Ping G425 Driver Review

Ping G425 Driver Review

ping g425 driver review


Let’s answer the question directly: Did PING preserve the G410 Plus’s adjustability and increase the forgiveness? Yes. It delivers.

My G410 Plus was matched up against the G425 Max, and the G425 Max proved to be more forgiving. G425 Max’s mishits were consistently less frequent due to a stronger launch and higher spin numbers. It means there are fewer distances between your best swings as well as all other shots on the course. The G425 Max is the best-forgiving driver on the market. You want the most consistency from the driver of the G425Max.

The G425 Max has this amazing ability to increase forgiveness while maintaining adjustability. This driver uses the same adapter as the previous one, so you can use all the same shafts in the same eight positions. The loft can be adjusted as high or low as 1.5 degrees. You can place the 26-gram back weight in one of three positions: Fade, Neutral or Draw. The position you choose has an impact on how the ball flies and where the sweet spot is located.

PING offers the largest selection of stock shafts within the G425 Max driver, making it a leading provider of custom fitting. You can choose from three exclusive models: the ALTA CB55Slate, PING Tour or Alta Distanza. PING offers two hot models for players who want a high-end shaft: the Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI (review HERE) and the Mitsubishi TENSEI Av Orange (55.5 and 65 grams).

ping g425 driver review

The Test

Ping allowed me to go to October and get fitted for the best shaft length. While I couldn’t hit the G425 as it was classified back then, I did try the G410 heads. The LST9 degree seemed to be the most suitable for me. So when I received the G425 Driver it was the LST model with the same shaft, giving me the club that is best suited to me so that I could give a true evaluation.

The driver was compared to the G410 LST at LSH Auto and Mercedes Benz Stockport with Trackman 4 balls. Reddish Vale Golf Club invited me to give it a try during several rounds.

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ping g425 driver review

Review of the Ping G425 Lst driver

Looks and Feel The G425 driver looks amazing! My driver reviews will have shown you that I enjoy a sleek, minimalistic, rectangular head design and matte black. Ping is a great example of all these things.

The turbulators feel softer. They have gone from being silver-grey or slate/black. I find this very classy.

It’s kind of like a throwback back to when Ping Anser Driver was still in use.

The feeling of being at home in the game of golf is something to be proud about. Comfort is felt when I look down at a Ping Club, which looks much like the traditional Ping Golf club.

You can feel it everywhere, including the range sessions on a January night and the opening tee at the US Open. Ping drivers have been with me on almost every tour professional driving. The ultimate fairwayfinder, it was always there for me.

Ping say that you hit the ball further when it lands on the short grass and that is where they focus their technology and R&D. But as someone who considers themselves an accurate driver of the ball, could it also help me start gaining a few more yards?

It sounds like a Ping. It is high pitched and makes a distinct sound that almost everyone can understand. In my view, this is not something that has improved from previous models. The same way they state that “nothing tastes like a Mizuno”, it also sounds nothing like a Ping.

ping g425 driver review

Golf Insider Verdict – Ping G425 Driver Review

This review is not about the Ping G425 driver range. I could continue to rave about them. It is actually very easy to conclude. The result is an exceptional driver, which offers a variety of fitting options that will suit all golfers at a very affordable price.

Ping G425 Max delivers great distance with exceptional forgiveness. If you struggle with your slice, then the SFT Driver will be a big help. Also, the Ping G425 max provides exceptional performance and can reduce the backspin.

Ping G425 drivers would be a good choice next time you want to make an upgrade.

Ping G425 SFT

ping g425 driver review


Drive WITB in Gear Fairways Irons Putters Balls Clothing Shoes Bags Gloves Grips Steers DMDs Training Aids REVIEW: “PINGG425 drivers go beyond forgiveness” Review of the new G425 driver lineup from PINGPINGG425 drivers.

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What does this actually mean?

Well, when PING releases new drivers it’s safe to assume that you won’t see a raft of wholesale changes.

PING is in business to make the best drivers, and not to reinvent it.

* PING drivers G425 – First look!

With the G425 line-up, the brand has decided to once again stick to its tried and tested engineering practices by effectively building upon the same brilliant designs and technologies that brought its previous G400 and G410 families such universal acclaim.

The standout piece of tech this time around is undoubtedly the new CG shifter. This massive, moveable tungsten weight – placed at the extreme rear of the sole of the club – results in an equally extreme low and back CG (centre of gravity) placement.

ping g425 driver review

Ping G425 Drivers. What you need to know

The Ping G425 drivers are the latest iteration of Ping’s immensely popular G-series. It all began with the Ping G driver back in 2016. Ping began the journey with the 2016 PingG driver. Each year Ping improves, tweaks, and adjusts their clubs’ performance, while always keeping the basic concept in mind. You can expect a mixture of power and distance with some forgiveness, when you most need it.

When we are faced with a lengthy par five, the ‘bigstick in our hand’ is all that stands between us and forgiveness. This is a known fact.

There will be a couple of things you’ll notice that’s a little bit different this year in the drivers. Notice that I did not say anything different. Ping showed a lot of restraint in resisting the tendency of the golf industry to use as many buzzwords, gimmicks, and phrases as possible.

Imagine that you’ve played with Ping driver at least once in the last five years. There are a couple of things you will recognize, and some improvements that could make the Ping driver a real favorite this year.

Ping G425 MAX, one of the most all-around Ping drivers, is my first topic. After that, we’ll move onto the more specific LST or SFT drivers.

Let’s go… G425Max Driver Review: The Ping G425, the basic “vanilla” driver in the three-driver series, is reviewed.

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You can’t. ‘Vanilla’ doesn’t do the club justice. It is packed with features that all combine to make up a great whole…

ping g425 driver review

Ping G425 Vs Srixon Zx5 Driver Review Vs Alternatives

Ping G425 vs Srixon ZX5 Driver Review Vs Alternatives There have been a lot of advancements in driver technology over the last decade. Today we decided to evaluate a number of drivers that could be considered “not your father’s driver”.

A few of today’s most innovative drivers were tested by us. They still offer a lot of forgiveness for players of all skill levels. They lived up to the promises they made. Take a look at what we found.

Ping G425 Max comes with the G425 LST. The selling point here is that the golfer can essentially choose what they want to emphasize from the tee – i.e. straighter shots, high moment of inertia, etc.).

The Srixon ZX family of drivers are all about providing more ball speed from the tee and maximizing forgiveness. It is comprised of the ZX5 und ZX7.

Does The Ping G425 driver make sense?

Yes. That promise has been fulfilled by the G425 Max in spades. The G425 Max was tested against my G410 Plus. It showed a marked difference in the G425 Max’s superior forgiveness. G425 Max’s mishits were always a bit faster due to a stronger launch and spin.

Are Ping G425 Driver Good For High Handicappers?

Is There a Best Driver for High Handicappers Golf? If you’re looking for the most forgiving driver in our line-up, try the Ping G425 Max. This driver is great for off-center strikes. It also offers plenty of forgiveness for handicappers.

What is better the G425 or G400?

Ping’s G400 Max Max and G410 Plus driver technologies are combined in the G425 Max driver. Ping has reported that its G425 max driver has the most MOI (moment in inertia) than any driver ever.

The Ping G425 is the Most Forgiving of All?

Similar to its predecessor the G425 LST offers a stunning forgiveness to appearances ratio. G425Max driver has similar adjustability to the G425LST. You can adjust loft up to 1.5 degrees. May 3, 2021

.Ping G425 Driver Review

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