Good American Jeans Review

Good American Jeans Review

good american jeans review

My Honest Good American Jeans Review

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You clicked this link because you probably feel like me. I have heard so many good things about Good American Jeans, and wonder if it is worth the hype. Is it just because Khloe Kardashian makes them popular? Did she actually make them or just slap her name on them? All the influential people are saying that their influencers are great just for getting paid. This is not sponsored, so I finally decided to find out. I paid for the jeans myself. Now let’s get into my Good American Jeans review!

I will give you some background information about Good American.

It’s not hard to see why the brand became so beloved. Good American Jeans has body inclusive sizing and is the only denim brand that focuses on body positivity. It means you won’t have to worry about your body size or whether you are short, tall, thin, curvy, or in between. They have a wide size range, ranging from 00-24! People love that with this inclusive range of denim, women of all shapes can find a great pair of jeans.

Fun Fact: Many people do not know that Khloe Kardashian was not the sole founder. Emma Grede and she cofounded the brand together. Emma Grede is a marketer who eventually got in business with Kris Jenner, which led to Khloe Kardashian becoming a part of it.

good american jeans review

Good American Jeans Review

Authored by Emma Johnston-Wheeler on September 20, 2021. We are independent supporters of our readers, and may make a commission if you purchase through our links.

Good American Jeans: Good American was started by Emma Grede (Khloe Kardashian) and is a clothing line that accommodates all sizes. L.A.-based label is well-known for selling a variety of activewear as well as denim sizes, ranging in size from 00 to 24. They also offer workwear, leather, and maternity clothing.

Our Good American Jeans reviews have featured features about the brand in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Forbes. Elle also has a Good American Jeans review. The media profile of Kardashian is a major factor in the brand’s impressive 1.9M Instagram followers.

Good American Jeans will review the company’s mission and history, show you some of their most popular items and help you evaluate customer service, promotions, and other factors to decide if Good American Jeans are the inclusive clothing brand for you.

Good American Jeans Overview. Good American Jeans, founded in 2016 and run by Emma Grede from London. She is an industry veteran who started her career as a fashion stylist. Khloe Khloe was a professional model. Co-founders of Good American Jeans, Emma Grede and Khloe Kardashian were motivated to start the company after their frustrating shopping experience.

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Initially a denim-only line, Good American was founded on the principle of providing denim options that catered to a “curvier, sexier and stronger shape.” The brand’s popularity rapidly increased, and in 2018 Grede and Kardashian expanded their product line to include activewear and other clothing.

Good American is founded on the idea of empowered womanhood and a willingness to challenge industry norms related to inclusion and diversity. Each collection is photographed using three sizes.

good american jeans review


The highest price point

American Jeans are available in sizes up to 24.

A survey that was published recently revealed that 32% of employees at the company are people of color. Good American Jeans

The brand’s best-selling jeans products will be the focus of this review. However, you can still shop Good American activewear and dresses as well Good American pants and shorts. The brand also launched a non-medical, disposable Good American denim facial mask during the COVID-19 epidemic.

The denim styles detailed in this review include flared, distressed, and skinny straight, as well as the iconic denim jumpsuit. You will note that popular Good American Good Cuts Jeans as well as Good American side zipper jeans have been discontinued and are not included in the Good American jeans review.

The bestselling Good American Jeans items are listed below. It is important to note that Good American Jeans size information can be found in its denim fit manual. This guide will help you find the perfect size to suit your specific body.


good american jeans review

Do Good American Jeans Have a Waist Gap?

NOTE: My Blog readers have more choices than they can buy. This allows me to try different styles. The items I purchased are noted in my blog. Please be aware that items with a “Buy” rating may not be ones I personally own. A “Buy” rating means that the garment meets my requirements for fit. The styles in the review I didn’t keep were not mine. You will also find “affiliate Links” which are links that allow you to make purchases. A link that has a unique tracking code is included in this blog post. My blog may offer affiliate links that allow you to purchase products. I might earn commission.

PULL UP TO CHANGE MOVEMENT. Good American currently boasts 15% Black representation as well as a co-founder and CEO who are both black ( Emma Grede). Good American’s Black representation is higher than the benchmark of 10% set by Sharon Chuter who was the original founder of the movement. This benchmark was chosen because it represents the percentage of Black college graduates in the US.

Good American jeans are something I first tried a couple years back. Given that Good American is all about inclusion, the jeans come in sizes 00-24*. This was a disappointment. However, it promised me that I would find no gap between my waist and the rest of their range. In the Bloomingdale’s dressing room, I remember pulling on a pair of Good American jeans filled with high hopes. Then, suddenly my bubble burst and I discovered that my waist still gapped. I had tried their jeans for the first time a few months ago and was asked to share my thoughts on them by a blogger. Since I was able to have better results with my Bombshell shorts, I decided that I would give them another shot and review their products.

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*The brand still has work to do on inclusivity. One example is that they need to expand their range of sizes beyond 24. They also should feature more plus-sized models in their product photography. They use a Size 16 model for their product photography. This is right at the border of Plus and Missy sizes. But, they have a great range of sizes available since the launch. This is a hard thing for brands to do. Referring to my years of experience in buying and merchandising, I know that denim is one the most complex retail businesses. Therefore it takes a substantial dollar investment in order for it to be launched with enough breadth and depth. Good American does claim that it is about “body acceptance”, and I am not a fan of Khloe Khloe. Especially given her actions after her recent unauthorized photo release you can read my thoughts here Bust = 34.5” Waist = 28” Stomach = 31” Hip = 40” Thigh = 22” Calf = 14” Inseam = 27” Bicep = 9.5”

good american jeans review

Erin Schrader

Another month, another LIY Team Try-On session. August is quickly approaching and that can only mean one thing: new denim season. Fall is the season that I feel most at ease in a brand new pair of jeans. We decided to shop at one of the best denim shops [or Goods] when it came to jeans. Good American.

You’ve likely heard of the brand. Their mission is to promote body positivity and sizing inclusion, as well as high-quality pieces, giving back, and quality products. All of these things are possible. Find out more information about the good stuff you can do here.

Good American jeans run on the expensive side if it is your first shopping experience. A great pair of jeans is an investment piece. I am a firm believer in the value of a good pair of jeans and that you should wear them year after year, rather than having to replace them all of the time. We have heard from Y-O-U over the years about how good Good American denim truly is. Team LIY decided that we would give you a complete review and put on our pants. Although it’s not an easy job, someone has to do it. It’s now time to try-on for the LIY Team.

American good ps. If you love us too much, there are more LIYTeam Try-Ons available.

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A bodysuit (true-to-size, worn in small) // Good American Good Legs Jeans. Size up, if necessary // Vince Camuto Leera Wedges. This was the first time I tried Good American Jeans. Thank you so much for trying them. They felt so soft and cozy the instant I pulled them from their package. After putting them on, I felt my legs appear longer. These have the perfect amount of distressing. It’s not excessive but it gives them just the right amount. At 5’4, they were the perfect length. However, if your height is taller than me and you want a cropped look, they might be too long. This pair is highly recommended and I will definitely be buying more!

Wearing in small, true to size bodysuit // Good American Good Legs Jeans Jeans Crop (on sale! If you are between sizes, size up // Vince Camuto Leera Wedges. I was so excited to test two Good American Jeans. When I saw the sale price on these white jeans, I knew I had to have them. I added these to my cart quickly. They’re perfect for my height of 5’4, and I love how they are cut. They are incredibly comfortable and nice and high waisted just like my other pair. They are not completely sheer, but I was able to see a small amount of pink through my bodysuit. It does give you a bit of a boost in your booty which I love. All I know is that this whole Good Legs line is a line I’ll keep shopping!

Get all the Good Legs Styles // [exact styles available at:

Are Good American Jeans Sized Down?

This Good American Jeans review found that customers feel most styles are true to size. However, the stretch styles, which were designed to adjust to weight changes, fit looser. Some customers had to downsize for these styles. Sep 20, 2021

How are American Jeans Different?

But also, Good American Jeans is one of the few denim brands that focus on body positivity and have body inclusive sizing, meaning that no matter your size and whether you’re short, tall, slim, or curvy, you can find a pair of jeans for you. They have a wide size range, ranging from 00-24!Jul 31, 2020

Khloe is a Good American

With the Kardashians she has started not just one, but three new ventures. In 2016 she was the co-founder and CEO at Good American along with Khloe Kardashian. Kim Kardashian is also the founder and partner at Skims. Safely is the plant-powered cleaning products business she created with Kris.

Are Good American Jeans Flexible?

There are so many things I think about the jeans. But, to fully understand them, you need to know my body. … According to Good American: The average pair stretch jeans have 50% stretchability while Always Fits jeans have 100%. September 2, 2021

.Good American Jeans Review

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