Helix Midnight Luxe Review

Helix Midnight Luxe Review

helix midnight luxe review

Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress

Katie Begley / Katie Spruce buy on Helix. Our writer purchased the Helix Midnight LUXE Bed to put it to the testing. Keep reading for our full product review.

It can take a lot research and testing to find the perfect mattress. There is often a lot to do when buying a new mattress. The purchase had been delayed because I was unsure what mattress would be best and how it could be delivered. My concerns about mattress purchasing were solved when I found out that Helix Midnight Luxe could be delivered directly to my house and offered a 100-day return policy. Moving the box by pushing it onto the carpet was the most efficient way. Two people were needed to pull the mattress from the box. Because of its bulky 120-pound weight and heavy configuration, lifting the mattress onto the boxspring required two people. Helix recommended that the mattress be unrolled before being placed on a bed. We waited until it was fully unrolled to ensure it was properly on the boxspring. Because it would be more challenging to move it if it were unrolled, it was a good thing that we waited.

I used scissors as a tool to remove any remaining plastic. You need to pay attention to this step in order to not cut into the mattress. Although the plastic is quite thick, you should not be able to cut through it too quickly as it could result in damage to the mattress’s top layer. Midnight LUXE comes rolled. But it will quickly begin to expand as you cut the plastic away so that by the end of taking off the plastic, it will be much harder to manage by just one person.

As it expanded, it was not easy to lift the rest of the plastic off the mattress. You would find it difficult to get the mattress off of the floor. A box spring is required for the mattress. Helix has multiple bases, but you can also use any other brand. It fit perfectly in my existing queen bed frame and boxspring.

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Katie Begley / The Spruce The LUXE mattress measures 14 inches in thickness. It took an hour to expand fully. It remained curled at the edges for a few minutes before it unwound completely. Tencel, a fabric which increases airflow and has a 2 inch pillow top is included on the mattress. Even during warm nights, I was noticeably cooler sleeping on the Helix Midnight LUXE mattress than our standard pillow top mattress.

It consists of five layers, memory foam (gel), polyfoam (polyfoam) and a dense base foam. Helix says that the coils layers have over 1,000 coils. There is also a zoned coil around the hips which provides additional support for side-sleepers. After using the Helix MidnightLUXE for several weeks, my mornings were less painful and more efficient.

I often read, or use my computer to write in my bed. My headboard is my support. Too soft mattresses make this difficult. I prefer a softer mattress for sleep, however. Helix MidnightLUXE strikes a great balance between both. It is the best choice for those looking for true medium support. Moonlight LUXE is a softer mattress, while Twilight LUXE (and Dawn LUXE) are firmer. You can select between two medium mattresses from Helix: the Midnight LUXE for side sleepers and the Dusk LUXE for stomach and back sleepers.

helix midnight luxe review

Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress Vs. Compare the Competition

Helix Midnight – Helix provides two types of mattresses: a standard model and a LUXE one. The LUXE version includes an extra two-inch pillow top layers and the Tencel covering. It also comes with a longer warranty. You can also try the Helix Midnight for less. The Helix Midnight has the same firmness as the original and can be used by all sleep positions. However, it doesn’t come with the pillowtop, is lower in profile and lacks the Tencel layer. This bed is well-reviewed and is an excellent choice for guest rooms or rarely used beds.

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Zinus Green Tea Mattress: At $341.45, the Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress is one of the most affordable mattress options. It also comes in a convenient box to your door, is easy to set up, and has a memory foam top. Helix Midnight LUXE’s premium price justifies its high quality. It has a zoned coil, an extra two inches of a cushion top, and tencel cover. Zinus Memory Foam 12-Inch Green Tea Mattress will be a perfect choice for those who need a more basic mattress. The Helix Midnight Luxury LUXE is a great investment for luxurious sleep.

You can buy it.

It is simple to deliver this mattress to your house and you will enjoy a restful night. Give the Helix MidnightLUXE mattress, a 100-night trial and great nights of sleep a shot.

helix midnight luxe review

Sinkage & Motion Transfer

Helix Midnight Luxe is a superior hybrid mattress in terms of minimizing sinkage.

Sinkage, motion transfer, and their weight are both dependent on one another. For me, my average weight is around 230 lbs. This has a large impact on the amount of sinkage that I feel while lying on a mat.

I tend to press the comfort layers on most hybrid mattresses very hard, and then rest my head on their coil support layers.

The mattress was different. True, it was quite hard to get into the bed. But the soft transition layers and firmer support prevented me from feeling more comfortable and unable to sink deeper.

These layers easily lifted my heavyweight and spread it across the bed. Meanwhile, the zoned technology in the pocketed layer of coils provided me with just enough support in those parts of my body that I was most needing it.

Kaye felt that the mattress supported her light weight well and didn’t make her roll over into me, which can often be the case when mattresses of lower quality are compared to Kaye due to their weight difference.

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Additionally, she did not experience “sinking down a hole” as this is a common sensation. Instead, it was incredibly peaceful and pleasant night’s for them both.

helix midnight luxe review

Helix Luxe Overview

Helix, a U.S.-based brand of mattresses is best known for its wide variety of hybrids. Each model is designed for sleepers with specific body types, sleep positions, and firmness preferences. The company invites customers to complete an online sleep quiz to determine which mattress is most suitable for them.

We will be taking a close look at Helix LUXE hybrids in this review. Six different mattress models make up this assortment:

Midnight Twilight LUXE

They are made with pillows-top covers and then comfort layers of memory foam and/or polyfoam. They have support cores with zoned pocketed coils. Thicker coils support the midsection and hips of the sleeping person, and the thinner coils support their rest. Each of these models measures 14 inches thick, and has a different rating on the 1-10 firmness scale . The Sunset LUXE measures 4 inches thick; Midnight LUXE measures 5.5 inches; while Twilight LUXE measures 7.

Moonlight Dusk and Dawn LUXE LUXE have memory foam as their comfort layer. Instead, they use Helix Dynamic Foam which is a proprietary polyfoam material. These three models, in other words, are almost identical to the Sunset LUXE and Midnight LUXE. Firmness is the Moonlight LUXE’s medium-soft (4) and medium-firm (5.5), respectively, while the Dawn LUXE has a firm (7).

Read on to learn more about each Helix LUXE mattress. We have compiled a comprehensive review that includes pricing details and ratings, as well as performance and construction information. This is based on our product testing and verified owners’ experiences. We’ll also see how LUXE models compare to similarly constructed hybrids from other brands, and provide an overview of Helix’s shipping, return, and warranty policies.

.Helix Midnight Luxe Review

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