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First Time Parents By Adopting–abc-news-parenting.html

“On the morning of July 27, the adoption was made official in Judge Ralph Winkler’s courtroom at Hamilton County Probate Court. Family, friends and the kids’ teachers were present for the occasion.”

This is a beautiful story! Adoption is one of the greatest gifts we have.

But. Guys, can I step in and say something? As the sister to 5 adopted siblings, I see the comments asking how the family “ended up with them” or where their “real parents” are.
The first question is answered sufficiently in the article, to the extent that it should be. Any other details are quite simply not the business of strangers on the internet.

As far as the second question, I have three points to bring up-First, the Rom’s are their real parents. That’s that.

Secondly, I know the commenter meant “biological parents.” We should get away from using the term “real” when discussing biological families vs adoptive families. It’s damaging to the child, and outdated.

Thirdly, it’s another question that is none of our business as strangers on the internet.

Just be happy that these beautiful babies are adopted into a loving and caring family!

If you struggled to get a child even after monitoring basal body thermometer. There is about 350,000 kids in foster care across the nation waiting for their ‘forever’ family! People go outside and spend over 50,000 to adopt… I know those babies too need family’s. I wish our kids came first! Keeping the siblings is magnificent! They are now with their ‘real’ parents!

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