Jbl Clip 4 Review

Jbl Clip 4 Review

jbl clip 4 review

More durable, more accessible

Credit: Review/Ryan Waniata JBL Clip 4, (left), next to JBL Clip 3 (3 right).

We’ll talk about the lesser aspects of the conspicuous new look further below, but one thing’s for sure: the Clip has never been easier to use. The Clip 4’s Clip 4’s front control keys stand out more than its predecessors. They are clearly labeled and make it easier to control volume and change song skip/play with the middle key.

But my favorite new design aspect centers around the power and Bluetooth keys around back. Although they were clearly labeled on the Clip 3, the keys are hard to see when the Clip 3 hangs near a wall. As a result, I was often left confused and unable to tell which one it was by touch. The unmistakable raised symbols of the new buttons are as easily navigable by touch as by sight, completely solving this annoyance. It’s the small things.

Credit: Reviewed by Ryan Waniata Rubberized lines on the Clip 4’s back keep it quiet and from buzzing against tables or countertops.

It may not look very appealing, but the rubberized stripes at the back act as an acoustic dampener. The speaker will vibrate less when it is playing on countertops and tables if the surface has been raised. Finally, the Clip 4 is IP67 rated, meaning it can withstand water for as long as 30 minutes under 3 feet of water. It’s also dust-resistant, so it should last longer and keep its internals intact.

jbl clip 4 review

It Sounds Incredibly Good For Its Size

Credit: The Clip 3 was reviewed by Ryan Waniata. I didn’t expect too much of a Clip 3 and, frankly, although I loved it as my personal bathroom buddy, I felt that the Clip 3 had more ping (and sometimes less bass) than what I wanted. Hey, it’s just a shower speaker, right?

After powering on the Clip 4 and hearing the rumbling sound signature, I was impressed immediately by its full, rich bass response. We’re speaking of a 40mm internal speaker, which is the same size that you will find in the earcups of your favourite travel headphones. JBL managed to get something special out of the little device. I’ve heard a lot of small speakers, and especially when you’re talking about budget models, the Clip 4 blows the majority (including its Clip 3 sibling) out of the proverbial water. It felt almost like switching between AM and FM, going back-and-forth between them. Goodbye tinny bass, hello full-fledged sound.

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The little shower hanger suddenly became much more. It has been with me everywhere. It doesn’t sound nearly as open, detailed, or powerful as the Megaboom, and it also doesn’t offer the same kind of 360-degree sound field. However, it is much easier to use while hanging out of my umbrella. The sound quality is clear enough for both podcasts and music.

It’s still not perfect. However, small speakers do have some limitations. For example, when the Clip 4 has to play complex music like Radiohead’s Bodysnatchers it can get a bit crowded. The Clip 4 does an excellent job at avoiding high volume distortion, but the speaker isn’t loud enough to put on your next party. This speaker is simply too small to not be great.

jbl clip 4 review

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The JBL Go 3 (left), and the JBL Clip 4 (4 (right).

JBL announced the new Clip 4 Bluetooth speaker and Go 3 mini Bluetooth speaker. The new Clip 4 and Go 3 miniature Bluetooth speakers have received a redesign from their predecessors. They now feature a sleeker design as well as a variety of colors. For $39.95, the Go 3 will be available first. In December, the Clip 4 is available for purchase at $69.95

The speakers can be controlled via Bluetooth 5.1, and they are IP67 waterproof and dustproof. The speakers also come with a USB C connector, instead of micro USB, which may be inconvenient. JBL claims that the Go 3 has a five hour battery life, while Clip 4 provides ten hours. These figures don’t differ significantly from those of previous iterations.

Something that the Clip 4 and Go 3 have in common is their ability to be clipped or fastened to objects, making them more versatile than most Bluetooth speakers. This is nothing new for the Clip-branded speaker, and its latest version can still snap onto your belt, a bag, or anywhere else its carabiner can fasten. New to the Go 3 model is its smaller loop. It makes it easier for you to fasten or hold onto a bag. JBL is offering a range of colors for both models, like red, gray, blue, and black, and divisive colorways like camouflage.

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JBL Xtreme 3 comes in black, brown, and a green-and-brown camouflage design.

If you want something much, much bigger with up to 15 hours of battery life, the new JBL Xtreme 3 has also gotten the upgrade to USB-C charging and IP67 waterproofing. JBL also claims it offers better driver performance. The built-in battery can be used to charge an additional device such as your phone. When the Xtreme 3, which will launch in November at $349.95, goes on sale.

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jbl clip 4 review

Design and Features

JBL’s unique style has made it possible to break from the pack in this me-too world of audio portables. Many speakers attempt to imitate JBL using similar styles, colors and fabrics, with some success, but not all. My favorite Bluetooth speaker, the Tribit StormBox Micro is just as good and efficient as a JBL.

JBL is known for putting a lot of numbers on its speakers when they are updated. The Clip 4 is no exception. The Clip 4 follows the Clip 3, which is still available, which was followed by the Clip 2. Reviewing the JBL Clip original speaker, 2014 I found that it was not waterproof. Clip 4 comes with an IP67 waterproof rating (30 minutes when completely submerged at 3 feet). Bluetooth speakers are getting better over the years.

There are many color options for the Clip 4. Gray is my preferred color because of the way that parts are left overs from other speakers, which gives it an interesting and unique look. Both the back and front of the speaker have a tough cloth covering that is sandwiched on top of a sturdy aluminum frame. The Clip 4’s large silicone buttons, protruding out of the fabric, make it simple to choose On/off or Play/pause as well as volume and Bluetooth pairing by feeling only. The front grill features a matching, huge silicone JBL logo. The speaker is held in place by a silicone grid at the back when it’s placed on hard surfaces.

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You can choose the shape of your silicone button. For instance, volume up is a “+” and volume down is a ” ” symbol. Play can be described as a triangle-shaped arrowhead that points to the right. Even the Bluetooth symbol’s shape is used for the pairing button. These buttons make perfect sense. This design is also used by many other JBL Bluetooth speakers.

The Clip 4 can be charged via USB-C, which is faster and more efficient. JBL provides a USB to USB C charging cable. You can expect to get 10 hours of use from the battery. Battery life can be affected by volume. If the battery is in need of charging, a red light will be visible at the top. Blinking means charging solid means fully charged. Unfortunately there’s no way to tell how much time is left on your battery.

The Clip 4 has more than enough volume to allow for personal listening once it is paired. Clip 4 is a great choice for music, podcasts or YouTube/TV Audio. Volume can be set at any loudness you could want for a speaker right next to you. Because it’s small, the physics of bass means that it will not match any larger speakers. JBL does place a certain emphasis on bass. It makes the music sound richer. The Clip 4 won’t please a large group of people who want to listen to hard or hip hop music. Clip 4 fills a musical need for quieter background listeners among small groups of people.

Does Jbl Clip 4 sound loud?

Clip 4 sounds louder, has more clarity and bass. However, the Go 3 is $30 cheaper and some may like its design. February 9, 2021

Is The Jbl Clip Worth It?

Good. JBL Clip 3 delivers better sound quality, battery life and a longer lasting design than its predecessor. It is water-resistant and small enough to make it sound good. Jul 18, 2018, 0:01 p.m.

Can The Jbl Clip 4 Go Underwater?

You can bring your pool’s IP67 waterproof/dustproof speaker to anywhere. … JBL Clip 4 is IP67 waterproof and dustproof, so you can bring your speaker anywhere.

.Jbl Clip 4 Review

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