Chic Me Review

Chic Me Review

chic me review

20.174 Reviews

Excellent Great Average Poor Bad Wasn’t the material I thought it would be feels cheap!

It was not a good fit, and it is almost impossible to return them.

Items arrived in perfect condition. However, the item does not reflect the photo on the website.

It took quite a while to get the clothes. It was also very poor quality. They are made of inferior materials.

Size guide wrong. It did not fit my girlfriend and therefore we are unable to return the item. Thanks!

Chic Me Fit Well: Read another review. Although it looks exactly like what you see online, I don’t think the price is worth the product.

Although it took some time for me to receive the cardigan, the outfit was perfect. Large was ordered. It was very comfortable. It was as true to color as it appeared in the photograph. Thank you. It was easy to do an exchange (two weeks ago). Simply send us a photo with your receipt. When I got another package, Monday Nov 15, 2015, I took it upon myself to exchange the 4 items with customer support. While I took photos of the items, I did not send them to support until Thur. Bella, my service rep says they won’t allow me to return the item because I hadn’t contacted them beforehand. I am only asking for store credit as I already spent $1,000 on their clothes. I’m not asking for my money back..I just want store credit. She keeps going back and forth with me and making it very difficult when it was an honest mistake and honestly it’s quite frustrating. The clothes are already in warehouse and still I have NO STORE CREDIT! Service Bella, please help. She was kind enough to let me shop at the store by accident. Thank you for giving me store credit. Well I will keep you guys updated and let you know how things go, after reading other reviews I see they often don’t return you items nor give you your money back or store credit. I hope it doesn’t happen. For now, I rate them 1 star.

chic me review

Is Ivrose and Chic Me Actually Legit? Scam Sites from China: Reviews

Nov 27, 2020 * Jan Stromsodd Subscribe to our Newsletter to Receive Updates from Your Next Shoes This article could contain affiliate links. Refer to the disclosure for further details.

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Great clothes, at rock bottom pricing – who doesn’t love that? It is the ideal! Unfortunately, these advertisements showing beautiful women in stylish clothes for less than the price of a cheap bottle of wine is too good to be true.

If (and that’s a big if) your clothes arrive, and you actually received what you ordered – it’s very likely it will smell of kerosene, be poorly made, and not fit, no matter what size you ordered.

These retailers are known for being Chinese fraud sites. Customers have left reviews describing the clothing as “unwearable,” disapointing, and even garbage. The Chinese scam website IVRose is owned by the same company

In an effort to avoid the negative reputation, some of these retailers attempt to present themselves as US-based firms, using websites IVRose or Chic Me.

The average consumer will look around a website, skim through some reviews, and once they have found what they are looking for, their investigation ends. The consumer ends up with regrets and products that are barely clothing.

As holiday season approaches, online shopping becomes more popular. This will lead to many consumers falling for deceitful marketing tactics such as Chic Me or IVRose.

chic me review


The company’s misleading advertisement and shipping information has led to many negative reviews. However, they have made substantial attempts to artificially improve their rating via fake reviews.

Sitejabber or Trustpilot would both be listed if you search for “Chic Me Review” on Google. Their star rating is very high.

Because of thousands of fraudulent reviews that company has received, this is why. These positive reviews are clear evidence of the company’s falsified information. Unfortunately, not everyone is as attentive. SiteJabber has over 35,000 reviews with a rating of 4.6 stars. This information is helpful for most people to purchase with confidence.

TrustPilot, another popular site for reviewing products, displays a banner on Chic Me’s page. It states the following: “Our personalized software found a few fake reviews and has removed them.” A majority of reviews complain that the item received did not look like it was advertised.

TrustPilot discovered many fake Chic Me reviews, and removed them

Multiple complaints have been made about the products in reviews that were published just this morning. Below are some examples.

It was poor quality, the glitter fell apart with each move, and I couldn’t even sit down on a stool without making a mess. Plus, no one was allowed to touch me, which was embarrassing! Chic Me is not a company that I would order anything again. Chic Me Me sponsors kept popping up on my Instagram and Facebook. The items look very unreal in the photos. Finally, I bought 2 pants. I was so happy with the results. The “S” is basically a large. Also one of the pants I received, has a burnt mark on it. This company claimed it was in the United States. However, that is an empty statement. The items all come from China but you still have to pay American currency. All Chic Me claims are false and misleading. I would not recommend them.” Chic Me as well as IVRose use the same product images.

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chic me review

20.174 Reviews

Excellent Average Poor Bad Material It was not what I had hoped it would feel.

Didn’t like how the pants fit and the return policy is next to non-existent.

Although my items were shipped in good condition, they are not exactly what I expected.

It was slow to arrive. The clothes were also of poor quality. These clothes do not have the same quality as what they are shown in photos.

the size guide is wrong my girlfriend was upset that it did not fit and we can not return the item Excellent, more than I expected Love everything, and shipping was very fast. We are grateful!

Chic Me fit well. This actually is the exact same style as it appears online. I do like the design, but the material cost was too high for what I got.

Although it took some time for me to receive the cardigan, the outfit was perfect. Although it was large, it was comfortable. Thanks to you, the color of the blue is exactly as shown in the photos. I have bought a lot from them and I love everything except for a few recent purchases. The exchange was simple. You send customer support a photo of the receipt. So I recieved another package on Monday Nov 15th and took the initiative to return 4 items on Wed the 18th to the post office.. I took pictures but it wasn’t sent to support till Thur. Bella, my service rep says they won’t allow me to return the item because I hadn’t contacted them beforehand. I am only asking for store credit as I already spent $1,000 on their clothes. I don’t want my money back..I JUST WANT STORE CREDIT…the items don’t fit. This is why she continues to go back and forth and make it extremely difficult. The clothes are now in warehouse. I still have no STORE credit! I need someone to help me, other than service Bella. It was an accident and I love shopping here but it’s not fair how she is saying there’s nothing she can do and not telling me where my clothes are now. Please give me store credit. You can be assured that I’ll keep you all updated. I have read other reviews and found out they don’t often return items or give money back. I hope they don’t do this to me. I have given them 1 star, until I get back from them.

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chic me review

Chic Me

Chic Me first appeared on PissedConsumer Oct 23, 2020, and has received 1239 reviews.

Chic Me is 824th in Footwear and Clothing. This company has a 1.6 overall rating and most customers are not satisfied.

These are some recent suggestions regarding this business.

Chic Me Shipping Service gets 1.6 stars from 5 reviews.

Chic Me is often contacted by consumers to answer questions regarding: Return/ Replace, Shipping and Delivery, or Request for Information.

Based on consumer reviews, this organisation’s pricing is extremely high.

Are Chic Me and Fashion a Good Brand?

ChicMe received a rating of 4.53 out 130,539 customer reviews. It indicates that the majority of customers are happy with their purchase. ChicMe customers who are satisfied most often mention good shopping experience and quality clothes. ChicMe ranks number 1 among the Discount Shopping websites.

Can Chic Me Be From China?

Shanghai Jigao Information Technology Co. Ltd. owns both IVRose as well as Chic Me.

What is the location of Chic Me, The Company?

Although the company has an account receivables only address listed in London, England, they warn against using that address to return clothes. Their China-based customer service telephone number can be reached at: May 31, 2021

Is Make You Chic A Legit Website?

MakeMeChic is rated 1.89 stars out of 53 customer reviews. It indicates that many customers are unhappy with their purchases. MakeMeChic complaints most commonly involve customer service issues and credit card problems. MakeMeChic ranks number 96 among Dresses Other web sites.

.Chic Me Review

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