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Heated Blankets For Cold Weather

Living in Florida is wonderful. But for 49 years I was North. Like north of Chicago north. I remember shoveling snow, getting up and running the car in the middle of the night, scraping ice not only off the windshield but also the door handle and lock. I know -60 where the coke you bought with lunch froze before the 3 minute walk from car to office. I’d rather cozy up in the best heated blanket then be outside.

The difference is not only our bodies change to cope with the weather our building codes are different. North R35 insulation in roof, R15 in putter walls, triple pane windows, air forced heater and fireplaces. Here we have R15 in roof and walls.

Double pane windows with tinted windows. Heat pumps. We have winter clothes but not to the density or warmth that we use up north. I guess it’s just the reason why we moved to Florida. No shoveling snow or driving on icy slushy roads. We have +10 with windchill today. I thank God I didn’t give my down parka to Goodwill or gave it away. My parka and gloves will save me today as I run my errands.

I’m up here working with the elderly telling me they’re going to Florida for the winter. I’m mumbling under my breath, “Damn Snowbird congesting the roadways.”

If I, a Florida native of 25 years can stay up here in this frozen wasteland, so should you. Stay in your state! Don’t go to Florida as your refuge from the winter and then come back up north complaining about the crazy people and the alligators. I used to play with the alligators!! If you can’t handle all of Florida, stay home!

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