Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?

Can You Hide Orders On Amazon? (Prime, In The App + More)


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Shopping online can be difficult to keep private, as many online stores such as Amazon keep a record of what customers purchase, as well as their banking and shipping information.

  • However, certain websites let customers keep their orders private. Amazon, for example, may offer this privacy. You can read on to find out more.
  • Amazon.com: Can you hide orders?

    You can hide your order history or delete it on Amazon.com using the steps below:

    Sign in to your Amazon account and click “Returns and Orders” at the top of the screen. The orders page will open and you can view a complete list of the most recent orders. You can then select “View Order Information” to reveal the details of the order. Choose “Archive Order” to move your order to the “Archived Orders” section of your account.

    Can You Hide Orders On Amazon? (Prime, In The App + More)

    Can You Hide Orders on the Amazon App?

    Amazon.com is not the only option. Customers have the ability to conceal their order via Amazon.com. These are the steps customers have to take in order to hide their purchase.

  • Log in to the Amazon app from your smartphone. You will find your order in the “Your Orders” section. Tap on “View Order Details”, then select “Archive Order”.
  • Customers need to remember that they cannot archive orders and they won’t be removed completely from their accounts.

    Customers can also choose to unarchive an order if they need to move it.

    Amazon Household Orders Can Be Hidden

    Amazon Household accounts can be used to conceal orders from family members who are already customers.

    Amazon Household lets each family member create their profile. This allows them to browse Amazon Prime Video, make orders, and also view the content privately.

    Amazon Prime Household provides customers with separate profiles. But, they cannot be individually password protected.

    It is recommended that customers create separate accounts for family members if they are concerned about their children viewing the orders or logging into their parent profiles.

    Are there other methods to keep Amazon Orders private?

    In addition to archiving orders, there are a number of different privacy methods shoppers can use when placing orders on Amazon. Here are some examples of such privacy options.

  • 1. Apply Incognito Mode to Your Browser
  • Incognito mode will protect your search history from others in the household who use the same browser or have the same Amazon account.

    Incognito mode conceals search engine history including Google searches, as well as product searches on Amazon.

    Incognito Mode is used to protect customers’ search queries from Amazon.

    However, customers should note that while Incognito mode will hide Amazon search history, it will not hide order history.

    Therefore, customers are recommended to use both Incognito mode and to archive their orders for extra privacy.

  • 2. Password Generator
  • It is crucial to have a strong password if the customer uses an Amazon account that’s different from others in their home, but they also share the same computers and devices.

    It is recommended that customers use both uppercase numbers, symbols and numbers in combination to keep their housemate and family from guessing the password.

    Customers who prefer to keep order details private can not save their login information. This is because another person may log in automatically to the account when they try to log on to theirs.

    Customers should make sure to log out every time they place an order. This will prevent family members or householdmates from using their wrong account or having access to the order history.

    You can read more about Amazon’s order cancellation policy and Amazon pre-order policies. Honey also works on Amazon.

  • Conclusion
  • If you wish to keep your Amazon order secret, archive it. This option is available on Amazon.com as well as through Amazon’s app. Simply go to your Orders section, and click “Archive Order”.
  • Customers can make sure that their order history and search history are kept private through tools such Incognito search mode.

    .Can You Hide Orders On Amazon? (Prime, In The App + More)

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