Samsung A20 Review

Samsung A20 Review

samsung a20 review

Samsung Galaxy A20 Review: Battery

Fast charging is available on the Galaxy A20’s 4000mAh battery. The battery mileage is awesome and we could easily last for more than a day on most days.

A fast charger is bundled in the box. Samsung has a few questions about fast charging for phones, in case you didn’t already know. Samsung’s Adaptive fast charging maxes out at 15W for flagship devices like the Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy S10. So, yeah, the fast charging is moderately fast, but it still counts as an advantage at this price point. A full charge takes under two hours and charges up to 35 percent in 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Review: Verdict

Redmi Note 7 or Realme 3 Pro are more capable than the Galaxy A20 when it comes to specs. However, the Galaxy A20 would likely be preferred if the consumers could experience all three phones together in an enclosed room with no knowledge of their specifications.

It leaves a strong impression. This phone has a beautiful design. It’s small, compact, easy-to-use, One UI software works well, and it displays stunning AMOLED images. However, it is not a phone for everyone. This is especially true if the Galaxy A20 will be available in 2020.


Premium design

samsung a20 review

Samsung Galaxy A20E Full Review

Samsung’s flagships garner the largest amount of attention. But, there are more to the Samsung lineup than the S and Note. In fact, this year there were seven Galaxy A phone!

Although you may have chosen the right manufacturer, choosing the best Samsung phone can prove difficult. For help in making your decision, see our chart of the best Samsung phones.

Galaxy A20e among the most inexpensive phones that the Korean giant has made, and it provides a lot of what people need in a small package.

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Is it capable of competing with more affordable budget handsets? Check out our complete review to learn more.

samsung a20 review

Samsung Galaxy A20 Software And Performance

Samsung is making great progress in terms of software customization. Samsung has revamped its TouchWiz UI. Instead of being cluttered and confusing, it now provides a One UI. You get One UI 1.1 based Android 9 Pie in the Galaxy A20 case. Though I like this new look, I have to wonder why Samsung used extra large icons. Thankfully, you can fix that by changing the grid pattern. You can also add the dark theme to the OLED screen, which is a great addition.

Rear fingerprint sensors work like magic on the phone. This is a far better option than the in-display fingerprint scanner on the A70 (Review). It works well for basic navigation. While scrolling through the home screens and opening the app drawer, I did not notice any slowdowns. While multitasking, however, my phone sometimes slows down. And if you have over half a dozen apps running in the background, switching between them requires you to put up with unusually long loading times. Samsung’s app-drawer search works quicker than it did with the Galaxy A70.

It takes a few seconds for the marketplace to load to change your wallpaper. This marketplace is so slow that scrolling through its list of wallpapers causes a stutter. The phone sometimes even quit the wallpaper or themes menu by itself a few times. I was not happy with the performance of my phone in games. Surprisingly, the budget phone can run PUBG at medium settings. The game looks great and runs smoothly most of the times. The in-game car did have a slight glitch that I experienced. This issue can be solved by changing to the lower settings. This phone with Exynos7884 chip and 3 GB RAM is a good value for money.

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A pair of earphones comes as standard with the Galaxy A20. It is clear after listening to it for about an hour that they are not meant for calling. It’s a little easier to hook up an IEM pair. Although the audio quality via the 2.5 mm audio port is better than the Redmi Note 7, the overall output is still not great. Although the mono speaker built into the phone is powerful enough to play random YouTube videos, it’s not as loud as its rival Redmi Note 7. You’ll be better served with a Bluetooth speaker or headphones if you intend to watch a film.

The phone comes with dedicated slots for SIMs and storage expansion. The phone’s cellular performance was fine. However, I noticed that its Wi-Fi receiver isn’t as strong as that of the Redmi Note 7.

samsung a20 review

Samsung Galaxy A20 Review (S205Dl)

It is large at 6.4 inches with extensive edge-to-edge coverage. There are very few bezels on the sides and top of the display. It is 1560×720 in resolution and has a screen to body ratio of 19.5:9 with 268 pixels per inch. Although it has a lower pixel density than other Tracfone smartphones it doesn’t make it any less noticeable. The screen’s Super AMOLED Infinity panel, which gives the phone some amazing viewing angles, makes it very bright.

This smartphone follows the current trend in smartphones having larger screens, while increasing the height of the device to enable users to grip it comfortably.

Tracfone’s A20 screen is one of their largest and most popular options. It is great for people who love to watch a lot of video or any other media.

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Tracfone Samsung Galaxy A20 (S205DL) Review

Internal Specs – Processor, RAM and Storage Featuring an Octa-core processor, 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage, the Galaxy A20 is one of only a few smartphones currently available from Tracfone with these specs. The Moto G7 Optimo MAXX being one of the other options.

With 32 GB internal storage, consumers have 21 GB available space. This includes the OS and all other apps pre-installed. You can use a microSD Card up to 512GB on the A20.

It will delight many to have 3GB of RAM with their Galaxy A20, which helps with multitasking.

samsung a20 review

Samsung Galaxy A20 – Where Can I Buy It?

The A20 is only currently sold by an third party online retailer. We will update as more sources become available.

Samsung Galaxy A20, with an airtime package from QVC Samsung Galaxy A20 and airtime from HSN

Learn more about this device with the A20 device tutorials and user manual This concludes our review of the Galaxy A20, we hope you found it useful! Please leave a comment with your thoughts and questions below.

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samsung a20 review

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy A20

Preview Product Rating Price Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB (A205G/DS) 6.4″ HD Display, Unlocked GSM…

705 Reviews $184.78 Amazon. The Samsung Galaxy S20 box contents contain:


Adaptive fast charger

USB Cable Type-C

Sim ejector tool

Basic headphones

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