Helix Mattress Review

Helix Mattress Review

helix mattress review

Helix Midnight

We tested the Standard Midnight 12-inch version, which is made for side-sleepers. It costs about the same as signature brand mattresses like the Casper Leesa (just under $1,000), but it has a plusher feel and the benefit of coils, which add a subtle, springy feel. Though the Midnight mattress feels heavier, the hybrid Casper Leesas feel much more luxurious than the Midnight. However, they can be hundreds of times as expensive as a queen. Many testers did not find the Midnight to be soft enough to recommend it. The Midnight failed to receive sufficient votes in our Guide to Best Hybrid and Foam Mattresses. My Midnight slept hot because it contained faux memory foam. The cushioning was pleasant and reminiscent of marshmallow fluff to me, however my husband disagreed. My husband thought it felt too soft and wanted more support. He is almost 200lbs.

The Midnight mattress is made up of 789 coils sandwiched among foam layers, just like all Helix Standard mattresses. We think the top layer (which is most exposed to wear and tear in any mattress) should be pretty sturdy for most people, given its density of 2 1/2 pounds per cubic foot (which is above the 2-pounds-per-cubic-foot minimum that polyfoam density experts suggest for those weighing more than 200 pounds). However, online reviews and other comments ( see below) could be cause for concern.

helix mattress review

Helix Mattress Review

Helix Sleep, which was launched back in 2014 has become one of most well-known bedding brands. This brand’s expansive range of mattresses sets it apart from its competitors. They include supersoft, firm, and ultra-firm options. It is possible for people with different preferences and sleeping styles to find the perfect mattress.

Here’s a guide to the Helix standard line. Six mattresses are included in this collection: the plush Sunset and soft Moonlight; the medium-firm Midnight; the responsive Dusk; the supportive Twilight; and the firm Dawn. Let me briefly discuss the different models and give links to detailed reviews. Helix also has a Luxe option for each model. For more information, check out our Helix Luxe Roundup.

While all of the standard Helix mattresses are different, they do happen to share a lot of similarities, so let’s kick things off by exploring a few of those.

helix mattress review

Helix Mattress Review – The Perfect Fit

Our reviewers are provided with free products and we participate in affiliate program where we receive compensation for any items that our customers purchase through the links on this site. Our disclosure page. You’ve probably spent some time online researching mattresses and know how difficult it can be to shop for one. For starters, there are thousands of brands competing for your attention (give or take). You can’t choose which mattress to buy because there are so many options.

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In our many years of reviewing mattresses, we’ve learned there is no such thing as one singular best mattress for everyone. But there are many mattresses that will be best suited to you, just as there are some mattresses that won’t make the cut when it comes to your personal sleep needs and preferences.

To begin narrowing down your choices, it’s helpful to start by selecting an online mattress brand with a reputation for quality and then reviewing their models to see if any of them might be a good match. Start with Helix. The Helix brand is a trusted online mattress retailer that offers many models and can be customized to suit different sleep needs. These models are highly likely to be the ideal fit for you.

What Helix mattress would be the right choice? Find out in our Helix mattress reviews.

helix mattress review


– Too soft for stomach sleepers

– Some irregular stitching on ours

– Heavy in the box at arrival

The Helix Midnight is an award-winning mattress from online manufacturer Helix Sleep. There are two major ranges of Helix Sleep: The affordable Helix, and the luxurious Helix Luxe which has more features but is slightly more expensive. An organic Helix and Helix models are also available. The brand also offers a Sleep Quiz that will help you find the perfect Helix mattress.

Helix Midnight is an excellent option for side sleepers. This hybrid offers medium firmness and great pressure point relief. This review will show you why the Helix Midnight is still the best-selling boxed mattress.

Helix Midnight is a hybrid of Memory Plus, Helix dynamic, and high quality polyfoam. The mattress comes with an 8 inch individual pocket coil layer. The pricier Helix Midnight Luxe adds in a gel visco layer for pressure relief, plus a premium quilted pillow top. Instead of the normal Helix Midnight’s 10 year warranty, the warranty covers 15 years.

We slept on a king size Helix Midnight mattress for three weeks and recorded our findings to help you decide whether it’s right for you. After reading this review, you will be able to test it at your home risk-free with the Helix 100-night free trial. The brand will return your bed if it isn’t what you expected.

helix mattress review

Helix Mattresses: 2021 Review

Gregory Minnis DPT – Physical Therapy. Medically reviewed by Crystal Raypole. The pros and cons of the mattresses. How to get your mattress. Reviews and customer service. You may be eligible for a small commission when you make purchases through this link.

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Below is the process.

Helix is a bed in a box company that helps sleepers choose the perfect mattress to get better rest. Helix was started by the founders who were frustrated with poor quality mattresses that didn’t provide enough sleep.

Helix may be related to the concept sleep DNA. This is what the company says on its website. Everyone has a different sleep DNA, or specific needs for comfort and support. It is obvious that there will be many who don’t get what they want when choosing between only one or two mattresses.

Helix can’t provide a single mattress for all people, so they offer numerous options. Continue reading to find out more about Helix, and which mattress might suit your needs.

Looking for a quick overview? We have listed the highlights and disadvantages of Helix Mattresses:

helix mattress review

There are pros

A wide range of choices. Helix boasts 14 mattress options, with the Luxe variants of all mattresses and Birch, which are eco-friendly.

You get both quality and value. Helix mattress reviews, including those of Slumber yard, Healthline’s sister site on mattresses, are unanimous in their belief that Helix produces comfortable, high-quality mattresses at a fair price.

You get a free comfort layer. Helix will offer a comfort layer for free if the mattress isn’t comfortable within 30 days.

OEKO-TEX certified. This means that all textiles included in the mattress have undergone tests to ensure they are free from harmful chemicals. They also reveal the materials used in their mattresses.

helix mattress review

Helix Specialty Mattress

Price: $$

Type of Hybrid

Firmness: Medium-firm

Height: 13 inches

Ideal for: Back, stomach and combination sleepers

There are a lot of complaints that basic Helix mattresses don’t provide sufficient support. The company created the Helix Plus as part of their efforts to make a mattress that suits every person. This is the mattress for those who want extra durability and support.

The medium firm mattress could be the best option for those taller than you, with larger frames or with heavier bodies and people of greater weight.

helix mattress review

Helix Reputation and Transparency

Helix enjoys a good reputation in business, as per the following criteria:

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), they have received a B rating. This means that they are able to respond to customer concerns. BBB has the highest number of complaints and reviews about customer service and delivery delays.

The couple has not been in any business practice lawsuits.

No recalls have occurred on any of their products.

Be aware that any information you see above could change, so make sure to research thoroughly before making a final decision.

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Helix offers detailed information regarding the mattress material on its website in the FAQ section.

Helix mattresses are also made in America, and all meet Federal flammability standards.

helix mattress review

Helix Mattresses Review: There’s a Bed For Everyone

Many hybrid mattresses come in different firmness levels. You are sure to find the one that is right for you.

Helix sets itself apart from any other mattress in a box because it features a large product selection and an individual sleep quiz which matches you with the ideal Helix mattress. The Helix bed has something for everybody. The brand is really versatile and inclusive in that sense. There’s a good chance that you will find the right product for you, no matter your age or preferences.

This Helix mattress overview will present a summary of each Helix model and the people who it is most suitable for.

helix mattress review

Helix Mattress Review

Deborah Weatherspoon Ph.D. R.N. CRNA Medically reviewed. Article written by Adam Rowden Jan 28, 2021. Helix mattresses Overview Summary: We list products that we consider useful to our readers. We may make a commission if you purchase through the links provided on this page.

Helix manufactures mattresses, but also sells bedding. Based in the United States, they offer bedding and mattresses.

A good night’s sleep is a key Trusted source for our health. But, approximately 7-19% of American adults aren’t getting enough, according to National Institutes of Health.

International Chiropractors Association says that the choice of mattress can affect how a person sleeps.

Helix currently sells six different mattress styles, which can all be customized in many sizes. These options are discussed below, along with the company who makes them.

Formed in 2015, Helix sell mattresses and bedding online. The range of products includes mattresses, bed bases, pillows, and bedding.

They ask customers who are new to the business to fill out a questionnaire on their site. This quiz is quick and only asks for information about the person.

Does Helix Mattress Make a Great Company?

Helix mattress is the perfect choice for couples, as they offer so many choices and provide hybrid beds that work well in each of these categories. Oct 1, 2021

How does The Helix Mattress Support?

It’s not perfect but my helix’s much better than any other mattress I’ve ever used. My mattress is a sound investment, but I have noticed some sagging over the last few months.

Are Helix Mattresses Durable?

Helix Company Ratings and Analysis Helix offers standard model models a 10-year, non-prorated warranty and luxe models a 15-year. While 10 years is the norm, 15 years is above average. See mattress warranties: What you need to know.

.Helix Mattress Review

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