Roomba I3 Review

Roomba I3 Review

roomba i3 review

Design And Key Features

After the Roomba i7+, which cost $799.99 and the Roomba s9+ at $1,099.99 respectively, the Roomba i3+ has a self-emptying dustbin. The i3+, like its predecessors comes equipped with a Clean Base Automatic dirt disposal dock. This charges the robot, and stores around 60 days of debris in the AllergenLock bag. It all depends on how frequently you vacuum, and how filthy your home. When the robot docks after cleaning, you can hear the Clean Base’s blower motor kick on as it sucks the contents of the dustbin into the bag.

Once the debris has been removed from the bin, it is then evacuated through the Clean Base and deposited in the bag. The Clean Base comes with a bag preinstalled, and you get an extra in the box. For $19.99, get three more packs. The bag contains four layers of allergy-blocking material that allows 99 percent of mold and pollen to be trapped.

Clean Base does have its downsides. The Clean Base measures 19.2 by 12.2 and 15.1 inches (HWD), which is more than any standard robot vacuum station. Although the i3+ is 13.26 inches across and 3.63 inches in height, it’s still quite tall compared to other models. If you’re looking for a short vacuum that can pass under low furniture, Eufy makes a few solid, sub-3-inch models, including the $220 RoboVac 11s , the $300 30C , and the $350 G30 . But, they can’t empty the dustbin.

ItRobot Roomba is s9+. Our iRobot Roomba review iRobot Roomba, i7+. Our Ecovacs Decobot N79S. Our Ecovacs DeboVac N79S. Our Ecovacs Ecovac 11s Review. Our Eufy RobotoVac 29C. Our Eufy RobotoVac 32C. Our Eufy RobotoVac 33C. Our Eufy RobotoVac 4C. Our Neato Botvac T7. A Light Ring Indicator is placed around the Clean/Power Button. This indicator glows bright blue when it detects dirt and shines yellow when it’s charging.

The gray matte/textured i3+ finish looks almost like fabric. It also has a Room Confinement (RCON) sensor on top that allows it to detect its Clean Base, and a Light Touch sensor on the front to detect walls and other obstacles.

The bottom has two large multi-surface brush heads that can work in tandem and one edge-sweeping bristle. To prevent it from falling down steps, it has four Cliff sensors and one edge-sweeping brush. The Floor Tracking sensor will help the dustbin clean in neat rows as opposed to a bumper-car-like manner. The dustbin has a high-efficiency filter which iRobot states captures 99% of allergens such as mold, pollen and dust mites. One filter comes already installed, plus an extra in the box.

iRobot recommends that your robot be cleaned up before it leaves. In order to allow the robot to explore your house, iRobot recommends that you open all doors in interior spaces before it makes its first run.

roomba i3 review

Irobot Roomba I3+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review: With Automatic Dirt Disposal

The base station of the iRobot Roomba i3+ automatically cleans the robot’s dustbin after every run.

The iRobot i3+ Roomba i3+ has a price tag of Rs. India: Priced at Rs.

The iRobot Roomba i3+ includes a Clean Base docking Station

To empty the dustbin, the base uses a vacuum.

The Roomba i3+ robot vacuum cleaner is a good option, even though it’s a bit pricey.

While there are many companies that make cleaning robots, iRobot has been a pioneer in this market since its founding. In 2002 the original Roomba robot was introduced. Since then, its predecessors have improved in core vacuuming abilities as well as features like smart connectivity and longer battery life. The latest iRobot product in India automates the cleaning process with automated dirt disposal.

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At Rs. At Rs.69,900, India’s iRobot Roomba i3+ has the Clean Base charging station. This doubles as a dirt collector for the robot. The robot will not need to be emptied of its vacuum every few days like other robots. How does the iRobot Roomba i3+ work and are the benefits worth the investment? Read this review to find out.

roomba i3 review

Irobot Roomba I3+ – What Is It?

IRobot offers both mopping and vacuuming on most of the cleaners that have come to my attention in recent months. Braava’s range includes products like the iRobot Braava Jet M6 that mop while the Roomba range can only be used for vacuuming. In keeping with that, the iRobot Roomba i3+ is exclusively a robot vacuum cleaner, with no mopping capabilities.

A brush at the left side of the iRobot Roomba i3+ cleans the robot of dirt and debris. To move the robot, two wheels with mechanized motors are at its sides. A third, free wheel is at the front. At the front is the charger contact point and the dust bin. Unlike other robot cleaning machines, there is not a cover that allows you to see inside the iRobot Roomba i3+. It has two rubber vacuum wheels that can be removed and cleaned as required.

Instead, the device features a textured top with three buttons (Power / Clean, Home, and Spot Clean). A large bumper protects the iRobot Roomba i3+ against bumps into walls and objects. The module also contains the Reactive Sensor set, which allows the device to navigate the house and return to its docking station.

Clean Base docking station, for the iRobot Roomba i3+ comes with the box. Many docking stations, while small enough for the robot to fit underneath or into a corner, are not tall enough. The Clean Base dock dock is tall and large. Clean Base’s top has a cover that allows you to access the dirt bag. The bottom contains the charger contacts.

Clean Base is unique because it can collect dust from your Roomba’s dustbin and place it inside its dust bag. It means that you no longer need to empty the Dust Bin manually every so often. However, it does have some drawbacks. I will discuss them later in the review. You can also buy the Rs. 49,900 iRobot Roomba i3 , which is the same cleaning robot, but it comes with a normal charging dock instead of the more advanced Clean Base unit.

The iRobot Roomba i3+ has two mechanised wheels to move around, and a single sweeping brush

roomba i3 review

Irobot Roomba I3+ Mapping and Navigation

The navigation system of the iRobot Roomba i3+ differs from other high-end and mid-range devices that I have reviewed. Although Reactive Sensor navigation performs better than traditional camera-based navigation such as ILife A9s Trifo Max Pet’s, it isn’t as efficient as laser-based navigation such as 360 S7. The Roomba i3+ wasn’t as fast nor intuitive in detecting obstacles like legs and furniture and was a bit clumsy moving around the house bumping into everything quite frequently. You can see that the robot chooses where to go, and not following any particular pattern. You can’t give it specific instructions about which rooms you should clean or what order. To guide the robot manually, you can’t remote control it.

There were times when it got stuck and needed to be freed. However, this was rare as long as the mats and rugs I picked up and the obstacles like a drying rack and clothes dryer were moved out of the way while the robot was in action. Despite having some problems with mapping and navigation, the iRobot Roomba i3+ found its way to docking stations without much trouble.

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roomba i3 review

Irobot Roomba I3+ Ap

The iRobot Braava Jet M6 and the Roomba i3+ are supported by the iRobot Home App, available for iOS Android. While it can be argued that the app is simpler and a lot easier to use than most other manufacturers’ apps for cleaning robots, this also reflects its lack of customisation options and inability to control the specifics of the Roomba i3+.

The app shows the status of the cleaning robot front and centre, including its current battery level. The Clean Base also allows you to empty your bin. You can scroll down and choose to either start a cleaning job right away or to create a task with a limit on the amount of time the robot must clean up before it returns to its dock. This default task does not have a limit and can be run until either the robot decides you’re satisfied with your home or your battery is low.

The app is simple and easy to use, but also lacks customisation options and any ability to control specific functions of the cleaning robot You can review past cleaning tasks with a map of the areas covered and other basic statistics such as area covered and time taken. However, the app only highlights the areas that the robot found more dirt. It also shows the power of the robot. You can use the app to also create cleaning lists and adjust basic settings, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, UI Language, Cleaning and Clean Base preferences.

Roomba’s i3+ follows its own route, has its own suction power and can do its work completely autonomously without the need for any user input. It is possible to set up a Roomba i3+ cleaning service from almost anywhere, so long as it has access to Wi-Fi in your home or your smartphone.

roomba i3 review


The iRobot Roomba i3+ robot vacuum is quite pricey, as it only has the ability to vacuum. However, other similar-priced and more affordable models can vacuum and mop. It costs Rs. The price of this mopping device is Rs. However, this device is extremely efficient at what it does and the fact that you don’t have to empty its dust bin manually is an added bonus.

It is easy to use and has a good dirt removal feature, making it one of our most popular robot vacuum cleaners. Having all that convenience also comes at the expense of costly accessories and consumables, which can be expensive, which will increase the price of the iRobot Roomba i3+. It is worth looking at the apps, lack of control and noisy operation as factors to consider before buying this robot vacuum cleaner.

This robot is a powerful, efficient, and intuitive cleaner. It achieves what it set out to with a remarkable level of efficiency. The iRobot Roomba i3+, despite its price, many quirks, lack of smarts is a highly effective cleaning robot.

Rating: 7/10 Pros:

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Very good at vacuuming

Clean Base automatic dirt disposal

roomba i3 review

Irobot Roomba I3+: Is it Good at Finding Its Way around?

The Roomba i3+ doesn’t use sophisticated laser scanning to build up a map so it’s actually quite poor at finding its way around. However, it does so methodically by cleaning straight lines and turning when it bumps into walls or furniture. Although the bumper is made out of hard plastic it is attached to a spring mechanism so it can sense an impact before it causes any serious damage. You can also use internal sensors, like gyroscopes and accelerometers, to keep it from getting stuck.

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Although I did not notice the robot attacking wooden chairs legs, it was very aggressive. However, if you have delicate furniture or expensive items to protect your home from harm, you may want to invest in a better collision detection system. The robot also seems to not be able to recognize basic obstacles. It doubled back several times and kept bumping into the legs of the table it was just navigating around. However, it does remember where it’s been, so it’s not randomly cleaning the same spots twice (unless it’s really dirty, which might trigger its Dirt Detect sensors and send it back for a second pass). It will continue cleaning if it is low on battery.

Roomba i3+ does not store a map, like robots with sophisticated navigation systems such as Ecovacs Deebot N8+ Dyson 360 Heurist. You can’t designate areas that are prohibited or instruct the vacuum to travel to certain rooms to receive special treatment.

This robot’s ability to re-create its own map makes it less efficient. I tested the robot over 57m2 of a household floor and it took 1hr 15mins to complete. The Ecovacs Deebot N8+, which stores a map of the area, can cover the same ground in just over an hour. However, it’s faster than Dyson 360 Heurist. It took 21 minutes to clean an area half as large.

Review: What does the iRobot Roomba i3+ do?

Unlike most other manufacturers, iRobot isn’t quoting the Roomba i3+’s suction power. However, they do state that it’s tenx more powerful than its predecessor, the Roomba 800. While it’s possible that the vacuum’s power may be lower than other models, and iRobot would like to make it seem less obvious, it’s still ten times more powerful than any Roomba 600.

While you can’t direct the Roomba towards a spillage or other issues, the robot does come with a spot-cleaning feature that is accessible by pressing a button located on its top. You can pick up the robot from the floor, place it in the center of your mess, and then press the button. Once the robot has reached about one metre diameter it will circle your mess in a spiral, before returning to its starting point.

Is The Roomba I3 Worth It?

The Roomba i3 vacuum is the best choice for budget-minded people who don’t want to care about keeping out areas or specific cleaning needs. The Roomba Roomba I3 vacuums as good on hard and carpet surfaces as the Roomba.

Which is better, I3 or I7 roomba?

The iRobot Roomba i7+ cleaner is better than the iRobot Roomba i3+. The i7+ has a better performance on low and high-pile carpets and clears more pet hair from bare surfaces. The i3+, on the other hand is better at removing bulky items like cereal and food from floors.

Does Roomba I3 Have Room Mapping?

Smart mapping is NOT available on the i3… it does not allow you to tell it where in your home to clean. Only the top-tier models (s7, s9) have this feature. The i3 however has a Clean Map function that shows you the location of its cleaning. Clean Map is located in the history section of the iRobot Home application.

Does The Roomba 33 Make a Loud Sound?

Overall, the Roomba i3 was a strong performer in our tests, but it was a bit loud. … Dec 20, 2020

.Roomba I3 Review

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