Moto E6 Review

Moto E6 Review

moto e6 review

Camera, specs and missing features

Moto E6’s specs feature the Snapdragon 435 processor. That is an upgrade… however, at the same moment, isn’t it? The E5 has a Snapdragon 425 Chip, while the E6 Plus is at 435. The internal storage is the same, with 16GB RAM and 2GB of RAM (expandable up to 256GB using a microSD Card).

Camera upgrades are the main attraction, at least theoretically. While we haven’t had the chance to try it outdoors, there is hope for the Moto E6 camera upgrade.

E6 comes with a 13MP back camera. It pulls in more light due to its larger 1.12mm pixels and f/2.0 aperture. It comes with fun-to-toy-around-with features, like Motorola’s color-isolating black-and-white photo mode, Spot Color.

5MP front facing camera still available with the 1.12mm pixel resolution and f/2.0 aperture. You’ll find a lot of the same software tricks on the front, with the addition of screen flash to light up your selfies.

Although the Moto E6 claims all-day battery, its 3,300mAh battery has a shorter life span than that of E5 (4,000mAh). This is a strange oversight. Keep checking back for the full review over the coming weeks, as we evaluate the performance, camera and battery life.

moto e6 review


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Tracfone Motorola E6 Review

Tracfone’s Moto E6 is an affordable smartphone with a Motorola Brand name that was released in spring 2020.

Moto E6 includes a large, 5.5-inch HD touchscreen, Android 9, Pie, 13 MP camera and a fast 1.4 Ghz Octacore processor. The Moto E6 packs many features in an extremely affordable package.

The Moto E6 becomes the next Moto E phone (that was launched back in 2014), and we’ll cover the features, specs, and comparisons to the Moto E5 and E5.

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There were several recent smartphones released. In fact, the Moto G7 Optimo released just in time for the E6. It was launched around the same period as the E6. This happened in March 2020. For all the new devices from Tracfone, see our Latest List of Tracfone Smartphones The Moto E6 was first released by Motorola in 2019, and can be found on Amazon unlocked for use with GSM or CDMA service on Tracfone BYOP. The price is a lot higher than that of the Tracfone model.

moto e6 review

Motorola Moto E6

Lifewire / Andrew Hayward Amazon Best Buys Buy on We bought the Motorola Moto E6 to allow our expert reviewer to thoroughly evaluate it. Continue reading to see our complete product review.

Motorola has always been an industry leader in affordable smartphones. Thanks to its Moto G line that is both inexpensive and robust, it was most recently represented by the Moto G7. But, Motorola is now aiming lower with its latest and most basic offering the Moto E.

As you can see with a glance, the Moto E6 is not flashy at all and that adherence to bare-minimum design carries throughout the experience, with a sluggish processor and low-resolution screen. It costs just $150 and, if you have a tight budget for smartphones, the Moto E6 may be able to meet your needs. For those who want more features, they will need to pay a little more.

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moto e6 review

Motorola Moto E6 Plus Review. What you Need To Know

Motorola, if anyone could, is Motorola, we’d have thought. Motorola’s Moto E range also has a good history. Each of the Moto E6 Plus predecessors, the Moto E5 E5 Plus, are priced well above their feather-weight price.

Curiously, we have the Moto E6 Plus, which is a version that does not exist in the UK. It is a 6.9in phone that looks almost as expensive as the Moto E6 Plus. This means that you will get the fingerprint reader and a tiny notch at the front for your camera. There are also dual cameras in the back.

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Image 2 out of 10

However, there is no Qualcomm chip to make the cash. Instead, the MediaTek Helio P22 processor, which is 2GHz in octacore, runs the show. There’s 2GB RAM in certain areas but not on this review model, and 32GB storage internally (doubled to 64GB in many other places).

moto e6 review

Verdict Smartphone For Low Demands

Motorola Moto E6 Play.

The Motorola Moto E6 Play is a great companion phone, and one we recommend. It is important to use little power. The Moto E6 Play is very useful, making it suitable for smaller hands. The screen also has a clear blue cast, but is otherwise on class level. The camera takes quite decent pictures.

We wish it were not for the competition. Although the Xiaomi Redmi 8A’s price is comparable, it has more power. This includes graphics. Also, it lasts twice as long, offers superior speakers, and even more powerful processors. You can also get the Samsung Galaxy A10 for 30 more euro, although it is a significantly better phone in all aspects.

Motorola Moto E6 Play, a smartphone that is both lightweight and powerful, can be used by those looking for a simple phone.

Motorola Moto E6 Play is an excellent option for anyone looking to have a simple smartphone. This phone has both a camera and s screen. But you should not expect to get much battery life or performance.

moto e6 review

Motorola, Verizon Launch Inexpensive E6 Phone

It costs just $150, and it runs Android 7.0. This makes the new Moto E6 stand out from other low-cost Android phones.

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Because they are simple and reliable, the Motorola E series has been our favorite low-cost phone line. Motorola just updated their line with the Moto E6. A basic phone, the Moto E6 is broadly compatible and costs below $150. The Moto E6 brings the latest Android version to you without extras.

It’s a much simpler product than the E5 last year, which featured three identical phones. One: A plastic Android-based smartphone that is decent and durable. This phone has a 5.5 inch LCD (1440 x 720) screen with 13-megapixels, a 5-MP front-facing cam, 16GB (plus a MicroSD Slot), 2GB RAM, and comes in a durable, attractive black color. This phone runs Android 9.0 Pie using a Snapdragon435 processor.

Motorola claimed that the E5 series phone’s processor was 50 percent faster. There’s also an increase in the number of core processors (from 425- to 435) and a brand new Android version. E series phones do not typically receive major Android upgrade.

The E6’s features that are not upgraded depend on what E5 they’re being compared to. E6’s removable 3000mAh lithium battery and 5.5″ screen are more powerful than E5 Play’s but less heavy than E5 Plus. With phase detection, autofocus and an 8MP camera, the E6 has a 13MP resolution that is similar to the E5 Play’s, E5 Plus’s, and E5 Plus’s 12,MP. Motorola wanted to emphasize that the camera has been distinctly improved, which of course we’ll have to check when we review the phone.

The E6 phone is the perfect size and runs the correct OS at the right price. E5 Plus units were 3.06 inches wide, which was a big difference from the E5 Plus. The E6 at 2.84 ins wide is the perfect size for most hand sizes. The plastic build doesn’t feel cheap, just humble. You can choose from black or blue. The light reflecting off of it is slightly sparkling.

.Moto E6 Review

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