Does Usps Notarize Documents

Does Usps Notarize Documents In 2022? (Try This Instead)

It is the process of getting something notarized. This formality involves having an official witness to verify the validity of the act.

One example is car title or custody transfers. Finding a notary can prove difficult if you’re in hurry or are very busy.

This might lead you to wonder: Is USPS authorized to notarize? It would make it easy to find a location in almost every city. We have the following information for you to consider.

Why Doesn’t USPS Notarize?

Before we look into the reasons why the USPS refuses to notarize, let us first go over the basics of notarization.

  • The National Notary Association states that notarization “is the official fraud prevention process that guarantees the transaction parties that the document is genuine and trustworthy.”
  • As NNA states, there are three parts to the notarization process: vetting, certifying, and keeping records.

    This involves ensuring everyone is true to their identity (with IDs) while also ensuring the authenticity of the documents and the signing of the agreements by all.

    The document serves as an official record and can be presented to the court for future reference.

    Each state operates its own commissioning authority to regulate the laws of notarization, including who can become (and stay) a Notary Public.

    We can see why USPS doesn’t offer notary services.

    As I already mentioned, notaries in the United States are under the control of the State. However, the Postal Service falls within the Executive Branch of the Government, much like the Office of the President.

    This is not possible for federal or state governments (in the USPS’s case).

    However, there are some who mistakenly believe that USPS cannotarize. My research shows that this could be because notaries have set up shop within the same building as USPS.

    It is possible that some of them may be contracted with USPS in order to provide customer with additional services.

    The connection can be seen because of the close relationship between these offices and the fact that people visit the notary often before they mail off their documents at the postal office.

    The notary, however, is an individual who may be able to interact with you.

    Does USPS Notarize Documents In 2022? (Try This Instead)

    Notary Services – Where Can You Get It Instead of USPS

    The post office cannot notarize your documents. Which place can you take your documents?

    Notarization is offered by many locations, including small local ones.

    Another option is to check out a nearby bank to see if they are available and schedule an appointment.

    Also, you could try libraries; AAA offices; universities; or Accounting services.

  • You can also get your documents notarized by UPS, which is perhaps the best option if you are looking for USPS notary services.
  • Does USPS Notarize Documents In 2022? (Try This Instead)

    Is UPS charged a fee to notarize documents?

    UPS or the United Parcel Service offers notarization in more than 3900 locations all across the U.S.

    Prices for notarization services can be partially determined by the individual states. As you will see in this chart, certain states have a maximum of $2 per signature.

    Florida’s may require signatures to be signed for as high as $10. Some states allow notaries to determine their prices.

    To get an estimate of the cost to notarize your document at UPS in your state, click here.

    However, you should consider which type of document is being created.

    UPS will notarize wills, trusts deeds contracts and affidavits. Each of these documents may require many signatures.

    You may reach out to UPS for any additional information or call them before making an appointment.

    Can You Notarize Online

    Although many services are available online by the Postal Service they cannot offer notarization.

    Online notaries are being offered by some businesses. These businesses connect you with remote Notaries Public, who walk you through the steps for an affordable rate. is one option. offers another. Be cautious before you give your credit card information to websites.

    Find out more about USPS signature requirements, delivery to PO boxes by USPS, as well as whether USPS forwards IRS and government mail.

  • Conclusion
  • The USPS doesn’t notarize because it is a federal agency and notaries work on a state by state basis.

    You have many choices for receiving notary services.

    .Does Usps Notarize Documents In 2022? (Try This Instead)

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