Hankook Tires Review

Hankook Tires Review

Hankook Tire & Technology



Industry Auto and Truck parts
Founded 1941

; 80 years ago




(as The Chosun Tire Company)
Nihon Tire Company

Cho Hong Jai




South Korea
Key people
Cho Hyun Bum


6,795 billion (2018)


530 billion (2018)
Number of employees
21,000 Worldwide





hankook tires review

Hankook Tires Review. Brand Guide

Hankook is a leading brand in budget tires. However, are these tires right for your needs? Hankook’s tires reviews will assist you in making a decision.

Hankook has been a top-rated budget tire brand. While its tires might be a bit more affordable, it doesn’t lose on durability, performance or quality. Overall, it has done an impressive job of balancing affordability, performance, durability and quality.

This Hankook Tires review and guide will take you through the company’s history, most popular tires, warranties and guarantees as well their strengths and limitations. You will be able to determine if Hankook is the right brand of budget tires for you by the time this Hankook tires reviews and brand guide ends.

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Hankook Dynapro AT2

This tire is available at these retailers:

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hankook tires review

Hankook Tire Reviews

Hankook South-Korean Brand is highly-respected. They also happen to be the 7th biggest tire manufacturer in the World.

Hankook’s global presence in more than 180 countries and lucrative brand deals with the most prestigious sports teams combined with participation in motorsport have made Hankook synonymous with high-quality tires, which are built with a racing pedigree.

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Hankook tires received praise from average drivers as well as auto enthusiasts looking for high-performance tires capable of performing beyond what is possible with average tires. Hankook Tire Reviews are available on this website. They provide in-depth information for each tire.

Hankook Tires: Why Should You Buy?

Uncompromising Quality

Hankook has 8 manufacturing plants that produce tires. All of them use robotics. This automation ensures consistency in quality for each tire by avoiding the need to employ workers.

hankook tires review

Hankook Kinergy Gt H436

Hankook developed this all season touring tire to suit the needs of drivers who drive sport cars and luxurious sedans. This tire was designed specifically for Hyundai Sonata or Hyundai Tucson.

Hankook Ventus

It is easy to handle and provides a pleasant ride. The tire is designed for coupes, sedans, minivans and smaller pickups and features good all-round performance and value for money. Check out our full Optimo Hankook Review HankookdynaProHP RA23. This popular tire has been used on numerous vehicles, including the Dodge Journey. The tire has been designed to be fitted on SUVs, crossovers, or pickups.

You get a tire at a fraction of the price, with an excellent mileage guarantee. This tire is not only long-lasting, but it also offers great all-season handling. It’s quiet and pleasant to ride on all types of minivans, sedans, and coupes. Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Review – we recommend them highly.

This is an extreme performance summer tire for high end sports car drivers.

Racing Carbon Black Silica compound is used in the tread of this tire to improve grip and traction.

It also has an excellent steering response and cornering performance. Another solid Ventus choice is the V2 Concept2 that we reviewed in our Ventus V2 Concept2 Hankook Review Did you find our reviews helpful and planning to get Hankook tires? It is worth learning how to rotate tires and fix them.

hankook tires review

Hankook Vs.Michelin Tyres

It can be difficult to decide which tyre manufacturer you should buy. We compared hundreds of customer reviews. Purchase them online. Get fitted in-store at Tyroola


In 1889, the company began to conquer France with a total tyre revolution. The brand is world-famous for making tires that fit all types of vehicles, including luxury cars, sport cars and motorcycles as well scooters, bikes, and scooters. But they are not only a supplier of tyres to standard drivers such as us, but also have an ongoing connection with the motorsports industry. They supply tyres in Formula 1, MotoGP, Rally racing and Le Mans. Michelin claims tyre longevity, safety, performance, and long-term durability through its advanced EverGrip technology. These invisible grooves are hidden within the rubber. When it’s worn down the rubber expands. They are also known for low-noise, quiet and comfortable tyres, with a majority of their models available on Tyroola. Michelin is also an original equipment supplier to car manufacturers Porsche and Ferrari as well, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and others. Its exceptional quality means that these top brands are able to trust Michelin.


South Korean brand of tyres, a 76 year old South Korean company that’s available in more than 180 countries including Australia. Their innovative designs and exceptional performance are praised. Hankook’s wide variety of models for practically all kinds of vehicles including sedans, SUVs, 4x4s and even luxury sports cars and its affordable prices between $100 $500 make it a popular choice for those on a budget. Hankook, a popular supplier of original-equipment tires, is a top choice for Korean manufacturers as well. There is also a growing number of Aussie customers who know trust and prefer Hankook. The wide selection of Tyroola tyres is well-received and customers are happy with their performance in all weather conditions.

Michelin and Hankook make some of the best-reviewed tires in the world. Any of their daily use models could be the perfect choice for your family or company car. Michelin has a track record that is unmatched for its superior handling, higher mileage, and durability. Hankook is however quickly making a mark by providing exceptional grip, driver control and a pleasant ride for every tire they produce. Tyroola includes a huge selection of the tyres from both brands.

Are Hankook Tires Good Quality?

Hankook has a range of tires of exceptional quality that are durable, economical, and perform well. They also have outstanding treadlife warranties that partly explain the high level of customer satisfaction. Jun 8, 2021

Are Hankook Tires As Good As Michelin?

The track record of Michelin for excellent handling, higher mileage and longer tyre life is unbeatable. Hankook is however quickly becoming a household name. They focus on offering excellent grip, driver control and a smooth ride for every tire they produce.

Who Makes Hankook Tire?

Hankook Tire was established by Jae Hun Chung’s grandfather in 1941 as the Chosun Tire Company and was renamed to Hankook Tire Manufacturing in 1968. The word “Hankook” literally means Korea, thus Korea Tire Company. It supplies tires to various carmakers as an original equipment.

Do Hankook Tires Last Long?

Hankook is a good budget brand tire that offers quality tires of a mid-range price. Hankook makes models that are guaranteed to last 50k-60k miles. Others can only go 20-30k depending on what they do.

.Hankook Tires Review

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