape measure The digital measuring tool that is best for woodworkers makes life easy. Imagine measuring the wood without counting the lines on the tape blades. You can even make your job easier by having the laser and digital tape measured. The digital tape measure will be able to measure both wood and lumber.

Digital Tape Measures Laser Cross laser This innovative method of measuring woods and other surfaces is the most popular. Most tape measures have a laser inside, which you can use for measuring even curves, or wood and lumber with unusual shapes. For accurate and efficient measurement of various lumber types with different shapes, make sure you get one that is multifunctional.

Best Digital Tape Measures

The 10 Best Digital Measuring Tools To Get In 2022 (Buying Guide)

Home improvement is something we are quite good at. Although we would rather leave big, dangerous jobs to professionals as we do not want to be in danger, we can still build pieces of furniture and redecorate small areas of the house ourselves. So we keep our eyes open for high quality and affordable tools.

We’re now in dire need of a digital measurement tool. Digital measuring tools are so much more efficient than the old manual tape measures or levelers.

Editor’s Choice Bosch GLM20 Compact Blaze 65’ Laser Distance Measure. Check the Price at Amazon

Budget TACKLIFE Best TM-L01 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure Check price on Amazon

Premium MulWark 16ft. Measurement.

For the pros

You can measure distances as high as 65 feet. It also includes a 16-foot traditional tape measure.

Display with high visibility.

This LCD orientation isn’t ideal.

Amazon eTape16 Measure Tape Price. Are you intrigued by the possibility of purchasing a digital measuring tape that you can use one-handed and that you are able to easily control? Would you rather spend a little more on a cheaper option? We recommend this eTape16 digital measuring tool. It is smaller and easier to use, yet it does not lose any of its length. Unfortunately, this model lacks the standard measuring laser, which is why it’s cheaper. Instead, the digital screen keeps track of tape measurements and can store them in short term memory until you have to save them.

The Best Tape Measures Guide 2021

Tape measures are a common tool for professionals to carry around. Tape measures are a common tool for professionals. Professional licenses in many state, such as those for electricians and plumbers, demand that applicants demonstrate their proficiency with various tools. Tape measures are not only useful tools for professionals but also common household tools. The right tape measure will make all the difference when it comes to the projects and jobs you do.

What tape measure is best for you? There are different kinds of tape measures with different lengths, levels of durability, materials, and more. You might prefer a digital tape to help you measure the distances on a job.

You can read the tape measure guide for more details about which option would be best for you.

.Best Digital Tape Measures
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