Burrow Couch Review

Burrow Couch Review

burrow couch review

What customization capabilities comes with my Burrow sofa?

There are 5 colors available for Burrow couches. You have the option of either high or low arm options. The low arm option was the best for me. They were perfect for my Burrow Couch review. I’d choose them again. The Burrow Couch comes in 5 different colors. There are five colors available: Charcoal, Brick Red (Crushed Gravel), Navy Blue (Navy Blue), and Beige. The photos show that we purchased ours in Brick Red.

Burrow Couch owners will love the Burrow Ottoman. This is a newer option available from Burrow and costs $295. The ottoman is super easy to assemble. It is as simple as aligning the legs with holes drilled and then turning the screws. Use the Burrow Ottoman with any Burrow Couch to stretch out, or as a separate seating option when guests are over. The ottoman is a great size at 25 inches by 25 inches. It is designed to be used as a cushion, and can also be flipped over for a different look.

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Burrow Furniture Is Toxic

Score! Your sofa doesn’t need to be sprayed with toxic chemicals and it still won’t get stained when your favorite thai curry spills on it. Actually, Burrow fabrics do not contain formaldehyde.

How Comfortable Is The Burrow Range?

Don’t worry, though–it’s made for cuddling, with a low profile, deep cushions, and an ultra plush fill for maximum comfort. Burrow is known for the modular style of their sofas, and the Range collection does not disappoint.Oct 27, 2020

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Burrow Couches Durable?

Burrow furniture is built to last from hearty, sustainably-sourced hardwood: it’s scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and made of non-toxic fabrics because life happens, and your furniture shouldn’t get in the way–the sofa even has a USB charger because everybody knows they always end up jammed too close to the wall.Dec 5, 2020

Burrow, a reliable brand of couch cushions

Burrow makes it easy to put together. Burrow is the sole online brand of sofas that can be disassembled into several small pieces.

.Burrow Couch Review

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