Home Depot Plant Return Policy

Home Depot Plant Return Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

The Garden Centre is a major department located at every Home Depot store, selling a variety of garden essentials from soil and fertilizers to flowers, succulents, and shrubberies.

  • But not all purchases go according to plan. So you might be asking: What is Home Depot’s return policy on plants? I’ve done the research, and here is what I’ve found out!
  • Home Depot Plant Return Policy In 2022
  • Home Depot provides customers with a period of 90 days for the return of flowers and other plants. For tropical or perennial plants and trees, however, your order must be made within 1 year. Home Depot accepts returns of deceased plants provided that customers provide proof of purchase.

  • Keep reading to discover if plants can be returned to Home Depot without a receipt. What exceptions are there to the return policy.
  • Home Depot Plant Return Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

    How long do you have to return the plants at Home Depot

    Home Depot’s standard return policy states that regular plants must be returned within the first 90 days after delivery.

    You should note that all regular plants are flowers (like Dipladenias. Hydrangeas. Roses. Lavender. and Hibiscus), as well as succulents.

    Perennials, trees, tropical and shrubs on the other hand are returnable within a year. See more details below about our plant warranties.

    A Home Depot Consumer Credit Card and Commercial Revolving Card are also available. Plants that have been purchased through these cards will enjoy a extended return period, of up to 365 days.

    Are Plants Returnable to Home Depot with No Receipt Required?

    Home Depot is able to track the purchase of a credit/debit card in the 30-90 day period following the initial purchase. This depends on the policy.

    Retailer uses a verification system that requires valid photo identification such as passports or state IDs.

    Remember that you may not be able to register your returns without receiving a receipt.

    The receipts from plants that were purchased using one of the Home Depot credit cards, as mentioned above, are retained for 365-days.

    If your return is verified, you may receive a full refund onto the card that you originally paid with, and cash refunds will be dispensed as store credit or a gift card.

    Alternatively, an associate may offer store credit at the plant’s lowest sale price if the purchase cannot be verified.

    Does Home Depot Offer A Plant Guarantee?

    Bonnie plants with Miracle-Gro soil are covered by Home Depot’s Grow a Garden Guarantee. Bonnie plants include:

  • Sweet bell pepper plants
  • Jalapeno hot pepper plant
  • Sweet basil plant
  • Sweet mini plant
  • Although Home Depot guarantees a harvest, you will be entitled to a full refund if your Bonnie plant does not produce during the growing season of March to October.

    The original purchase price and Miracle-Gro soil will be refunded.

    Note that these returns should be initiated in-store with your original receipt displaying the Bonnie Plant ‘and/or’ the Miracle-Gro soil purchased within 3-days of each other.

    Additionaly, refunds can only be granted if the purchase occurred within the last 12 month.

    Home Depot Plant Return Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

    Can You Return Christmas Trees To Home Depot?

    You can return real and artificial Christmas trees within the 90-day period to Home Depot.

    The Holiday Decor Protection Plan may allow you to avoid having to return.

    It covers all repairs, electric and mechanical faults and power surge protection. Online claims are possible.

    Customers who have received multiple service repair for the same issue may be eligible to receive a full refund or replacement.

    What is Home Depot’s Plant Return Policy?

    Home Depot has a policy regarding the return of cut flowers. They are also non-refundable.

    To replace flowers that have been purchased online, contact Customer Support.

    Note that you will not be charged for replacement flowers that will be sent to you.

    Home Depot Plant Return Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

    Is it possible to return online-purchased plants?

    Orders placed online can be returned to any Home Depot location as they would for store-bought plants.

    Returned items can be returned at either the customer service desk, or an associate managed checkout lane.

    Simply hand over the plant with your receipt or online invoice to the cashier, making sure to bring back up payment if you are exchanging your plant for another, more expensive item.

    Additionally, make sure that your credit card or debit card is still valid to issue a reimbursement.

    Home Depot’s policy on plant returns is well-known. However, we recommend that you read the related guides posts to find out if Home Depot can deliver plants and whether Home Depot can repair lawn mowers.

  • Conclusion: Home Depot Plant Return Policy
  • You can return flowers, houseplants, succulents or other plants within 90 days of purchase. Trees, shrubs, perennials, and tropical plants can be returned within 1-year.

    Home Depot offers protection guarantees on Bonnie plants with Miracle-Gro soil and Christmas trees. Customer cannot return cut flowers or floral arrangements.

    What is Home Depot’s Return Policy on Plants?

    You can return any type of online live plant, including trees, houseplants, or holiday decorations, within 3 days.

    Home Depot changing its return policy?

    Home Depot is able to accept returns without providing a receipt as long as the purchase has been verified by 2022. You can track payments made with credit/debit cards for 30-90 days. For verification, the customer must present a valid picture ID.

    Home Depot has a strict return policy

    Home Depot enforces a very strict return policy for products that cannot be returned. You should keep this note handy before you buy any product. You cannot return items that are marked with “nonreturnable” in their product descriptions once you have purchased them.

    What Is The Return Limit At Home Depot?

    Within 90 days

    .Home Depot Plant Return Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

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