Pxg 0211 Driver Review

Pxg 0211 Driver Review

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pxg 0211 driver review

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You can’t tell which 0211 driver you are from by the address. (review HERE). There are differences in shape and size, but the dominant feature – the Hybrid Crown Construction – is shared. I like that the head is more round than triangular, and, despite being 460 cc, appears fairly compact.

If you flip the driver, the 0211 will be clearly visible. It is not like other PXG Drivers. PXG was known for using a lot of movableweights. But the 0211 doesn’t. This sole is all about the “PXG” branding at the centre.

Also, this is where I think the stock headcover deserves to be mentioned. This denim-like material, which I haven’t seen before is an eye-catcher. Additionally, PXG has put a magnet (“QuickStick Cart Magnet Technology”) in the headcover so you can stick it to your cart while you’re hitting a shot.

pxg 0211 driver review


The focus on fine tuning is what was lacking in many PXG drivers. Two models are available for the Proto driver: one to suit downward or upward angle of attack. There were many movable loads in previous generations. 0211 simplifies: One model is all that’s needed to allow everyone to drive longer distances.

Of course ball speed is key. The 0211 driver has an abundance of that both on center and off thanks to the titanium face, Hybrid Crown Construction, and high MOI. This driver is stable. I was able to keep the ball in the center of the head and it kept the ball moving at a consistent speed.

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It is evident how straight the 0211 looks. While a good shaft fit is always necessary – I tested this with the HZRDUS Smoke Yellow [review HERE ] – this head works to minimize the curve of your drives. The odds of your ball hitting the fairway are strong if your face is square at impact.

The launch/spin combo is what makes the 0211 driver perform well for all players. This driver wants to launch in a mid-high window thanks to the deep, low CG. This CG allows spin to remain in a lower range. It is ideal for low spin players (like me) and people who have to lop off a couple of RPM.

pxg 0211 driver review


The new PXG0211 driver has convinced me that it is “expectantly necessary”. It’s a great deal at $249 plus shipping. This is for a driver, shaft, and mid-size grip. Currenty, I am using a TaylorMade M1 driverhead (that my grandfather gave me), on a regular shaft. A concern I have with the PXG is that there’s no way for me to actually test it before making a purchase. My nearest PXG facility is about a six hour drive round trip through heavy traffic. As they say, the best part about Seattle is looking at it from my rearview. PXG does have a return policy but you have to pay to ship it back and there’s a 15% “restocking” fee.

The reviews aren’t many, but the few that exist seem positive. One reviewer compared it to the Ping G425 (but much less expensive). The price is also amazing. Sheesh. PXG.

What is the Best Pxg0211 Driver?

Our verdict: The GOLF stable of testers gave the 0211 high marks for its impressive forgiveness and stability. A tester stated, “I tried some swings that weren’t great.” Feb 23, 2021

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Is Pxg 0211 Driver For High Handicappers?

PXG 0211 Driver Review Detailed Review The lower spin heads are for players with better handicaps.

Which is the Most Tolerant Pxg Driver?

PXG’s most patient head, the 0811XF driver must follow the USGA/R&A MOI limit and be sailing as close to wind as possible. May 7, 2021

Does the Driver of Pxg0211 Have a Resetable Option?

Yes. The PXG driver has an adjustable hosel. You can adjust the hosel of this driver just like the PXG-metal woods. … Other things that you can modify in the PXG0211 include its back weight of 10g. The back weight can vary from as low as 2.5g up to as high as 20g.

.Pxg 0211 Driver Review

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