Galaxy A51 5G Review

Galaxy A51 5G Review

galaxy a51 5g review


Samsung is bringing 5G to the masses with the Galaxy A51 5G and the Galaxy A71 5G. To see the differences between the 4G and 5G versions, we have the smaller model available to be reviewed.

To start with, the chipset itself is new – the Exynos 880 brings 5G capability along with a performance boost over the smaller 9611 SoC in the older model. Also, the updated bits include an upgraded battery with a bigger capacity to support the growing power requirements.

Samsung offers 5G at an affordable price if you’re prepared to fork out more, even on the A515G midranger. They have replaced the old plastic metal midframe by one made of aluminum. All of this remodeling with additional antennas and a battery capacity boost has made the A51 5G 15g heavier. It is no longer light.

That’s all that has changed in the Galaxy A51’s 4G-to-5G upgrade. We’ll also be briefly reviewing the important specs.

galaxy a51 5g review

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G Unboxing

The Galaxy A51 5G comes in the same retail packaging as the 4G version, but proudly flying a 5G banner. The Galaxy A51 5G comes in a sturdy cardboard box that has a lid, unlike other models from the A-series.

The box contains a complete set of accessories. The box includes a 15W Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger adapter, which maximizes the phone’s charge potential. There’s also a USB A-to-C cable. You will receive a set of three button earbuds and an easy-to-use soft silicone case.

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G review – Reader comments

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90 hours no way usage of everything getting roughly 18 20 hours max well it says that going down to 40 45 % charging 3 times a day 🙁 Reply


galaxy a51 5g review

Samsung Galaxy A51 Price And Availability

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is $399 / PS329 / AU$599. It’s a reasonably priced phone that competes with the OnePlus Nord (around $480 AU$680), Moto G 5G Plus (about $375 AU$535) and 2020 model iPhone SE (about $399 / PS399 / AU$749).

Noting the difference between the Galaxy A51 and those two phones is important, it’s also worth noting the Galaxy A51 and first two above are all 5G smartphones.

While the model reviewed here isn’t 5G compatible, Samsung has since released a version that can be used for $599 / PS429 which will cost around AU$700. Even though it costs more than the 4G version it is still quite affordable in comparison to other 5G phone models.

While the price we have listed is the starting price, there are likely to be lower prices if they go on sale. The price of the Samsung Galaxy A51 is $290/PS230 / AU$390 at the time we write this.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 can be purchased in all countries where Samsung phones are sold, but the 5G version of the phone is not available in Australia. We are curious about this and don’t know whether it’s permanent or temporary.

The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is a great option if you are looking for something more.

galaxy a51 5g review

Our Scores

The Samsung Galaxy A51 was one of Samsung’s biggest mid-range entries for 2020. The A51 was the first Samsung Galaxy smartphone to be made available in America.

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With so much competition in the mid-range, is it a good option for the price? Android Authority has a review of the Samsung Galaxy A51.

An updated version is now available. In March 2021, the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G was launched at $499. The updated design language of the model now includes the Snapdragon SoC 750G, while the quad camera setup and headphone port remain. Our review on Samsung Galaxy A51: The Galaxy A51 was used for six consecutive days by me using Google Fi. During our review, we used One UI 2.1 based Android 10 on the phone. Android Authority acquired the Galaxy A51 device from Amazon.

Updated May 2021. More information on the Galaxy A52/5G and Samsung’s three-year promise to update its software.

galaxy a51 5g review

Review Summary

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G With an overall Camera score of 87, the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G is among the lower-scoring devices that we’ve tested under our latest protocol, though most of the phones we’ve tested so far are higher-end. Its Photo score ties its larger sibling, the A71 5G, with generally middling performance and a few more serious missteps.

Poor teleperformance is the main reason for the 32-point composite Zoom score. This was due to the absence of a dedicated module. Ultra-wide performance can be a plus.

The Video score of 85 is just one point below the A715G. It’s held down by the low autofocus scores, as well as a few other poor categories. However, exposure is more accurate than still images and color appears better.

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G has good exposure in both bright and moderate light and can handle very high dynamic range.

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A51 5G’s ability to handle color well, compared to its Galaxy A50 predecessor, is 12 points better.

This is the weakest area of the protocol, with noise scoring the 2nd-lowest score. It is easy to see noise, particularly towards the edges of the frame. Detail is also very low. In low light, preview accuracy decreases significantly. However, the preview performance of both A51 and A71 5G is superior.

.Galaxy A51 5G Review

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