Diamond Naturals Dog Food Review

Diamond Naturals Dog Food Review

diamond naturals dog food review


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Each recipe also includes the AAFCO-related nutrient profiles when they are available on their official web page: Growth and Maintenance, All Stages of Life, Supplemental or Not Specified.

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Product Rating AAFCO Diamond Naturals Older Dog Diamond Naturals Tiny Breed Senior Lamb and Rice Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete Diamond Naturals Baby Lamb Meal & Rice Diamond Naturals All Stages of Life Adult Lamb Meal & Rice Diamond Naturals Large-Breed Adult Lamb Meal / Rice Diamond Naturals Larger Breed All Life Stages Coat and Coat Grain free

Diamond Naturals Adult Beef Meal with Rice and Diamond Naturals Adult Beef Meal was selected as the representative product in this line.

diamond naturals dog food review

Diamond Naturals Reviews, Ingredients and Recall History. Our Rating

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Here’s our Diamond Naturals Dog Food Review. It covers the company reputation, ingredients quality and recall history.

diamond naturals dog food review

Our Overview

Diamond Naturals dog food is made in America and of high quality. This company makes several of its own brands as well as food for other businesses in its plants. While the Naturals brand is an average-quality product category, it doesn’t rank amongst the top premium brands.

Naturals products are unique in that they include many other ingredients, which is not common with lower-grade dog foods, like berries, fruits, or vegetables. The size options available are very limited but the price range is not prohibitive.

The general consensus on the web is this is a good quality product, lacking in most of the controversial ingredients found in lower grade foods. Diamond seems to have many brand adherents, though a fair number of detractors, too. It is recommended by the majority of reviewers including ourselves.

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diamond naturals dog food review

Diamond Dog Food Review

Throughout the website, Diamond Pet Foods claims that their products are of the highest quality, made with the finest ingredients available.

The company even provides a detailed list of all their ingredients that includes fresh meats, vegetables, whole grains and other healthy nutrients.

A quick review of several Diamond dog foods reveals that these ingredients are actually in use, though the quality of Diamond dog foods varies from one brand to another.

The Diamond Naturals line uses only corn, wheat and other by-products in its original recipes.

The Diamond Naturals Grain-Free is even one step higher on the quality scale. There are some Diamond foods that offer good quality but you should be cautious about which ones you choose to buy.

IMAGE PRODUCT Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice Formula

Created for dogs of all life stages

diamond naturals dog food review

Information for Companies

View Prices and More Reviews Diamond Naturals Dog Food is manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods, Inc.

, owned by Schell and Kampeter, Inc.

Their pet food company, based in the United States, has plants in Meta (Missouri), Lathrop (California), and Gaston (South Carolina). The company is a family-owned, privately-held enterprise, still managed by the Schell and Kampeter family.

Diamond is headquartered in Meta in Missouri. It was established in 1970. At that time brothers-in-law Gary Schell and Richard Kampeter bought Milling Meta Co., a producer of livestock feed and dog food. The initial distribution was restricted to a radius of 100 miles around Meta, Missouri. About 5 percent of its production was dog foods. Diamond expanded its manufacturing to include plants in San Joaquin County California in 1999 and Gaston, South Carolina in 2002.

Diamond Recalls and Quality Control Problems Diamond has experienced a series of recalls for aflatoxins and concerns about Salmonella since 1999. This includes a major recall in 2005. Consumers have been skeptical about Diamond and their products. Diamond, however, manufactures or copacks food for many brands such as Canidae Solid Gold Costco’s Kirkland Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Tractor Supply’s 4Health NutraGold. Diamond now says that they perform 151 quality tests to ensure their products meet their standards. After a Salmonella epidemic at their South Carolina facility, Diamond Naturals was subject to recalls. Diamond also makes food for other companies.

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Diamond Naturals products are sold and marketed independently from Diamond Naturals. The natural, holistic diet is promoted by Diamond Naturals. Diamond Naturals doesn’t use wheat, soy or corn in their recipes. Diamond Naturals claims that they steam the food with purified water. According to their website, the food also contains antioxidants. Diamond Naturals also makes a cat food. Only dry kibble is available for this product.

diamond naturals dog food review

Top 5 Ingredients Breakdown

This first ingredient is lambmeal. Some might feel whole lamb better than lamb meal. But lamb meal is a concentrate of lamb. It contains many times more protein than the whole animal. The majority of moisture has been removed. As a meat protein it is an excellent dog food ingredient.

Ground rice is used as the second ingredient. It provides more slowly-digested carbs. Ground rice is tolerated well by most dogs and gives them the feeling of being full after eating. You should cook the rice well so that your dog can eat it.

Millet and cracked pearled barley are slow-digesting carb sources. They provide energy for your dog but it will be long-term energy rather than quick-release energy.

Chicken fat preserved with a form of vitamin E is the fifth ingredient. This is a great source for animal fat.

The first five ingredients are a solid source of meat protein, three slow-release carbohydrates, and an animal fat. This is a good result, but not enough meat protein to make the dish as delicious as it should be.

A quick sidenote – The first five ingredients is a largely arbitrary number to look at. There are two options. You can look at just the first 4 ingredients or 7 ingredients. But when you look at the ingredients beyond the first several things in the food you should realize that, by weight, they don’t make up much of the food. It doesn’t matter how many vitamins or minerals you have, it just matters that they’re present in sufficient quantities. But when you are looking at protein, fat, and carbs, weights and amounts do matter. As an example, salmon added by the manufacturer as the third ingredient to the food won’t have much.

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Compare The Top Selling Diamond Naturals Dog Food Blends And Read Reviews From Dog Owners

diamond naturals dog food review

Diamond Naturals Dog Food Review – 2021

Diamond Naturals reviews detail food quality and reputation. It will let you know if the food is suitable for your dog’s needs.

You are looking through Diamond Naturals’ latest dog food reviews. Here you are. In this review, I’ll tell you all the good and bad stuff about the Diamond Naturals brand as well as give a quick overview of other formulas.

American brand Diamond pet foods is committed to providing the best nutritional and economical options for pets. Diamond Pet Food currently has five Diamond brands. They cater to all life stages and styles. This organization provides holistic and balanced nutrition for each dog. This organization is committed to providing affordable high quality dog food for all pet parents.

Diamond also produces pet food in partnership with other companies, such as Taste of The Wild.

Diamond Natural Is Bad for Dogs?

It is safe to assume that seniors can eat diamonds with high amounts protein and low amounts of calories. AAFCO’s nutrient guidelines are required for adults. Diamond Naturals Senior Formula is a good option for elderly pets.

Diamond Dog Food is Good for Dogs

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reports that at least 76 dogs nationwide are believed to have died as a result of eating contaminated Diamond Pet Foods.May 10, 2006

Diamond Dog Food is Made in China

Diamond has used Chinese products to make all of its pet food brands. TOW may be produced in the US but the ingredients come from all over the world. Diamond has used Chinese meat products in TOW. Merrick Pet Foods (one of only a handful of manufacturers who can guarantee that the products in their dog food are US-sourced) is one of them.

What is The Best Natural Dog Food Rated?

  1. Organix Organic Chicken & Brownrice Recipe Adult Canned Food for Dogs is Best Overall
  2. Best Dry Wellness CORE Natural Grain No Original Recipe Dry Dog food
  3. DIAMONDNATURALS Large Breed Adult Chicken and Rice Formula Dry Dog food are the best.
  4. Merrick Healthy Grains Dry dog food is best for small breeds.

.Diamond Naturals Dog Food Review

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