Lowe’S Protection Plan

Lowe’S Protection Plan (What’S Covered, Lost Receipt + More)

Lowe’s sells new appliances with a warranty.

  • Lowe’s warranties can only be valid for so long, you might wonder if they offer any other warranties. I’ve been looking into Lowe’s protection plans for this very reason; here’s what I’ve discovered!
  • Lowe’s Protection Plan In 2022
  • Lowe’s offers several different protection plans, with core protection plan benefits that apply to most plans as of 2022. This plan can also be used to cover outdoor equipment and major appliances. Lowe’s protection plans include protection against power surges, product replacement and coverage for labor and parts.

  • So, what’s covered in a Lowe’s protection plan? Learn more here, including whether this plan is refundable.
  • Lowe's Protection Plan (What's Covered, Lost Receipt + More)

    What is Lowe’s Protection Plan Covered?

    The protection plan Lowe offers four benefits that can be applied to most plans.

    This will allow you to see specific protection options and benefits via Lowe’s website. Many include however:

  • Replacing the product completely
  • Lowe’s will cover the cost of replacing your product in case it has an issue that is not caused by an accident but a manufacturer’s defect.

  • Parts And Labor
  • Lowe’s will pay for labor and parts to fix everyday wear on the product, and this coverage is available after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Protect against Power Surge
  • In the event of a power surge, Lowe’s will cover the cost of parts and labor to fix your product.

  • Fix Or Replace It
  • Lowe’s will replace any product that is in need of repairs.

  • You can find more information in our blog about Lowe’s Appliance Warranty.
  • What does Lowe’s Protect Plan do?

    When you purchase a major, small appliance, or other products at Lowe’s, you will likely receive the manufacturer’s warranty alongside it to activate.

    Lowe’s provides extended warranty coverage for your product that will cover you even after the original warranty has expired.

    This extended warranty plan, for example, covers any issues that may arise with the product beyond its expiration date. It allows you to use your product more often without having to buy a new product.

    Lowe’s has the parts, labor, or repairs to fix any issue you may have with your product.

    To claim, visit the Lowe’s website. Or call Lowe’s toll-free at 1-800-77-LOWES (56937).

    To make any claim through the protection plan, you will need your receipt to prove the purchase.

    The plan that you select will determine whether you have either a partial payment or a monthly plan.

    Check out Lowe’s website for more details.

    Lowe's Protection Plan (What's Covered, Lost Receipt + More)

    How Long Are Lowe’s Protection Plans?

    It all depends on how long you are willing to pay it and whether or not you decide to keep it.

    However, you still have the option to get a 30-day protection plan after purchasing your product.

    Lowe’s Pro customers are entitled to 30 days to register the serial code for their protected item. It will still be covered.

    With that, each product plan has a different time length. A protection plan standard for power tools may last as long as four years.

    You can also get these protection plans when you first receive your product.

    Make sure you review all details before signing up for a protection program.

    Can Lowe’s Look Up Lost Receipts?

    Lowe’s will not reprint expired receipts. However, depending on how long ago you purchased the item in question, it may be able to find the purchase on its system if you used a credit card.

    If you have a MyLowe’s card or a Pro account, you can keep your receipts digitally on your account for several years.

    The ability to save receipts digitally helps to simplify warranty claims, as you won’t need to keep your paper receipt in good condition and worry about losing it.

    Lowe's Protection Plan (What's Covered, Lost Receipt + More)

    How Do I File A Claim With Lowe’s Protection Plan?

    If you have an issue with your product, you can call 1-888-77-LOWES (56937) to schedule an appointment to inspect your product and determine what service needs to be provided.

    You should have your documents and protection plan number handy before making a call.

    You must make sure that you have someone at least 18 years old present for any in-home repairs. A professional cannot perform repairs if this happens.

    Can I Cancel My Lowe’s Protection Plan?

    You can send a cancellation request along with your benefits summary page and terms and conditions to cancel your insurance plan if you are unable or unwilling to pay for it.

  • P.O. Box 100,
  • Rapid City
  • S.D.

  • 57709
  • Your request will then be processed by Lowe’s within 24 hours.

    Lowe's Protection Plan (What's Covered, Lost Receipt + More)

    Is Lowe’s Protection Plan Refundable?

    Yes. Let’s suppose you cancel your plan of protection within the first 30 calendar days.

    If that happens, the 100% refund will not be applied to the purchase price. It does not include the cost of labor, payment, reimbursements, replacements of parts or benefits.

    A partial refund will be given if your plan cancellation is made within the first 30 days.

    Lowe’s has no cancellation fees regardless of when your plan is cancelled.

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  • Conclusion
  • Lowe’s offers an extended protection plan to cover several different products available in its store, including major appliances, small appliances, and many more.

    Although each product’s protection plan is different, all plans provide repair and replacement services.

    In addition, you can file a claim easily by calling Lowe’s and having your plan information on standby.

    What Voids An Appliance Warranty?

    The warranty term has expired. No coverage is provided for the defect. Product failure can be caused by misuse, or non-proper maintenance. Product performance has been affected by significant changes you have made.

    What Covers a Protection Plan?

    Protective plans provide a guarantee that major household equipment will be maintained, repaired or replaced at no cost. Customers can request a visit to their local service center if there is an unexpected problem with the equipment.

    Lowes to offer Refund Protection Plans

    When your contract expires, you can request 30% of the protection plan cost back if you never made a service claim requiring a repair on your major appliance. Keep It Running Reward’s 50% preventative care reimbursement does not qualify for a repair claim. However, you may request the Payback Reward.

    What do you need to get a receipt in order to protect your plan?

    No matter how you register your plan, your phone coverage is always active. You will need the purchase receipt to submit a claim. You can easily access your receipt by registering it now.

    .Lowe’S Protection Plan (What’S Covered, Lost Receipt + More)

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