Proper 12 Review

Proper 12 Review

proper 12 review

Whiskey Review: The Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskeys

Editor’s Note. This whiskey was sent to us by Eire Born Spirits as a free sample. These samples were not used to alter the outcome of our review.

Do you want your whiskey to punch you as hard as a UFC Champion? Yes, I don’t, but I will still give the relatively new celebrity-owned spirit a shot, perhaps so that you don’t have to.

UFC superstar Conor McGregor released his Proper No. He created Twelve Irish Whiskey to honor his hometown, Crumlin in Dublin (12 postal codes Dublin 12), last year. You’ll immediately notice that he is a good choice. This whiskey was triple distilled in Ireland from barley and grains, then bottled at 80 proof. After three years, the whisky was aged in ex Bourbon barrels.

Although the packaging looks decent, it is made out of green glass. It has a character and weight that make you think you are pulling it from a wooden box filled with Prohibition sawdust. The label clearly notes how rich, smooth and properly balanced it is, with the image of a tiger wearing a crown front and center. This is probably something Conor McGregor has to do with it, since fighters love being seen as fierce predators. God forbid that any of them would associate themselves with penguins and bunnies.

Beyond the claims on the bottle, I didn’t find the story or the juice in it to be worth the effort. McGregor hired another person to mix the alcohol for him because celebrities don’t usually know how it works. After being inspired by Elder and McGregor, the whiskey used in this expression was derived from Bushmills stocks.

Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey (image via Eire Born Spirits)

proper 12 review

Proper No. Review: 12 Irish Whiskey

Jim Vorel | October 3, 2018 | 9:04am Photos via Proper No. Twelve Drink Reviews whiskey

That trend is a shame. How would I know that Proper Nr. Twelve is the brand new Irish whiskey owned by Conor McGregor. He was a former UFC featherweight champion and lightweight champion. The bind that I am in is obvious.

We’ll get to the point: This is an endorsement spirit owned and sponsored by celebrities. McGregor is also the proprietor of Eire Born Spirits. Some marketing attempts make it appear that this distillery has everything you need. McGregor’s own company has 12 distilled. This is not a very special Irish blended whiskey. It is actually sourced from other sources (partially from Bushmills stocks); it is a mixture of malt whiskeys and grain whiskeys that has been aged for a short time in American Bourbon barrels. Which is to say, very much standard for your basic blended Irish whiskeys. McGregor’s marketing may try to position this stuff as being some kind of “premium” product, but it has much more in common with the likes of recognizable names such as Jameson, Bushmills or Tullamore Dew. It’s not necessarily a negative thing. However, it is a more precise way to describe what the product really is. This whiskey is great for mixing drinks but it costs a little more than others.

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We’re now going to talk about Paste. How does Paste taste. To sum it all, the taste is very basic. Very basic, although that’s not necessarily a negative. The advance press from whiskey geeks on this stuff has not exactly been glowing, but I can’t help but feel like some of those writers aren’t exactly appraising the liquid in the glass fairly, and are instead holding Proper No. The distillery’s litigious owner, who is known for his savagery and tendency to offend people, makes 12 a more difficult standard. I don’t care for that kind of opportunistic cherry picking, and will instead just say this: Proper No. The Irish blended whiskey 12 is very good.

It smells like Proper No. The nose of Proper No.12 presents mild impressions or caramel additives of honey, green Apple, and some caramel. But, you can still taste the raw booziness. Although it’s quite hot at the average proof (40%) ABV, the alcohol notes begin to fade as the wine sits in the glass. There are mild pine and grass notes as well. This is a mild, neutral tasting wine. The alcohol notes are not particularly strong.

The palate is dominated by Proper No. 12 is actually less booze dominated, which is to its credit. Thin of body and very easy drinking, I get notes of honey and Grape-Nuts cereal maltiness, with mild to moderate sweetness and a finish that is decently dry, with a slightly medicinal aftertaste. You don’t really have much to describe other than the taste. It is intentionally simple. This is not a complex wine, but there are few serious flaws. It does have some issues with its alcohol presentation, which can sometimes be frustrating. Although it’s been quite a while since my last experience with Tullamore Dew or Bushmills, I don’t believe this is any different from them.

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Proper No.12 will be available for $25 at MSRP. The press release mentions that the price could rise to $30. 12 would seemingly be aimed at an ever-so slightly higher segment of the whiskey market, making it a toss-up in terms of picking it over a similar $20 bottle, unless you really wanted the proper branded spirit to watch McGregor fight Khabib Nurmagomedov (here I go again) this coming Saturday. Although I think it is worth the extra $50, I wouldn’t hesitate to spend that much on Redbreast 12-Year Whisky or Egan’s 10 Year.

proper 12 review

Conor Mcgregor’S Proper 12 – Whiskey Expert’s Damning Review Says It Smells Just Like Plastic.

WHISKEY experts ripped Conor McGregor’s Proper 12 apart and tossed the entire bottle into a trash can during a scathing evaluation of the beverage.

Philip Dwyer, who posts a whiskey review on YouTube every Wednesday, witheringly told his 6,500 subscribers: “Steer clear, don’t go near it.

Philip Dwyer posts whiskey reviews on YouTube every Wednesday Credit: YouTube [youtube] “It’s not deserving of a score. You can just stay away. Don’t let your money go to waste.

“I hope this video is a warning.

Consider me the “parental advisory sticker” on album covers that you think your child shouldn’t buy, but they do. He joked that it makes people want ‘hit old guys’, a reference to the MMA fighter punching a Dublin bartender in April.

Dwyer, who has never given a ‘no score’ for a whiskey before, has previously given Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel a nine out of ten, Robin Red Breast 12 a seven-and-a-half out of ten and Green Spot seven out of then, explained to his viewers that Ireland has seen a huge growth in the number of whiskey distilleries in recent years.

The number of people affected by the wars is expected to rise from 2 in the 70s (Jameson and Bushmills), to about 40 within the next 10 years.

proper 12 review


Finally Dwyer swallowed it and told his fans: “It has about as much depth as his personality” before he’s seen swaggering across the room in a further pop at the MMA fighter by imitating his distinctive gait.

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Dwyer also said that he thought it was too costly. It is useless and has no purpose. It should not be on your radar.

This video is to inform you about how to avoid this. It also shows how to not fund a celebrity who has a need to raise millions of dollars by publishing something subpar that will be an embarrassment in the whiskey business. He said that he would not be able to touch the item and put it away. The score isn’t due. This scathing review follows Sean Rice’s video of McGregor drinking Proper 12 from an Irish pub. Rice claimed that McGregor would not be sold at Salty Shamrock Bar, Florida again.

He also urged other Irish bar owners and managers to follow his lead.

This was after sensational CCTV of McGregor’s fight with Drimnagh man in Marble Arch bar had been released on TMZ.

Is Proper Number 12 Any Good?

Proper 12 is a whiskey that you would expect to be strong, but it has the most delicate of flavors. The whiskey is disappointingly light in body, and the influence from bourbon barrels adds some character. There are also notes of vanilla and charred oak.

Does Proper 12 Taste Like Jameson?

  1. Taste. Both are soft & smoot
  2. Jameson feels softer and is smoother
  3. Just a tiny bit more warmth and body than the Twelve Proper Twelve.
  4. Enjoy a fun sprinkle of tingling spice along with the delicious dish.
  5. This adds to its appeal. … Jameson is yer archetypal go-to easy drinking approachable blend.Sep 20, 201

Mcgregor owns how much Proper 12?

Conor McGregor is a UFC legend, along with his business partners Audie Atar and Ken Austin. They recently sold their majority of Proper No Twelve Irish whiskey shares to Proximo Spirits. The sale was valued at over $600 million. Proximo Spirits acquired a 20 percent share in 2018, and then increased that stake to 49%. April 28, 2021

Mcgregor is a Proper Twelve Owner?

For $600M, twelve to Proximo Spirits. Conor McGregor may no longer be the majority owner in the whiskey brand that he established, but the UFC superstar has added to the growing wealth of his company. Proximo previously held a 49% stake in the company. …Apr 27, 2021

.Proper 12 Review

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