Oneplus Nord N100 Review

Oneplus Nord N100 Review

oneplus nord n100 review

Oneplus Nord N100

Andrew Hayward / Livewire / Andrew Hayward Amazon Purchases Best Buy Purchases on B&H Photo Video The OnePlus Nord N100 was bought so the reviewer could try it out. Continue reading to see our complete product review.

OnePlus is well-known for offering cheaper alternatives to the flagship models, even though its “budget flagship” label doesn’t necessarily apply to all of its latest top-tier phones. But the OnePlus Nord N100 is something different: the least-expensive phone OnePlus has ever made by a solid margin, and a legitimate budget phone at a mere $180.

But, did you know that a sub-$200 smartphone can have a smooth refresh rate of 90Hz? The feature isn’t available even on the iPhone 12 – which costs more. OnePlus phones have a reputation for being innovative and well-executed. The Nord N100 from OnePlus is no exception. It does however suffer from functional limitations due to the use of inferior components, slow performance, and mediocre cams.

oneplus nord n100 review

Oneplus Nord N100

Image credit to OnePlus. The OnePlus Nord N100 is a smartphone that seems to be destined for our list of best budget phones. It has a low price of PS179 in the UK (which converts to about $230, AU$330) – that’s the cheapest phone OnePlus has put out in a long time.

Nord N100’s screen is 6.52-inch. The resolution and refresh rate of the Nord N100 have not been disclosed. We’d assume they are HD and 60Hz, however. The screen is broken down by the ‘punch hole’ cut out in its top left.

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Here’s the Snapdragon460 chipet. While it won’t provide incredible processing power but it’s likely to work for the price. There’s also 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM – no 5G by the sounds of it.

Perhaps the biggest selling point here is the 5,000mAh battery and, depending on the phone’s display specs (that have yet to be detailed) it could power the handset for two whole days of use.

Charging takes 18W. This is okay.

The main 13MP camera is joined to the rear by the bokeh, macro, and main cameras. However, they have unknown resolutions, just like the selfie cam.

These phones are still in development so we need more information. We’re currently waiting for more details from OnePlus and will make sure we get complete reviews as soon as we have them.

oneplus nord n100 review

Oneplus Nord N100 Smartphone Reviews: A 200-Euro Device With Premium Features

Inexpensive northern lights. OnePlus’s cheapest phone to date is likely to be the best in class. However, you have to do without many OnePlus features for just under 200 Euros (~$242), and the competition is strong. Still recommendable is the Nord N100?

ARM OnePlus Smartphone

OnePlus is actually known as a manufacturer of high-quality smartphones that can also compete with high-end devices but at upper mid-range prices. OnePlus Nord was OnePlus’s first affordable smartphone, and it is now available for purchase by those with a lower budget.

The OnePlus Nord N100 is our most affordable model. We want to have a look at it in detail. OnePlus may not be the only smartphone manufacturer that sells good smartphones for a small price. This is because there are many other manufacturers offering similar phones at a lower cost.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 Qualcomm Adreno 610

oneplus nord n100 review

Oneplus Nord N100 review: Gorgeous Design, Good Specs

A premium phone, with good specs at an affordable price. We will let you know if the OnePlus Nord N100 is your ideal phone.

OnePlus Nord N100 smartphone was released in November 2020. The phone is an affordable budget model from the company that comes with plenty of unexpected features. As a producer of high-quality smartphones at an affordable cost, the brand has been a favorite.

This particular model boasts a 6.5-inch display, a big battery, and a triple camera. The design also instantly strikes us with its very thin edges.

With its Snapdragon processor, 4GB RAM, and a fast speedy user interface, it promises fast performance. OnePlus Nord N100 is an entertainment-focused device. It won’t cost you a lot, so don’t be concerned about its price.

This OnePlus Nord N100 review will provide more information about this phone. The phone is promising in every way. However, to confirm its promise let’s examine the details.

oneplus nord n100 review

Does The Oneplus Nord N100 Make a Good Phone?

The OnePlus Nord N100 smartphone is a very affordable option. At $180, there is one thing to consider. At $180, the HD+ quality display may seem like a disappointment. If the display is really important to you, you can consider paying a bit more for better quality.

Otherwise, the OnePlus Nord N100 phone is worth your attention. It has decent performance and a price that makes sense. It won’t disappoint you with its premium-looking design. You will be able to get through your day without any hassle thanks to the large battery. The OnePlus Nord N100 Review is largely positive, as the phone boasts many of its advantages.

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OnePlus Nord N100 Pros

Huge battery

Rapid charging

Beautiful design

Decent performance

Is Oneplus Nord Good Or Bad?

OnePlus Nord verdict While the Nord offers a great package, we don’t expect it to replace a flagship phone with the Snapdragon 800 series processor. Having said that good battery life and the promise of timely software upgrade makes the Nord a compelling choice under Rs 30,000.Aug 31, 2020

Why Is Oneplus Nord So Cheap?

The Nord CE 5G, although priced less than the standard OnePlus Nord is also available with a 3.5 mm Headphone Jack, something that was not present in the old device. … This is how the company decided to cut costs and has therefore reduced the asking price for the CE 5G at Rs 22,999.Jun 11, 2021

Is Oneplus Nord Good Enough?

Design is personal, however the inclusion of glass back enhances the quality. The cameras do well during the day, but low-light performance could be enhanced with software updates. Overall the Nord 2 has a great camera and is worthy of any premium phone.

.Oneplus Nord N100 Review

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