General Altimax Rt43 Review

General Altimax Rt43 Review

general altimax rt43 review

General Altimax Rt43 Tire Review & Rating

Tire Reviews And More General Altimax RT43 , released in July 2013, is built to replace the current Altimax RT and it looks like they have done a solid job with this upgraded model. The tire’s new design is intended to provide better all-season traction for cars, including sedans and coupes.

A high-tech twin cushion silica tread compound and symmetric tread pattern combines with what General calls peak anti-slip sipe design technology that increases dry and wet traction as well as enhanced ride comfort.

General’s new technology has improved wet performance. We love the addition of four grooves around each circumferential. Additional grip is provided by sipes that are placed around the tread to increase grip when light snow covers roads.

A continuous center-rib design improves steering response and stability, while unique sound suppression technology from acoustic modulation sound technology lowers road noise for improved ride quality.

The tread is made up of two steel belts and a polyester cord. These are added to the tire’s strength and durability. They also provide additional comfort. Treadlife on this tire is among the longest of any tire in this class, and General backs it with a 75,000 mile warranty.

The Replacement Tire Monitor adds a nice touch. It features a stamp which visually indicates that the tire is ready for replacement based on treadwear. You can also use Visual Alignment indicators to extend your tread life and let you know if your vehicle’s alignment is off. The sizes are from 13 to 18 inches with speed ratings of up to an H.

Dry and wet traction

general altimax rt43 review

General Altimax Rt43: Is It Worth It?

There is so many all-season touring tires out there that you can choose from, and it can make choosing the best one difficult. General Altimax RT43 reviews are another brand-name all-season tire. They have strength, safety and monitoring features. Let me share with you some insights into the performance of this tire in comparison to other tires. Are they as durable as they say?

The technology of this all-season touring tire is centered on monitoring and road safety.

General Tires About General Tires General Tire & Rubber Company, an American brand which became a subsidiary Germany’s Continental AG is a tire- and parts corporation based in Germany. General Tires was owned for quite a while by William F. O’Neil (American entrepreneur). It was then handed to Continental in the year 1987.

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O’Neil, a tire company founded in Akron in Ohio in 1915. He also had several partnerships that included a rocketry venture now called Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings. He started as a franchiser of another tire company, but things didn’t progress in his favor. General Tires was established as a response to its previous partner Firestone Tire and Rubber Company.

General Altimax RT43 Advanced Safety Features What is it that a tire needs to last? Are the tires made from materials that are resistant to wear and distortion? Perhaps, a special compound that meets the resilience needed to operate on any environment? Or gaining features enabling it to protect itself by some type of auto-warning system. Below are the highlighted features that make General Tire’s Altimax RT43 an excellent choice for as a fairly-priced touring tire.

Peak Anti-Slip Design. Let’s face facts. Poor traction threatens safety during adverse weather conditions. Many tires that are all-season do not perform well on slippery snow surfaces. That is why this siping technology was developed. This anti-slip design provides an excellent anti-slip characteristic in the shape of biting edges to improve the tire’s grip on snowy roads. For those who are not familiar with automotive terminology, it can be difficult to determine the cause. A tire that can warn you if your alignment is off-center or not aligned properly is a great perk and well worth the extra money. There are two sipes at the tires’ opposite shoulder blocks. It is a good idea to avoid irregular wear.

Low surface abrasion. You cannot avoid driving on rough surfaces. There is nothing more annoying than having your tire stop working after 10,000-15,000 miles. This happens even if you’re not negligent. LSA technology is designed to ensure that the tread can resist dissipation and lasts for many years.

general altimax rt43 review

All-around Dry Traction Performance

This tire’s driving comfort is amazing, and I am very impressed. These tires handle well, and they are considerably quieter. The price is between the best and budget. It runs smoothly even on a slightly rough asphalt highway. It was easy to drive for two hours downtown in the sun on a sunny day. The tires didn’t give me any hiccups while I was driving.

I opened the car window, and the only sound I got to capture is my engine’s low drone. Other than random gravel being crushed between the tires and me as I drove, there was nothing I could hear from the tires. That sounds amazing. Although it vibrates when it comes into contact with potholes, we know that tires can be affected by road conditions. If there’s one flaw to pick out, it would be cornering stability at a higher speed. I was still impressed with the dry grip.

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It is a high-quality tire, with a tread depth of approximately 3.5 inches and slick pattern that’s comparable to tires costing as much as gold. The tire looks great and should last for many years. The vehicle owner is a lady teacher; she drives it to go to work. It is unlikely that the tires will survive the punishment of rough driving.

Overall Wet Traction Performance On all reviews, the major selling point of the Altimax RT43 is its gratifying wet handling, response, and safety. My friend claims that she was also recommended it. While the tread compound has a major effect on wet traction at lower speeds, hydroplaning resistance at high speed is affected by how smart the tire’s tread design is.

Tires have a noticeable tendency to understeer at times. Nonetheless, it provides incredible ease and at negligible cost. I only have limited knowledge about this tire so it was difficult to tell the difference between the tires I tried. The safety features on the Altimax RT43 are flawless for wet traction.

I had my doubts when I chose to drive the car in heavy rain. Contrary to what was expected, the tires held on to the road like magnets. It gave me the confidence of being in control as I glided through the hairpin curves under the heavy rain, just as long as you don’t push it too hard. This tire isn’t a fan.

general altimax rt43 review


These were the only available mid-range size tire. The tire was made by Michelin, but it was extremely expensive. For three years, I owned a set with four tires. They are meant to last a long time. The tires I had in front lasted me 22,000 miles. They show a lot wear inside, and they are also very worn out outside. They were not rotated. They are still able to tread. They were made in Mexico. My tires were bad when I was having them installed. As I was crossing the railroad bridge, my right rear tire wobbled. After enduring this for about 2,500 miles, I decided to investigate the issue. Just as I was about replacing the shock, I realized that the technician had added wheel weights to the entire wheel. There have been so many weights placed on one rim that I have not seen before. According to the tire shop it was a bent rim. The wheel and the rim were taken to the “wheel doctor.” The wheel was spun by the doctor, and he ran his fingers across the top. He told me it was the tire. I bought a brand new tire and had it balanced. This worked much better. Three days was too long to allow the car to run while it waited for the new one. The shop didn’t mount the tire until one day after receiving it. Other brands of tires have been used before, but I only drove 22,000 miles on a set which included rotation. It was because of this that I never had my front tires rotated.

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General Altimax RT43

PRICE REDUCED BY Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop David Barlow

World Tire Review Automotive Experts Hello everyone! I’m David (Tireguy). My belief is that tire selection can result in frustration and confusion for nearly every driver. World Tire Review Blog is my attempt to share my knowledge and experience to help you understand how choosing the correct tire fits your needs.

Altimax Rt43-Good Tires

Tire stability is excellent throughout the speed range, and the ride is comfortable on all but the worst of road surfaces. Noise is minimal on this tire due in part to the twin cushion tread compound. … Overall, the Altimax RT43 is among the best all-season tires on the market today.Apr 27, 2021

Who is responsible for General Altimax Rt43

General Tire’s allseason tour tire AltiMAX(tm). RT43 features an enhanced construction for a more quiet and comfortable ride. This gives you year-round traction as well as extended treadlife.

How long can General Altimax tires last?

General Altimax RT43T has 80,000 miles tread life, according to CR testing.

Are General Tires Good Quality?

Tires are rated, and General Tires is at the top. This company has been in business for more than one hundred years. You can get high-quality tires at affordable prices from this company, which allows you to keep your budget in check.

.General Altimax Rt43 Review

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