Galaxy Tab A7 Review

Galaxy Tab A7 Review

galaxy tab a7 review

Agree To Continue: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Every smart device now requires you to agree to a series of terms and conditions before you can use it contracts that no one actually reads. We are unable to review and analyse every one of these agreements. But we started counting exactly how many times you have to hit “agree” to use devices when we review them since these are agreements most people don’t read and definitely can’t negotiate.

You must accept the following Conditions to use your Samsung Galaxy Tab A7:

The End User License Agreement

Samsung’s Privacy Policy

The tablet can be used without a Google account. However, to download any app from the Play Store you will need an account.

Google Terms of Service

Google Play Terms Of Service

galaxy tab a7 review

Design And Hardware

The Tab A7 does not look like other Samsung tablets. My review unit’s dark gray metal frame lacks the shine and sleek lines of its more expensive stablemates, which is understandable given the lower price. But, you have the option to choose from more exotic colors, such as gold or silver. Amazon’s plastic tablets have less premium builds than Tab A7. Also, Tab A7’s display bezels measure half the size as Fire HD’s. The Fire HD 10 costs just $150 without ads, and only $165 with them.

Headphone jack hold-outs will be glad to find one on the Tab A7’s impressively thin edge, along with a microSD card slot, power and volume buttons. There’s also a USB-C port at the bottom, but sadly it charges at USB 2.0 speeds. (I’ll explain more about that shortly.) This tablet does not have a fingerprint scanner. For face unlock, the 5-megapixel front cam will suffice. If you want sharper images, there’s an 8-megapixel sensor at the back. The Tab A7, at only 1.05lbs, feels very premium for the money.

galaxy tab a7 review

Which Place To Buy

Amazon Best Buy Walmart Samsung A month on, my review of the Galaxy Tab A7 has been published. Since then, I have used it often and love it.

I still find the fingerprinty screen to be a major problem. It’s not something that should collect oils easily. If it does bother you, the tablet is still a great one and spending extra to purchase a screen protector will be worth it. There are plenty of low-cost options available.

Obviously, media is my primary use of the tablet. It’s definitely not the kind of device that you would want to do anything else with. It’s a great fit because of its large display and long battery life. It has no trouble streaming Cyberpunk 2077 through Stadia. You can also read on the 10.4-inch screen without it feeling bulky, as an iPad’s 12.9-inch size does.

A Galaxy Tab A7 tablet is an excellent budget option for those who have hesitated about getting one. Just be sure to pick up a screen protector with it.

galaxy tab a7 review

The Best Features

Tablets are a popular choice because of their excellent battery life and impressive design. Multiple research agencies have pointed out quarter after quarter the soaring shipments from vendors, especially fuelled by tightened demand after work from home and school from home situations.

The tablet manufacturers are aware of the new demand for their products and will offer the best possible product to meet it. A recent example is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. When looking at tablets, buyers look for long battery life and an appealing viewing experience.

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Our review of the device:

Design and display Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 sports a sleek design with a metallic finish that certainly makes it look premium. Although it is small, it doesn’t feel heavy and will feel comfortable even if held for extended periods.

Samsung sells the Galaxy Tab A7 in three colour options Grey, Silver and Gold and we got the Grey one as our review unit, which could be the safest colour choice for anyone considering. The non-glossy back is soothing and does not scream for attention, which we really liked.

Samsung presents this tablet with a TFT panel display of 2000×1200-pixel resolution. It measures 10.4 inches and is well worth the money. The viewing experience will be enjoyable, regardless of whether it involves online classes, video calls, and binging. The colors on the screen are vivid and true to life.

Performance and camera The display experience is complemented with the 4 speakers 2 are placed on each side in landscape mode and are quite loud. It is not necessary to connect external speakers to your day-to-day needs.

galaxy tab a7 review

Galaxy Tab A7 Verdict

The Galaxy Tab A7 is a great tablet at an affordable $230. I am impressed. Although it isn’t going change the definition of a tablet, it provides solid performance for people who only need a larger screen or – as in my case – a separate battery so their phones don’t die too soon.

The Tab A7’s performance is not flawless and I am concerned about its long-term durability. It might feel slow in a few years so it is not something that you can buy daily and continue to use for years. We wouldn’t necessarily expect that out of a $230 tablet, though, and I think the performance you get here lines up nicely with that price tag.

Is the Tab A7 for you? It is if you don’t need a tablet for any intensive work and want one to use as a media device, or if battery life is paramount. It is possible to have moderate expectations and still be satisfied with the A7.

galaxy tab a7 review

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Tablet Review: The Best Tablets for Under 300 Euros ($356)

The best investment. It is possible to sell expensive tablets, but very few tablet manufacturers make affordable devices with great equipment and high performance. The stage belongs to the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 LTE, since it is distinguished by exactly those virtues, and at 290 Euros (~$345; ~$290 in the US), it is one of the best tablets in its price class.

Tablet touchscreen reviews Android Business

Convertible / 2-in-1 Intel Evo / Project Athena Internet of Things Linux / UnixLucienne (Zen2) Single-Board Computers Tablet Touchscreen Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Workstation Zen 3 of Vermeer. While the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 LTE Android Tablet is affordable at 290 EUR ($345) it still surprises by its solid hardware. With its octa-core Snapdragon 662 SoC, the performance of the 10.4-inch tablet places it in the midrange, which makes it sufficiently fast for all the multimedia tasks around web surfing, YouTube, and a Netflix video evening. LTE support is not available on many tablets that are affordable.

The emphasis of the Galaxy Tab A7 LTE is entertainment. It has four speakers with Dolby-Atmos support, which prevents the tablet from becoming low quality. The DRM Widevine L1 certification also ensures HD streaming of Netflix, such as the streams from Netflix. The tablet’s TFT resolution is 2000×1200 pixels, and it has a 7040mAh battery. This battery will provide the tablet with long-lasting battery life.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A7 LTE edition is not the only option. They also offer a WiFi model for 230 Euros, or $273.


galaxy tab a7 review

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 2020 Review – An Honorable Little Brother to the S7

From: LaptopMedia wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for its advertisements.

While our articles are available for free reading, equipment found in the Labs can cost a fee. If you want us to remain as objective as possible and be impartial, whitelisting media can help.

Samsung Electronics is not just a smartphone manufacturer. Samsung Electronics is most commonly associated with their smartphones. However, Samsung Electronics is actually a subsidiary to the larger Samsung Group. This term is Korean for a large family-owned conglomerate that offers a range of services, including insurance and electronics.

We’ve already covered the background, so today, we present a review on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. This is the smaller brother of the S7. Although the specifications aren’t quite as good, the price is right for this device. If you’re searching for an affordable tablet with mid-range specs, then this might be the one for you.

Find the current Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 prices at

Purchase from

galaxy tab a7 review

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (2016) Tablet Review

Compact. The particularly handy design bestows Samsung’s new tablet from the 7-inch category with almost smartphone-like traits. However, the tablets’ 8 GB storage capacity and entry-level SoC limits make it less fun. The Galaxy Tab A7’s performance in real-world usage will be revealed by our test.

Tablet Review Android Business

Convertible / 2-in-1 Entertainment Intel Evo / Project Athena Internet of Things Linux / Unix Lucienne / Zen 2 Single-Board Computer / Tablet Touchscreen Virtual Reality / AR / Workstation Zen 3 / Vermeer. Samsung has been limiting his product offerings upward with its premium Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 range. However, the Galaxy Tab A7 (2016) SM-T280 is a new model that breathes life into the lowest end of the product lines. Technically, it is similar to the larger Galaxy Tab E 9.6 sister model that we recently reviewed. You also get a quad-core SoC at an entry level, with just 1.5 GB and 8 GB respectively. Their camera equipment and screen qualities are also very similar. The current review sample is available in white and black for around 135 euros ($153).

In comparison to the Galaxy Tab E 9.6 which costs a fraction of what but is much more affordable.

galaxy tab a7 review

Display And Audio Performance

Samsung Flagship tablet models like the S6 or S5e (review) feature an AMOLED screen. The Tab A7 however has a TFT panel. The Tab A7 has a resolution of 2000×1200-pixels, which gives it a density of 224 pixels per inch. While it isn’t the crispest display out there when it comes to resolution, it isn’t bad either. Although colours don’t appear as vivid as they do on Samsung’s AMOLED displays on other tablets it’s not as dull and uninteresting as other budget tablets. A 32GB variant of Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 with Wi-Fi is available at Rs 17,999. The entry-level 32GB WiFi-only iPad 8th generation will cost you Rs 29,900. Samsung may be targeting a very low price with its A7 but a more affordable tablet means a compromise in the display, and spending slightly over 10K.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 displayed well in our tests. We watched a lot from streaming sites like Netflix and Prime Video. All of it looked very sharp and vibrant.

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trailer showing off the neon coloured Night City to the cars in the Grand Tour and even the vivid colour palette of Young Sheldon, it was a treat to watch. Auto-brightness displayed a slightly duller display than I prefer, though you have the option to adjust it manually. HDR is not supported on the tablet and it’s quite expensive, particularly when the display produces rich colours.

It can even get very bright. The brightness can also be increased, which is similar to previous Samsung devices. It helps in daytime reading of content.

It is safe to say the tablet will work well if you plan on consuming content or taking online classes. The touch response is good as well and the tablet responded to the slightest of touches.

If the speaker is held in landscape, they will be on two sides. Loud enough that you can place them on a table and a bunch of you can enjoy a movie without needing to attach a Bluetooth speaker. This tablet is great for watching online classes. You do not need headphones.

galaxy tab a7 review

Selfie Cameras

5 MP

Video – [email protected] fps

Consumers have a wide range of options when it comes to tablets. They are often very inexpensive. Many of these tablets are affordable, which is great for someone who loves tech. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is the answer.

You may not like the A7 if your tablet usage is heavy or you use a tablet as a work laptop. The A7 retails for a starting price of $229 and goes up to $280, depending on your configuration. It is possible to sell the A7 in many situations. In fact, it sold for $169 new at its first release.

There are three color options for the Galaxy Tab A7: dark grey (which I have), silver and rose gold. The base 32GB model is available, or you can upgrade to 64GB for $50. There’s also a microSD card slot if you need more storage which is a must for a media device like this. It is a lightweight 476g with a 1080p ultra-widescreen screen display. It is extremely lightweight, very easy to pack and put together and yet slim. It feels solid in your hands and you won’t be able to tell that this tablet costs less than $300 This is thanks to a metal housing rather than a plastic one that tablets in this price point usually have.

The A7 has only 3GB RAM, while the Snapdragon 662 processor is what makes it the most powerful tablet. You will notice some lag when you move between multiple apps. It is definitely not the fastest tablet. Samsung’s One UI 2.5 is not my favorite. It is basically Android 10. Samsung tablets and Android Updates have not been a great marriage, and this tablet will prove to be even more so. It was necessary to make sacrifices for such a reasonable price. The device is best used for entertainment and media purposes. Performance issues are minor.

Given my experience with Android tablets on a budget, I honestly had low expectations when reviewing the A7. Surprisedly, and in multiple ways, it proved to be a strong tablet. The A7’s true strength, and the place where it shines, is its ability to provide great entertainment at a low price. Let me explain what I mean by that.

.Galaxy Tab A7 Review

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