Sony X90J Review

Sony X90J Review

Sony Group Corporation
Native name

Sonī Gurūpu kabushiki kaisha
  • Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, Ltd.

  • Sony Corporation







Founded 7 May 1946

; 75 years ago






Chūō, Tokyo




Headquarters Sony City,


Area served
Key people
  • Shuzo Sumi (Chairman of the board)
  • Kazuo Matsunaga (Vice Chairman of the board)
  • Kenichiro Yoshida (Chairman, President & CEO)
  • Shigeki Ishizuka (Vice Chairman)
Revenue Increase


22.56 trillion (


206.95 billion) (2021)




2.8 trillion (


25.69 billion) (2021)




2.13 trillion (


19.54 billion) (2021)


Total assets



282.7 trillion (


2.59 trillion) (2021)


Total equity



69.49 trillion (


637.47 billion) (2021)


Number of employees
109,700 (2021)


  • Electronics Products & Solutions
  • Financial Services
  • Game & Network Services
  • Imaging & Sensing Solutions
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Others



list of subsidiaries




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sony x90j review

Sony X90J – Picture Quality

Sony describes the X90J as having a Cognitive Processor XR. This is a tech that Sony touts can understand what humans hear and see, allowing it to provide content with better contrast, brighter colors, and more color depending on what’s being watched. That’s a lot to promise, and when watching 4K HDR content, I honestly could not tell you more than “it looks good.” Do you think it does more? Probably. Could I tell you based on how the average person uses their TV? But it’s true. It’s only one part of Sony’s image quality cake.

Sony TVs are well-known for their outstanding image processing. Sony didn’t disappoint me here. Combined with that Cognitive Processor is a new contrast booster which all add to the already notable prowess of Sony’s processing. It is difficult to understand what Sony does here but it results in stunning picture quality.

As a result, 4K upscaling is fantastic. It is also amazing how the poor gradient of highlights due to low bitrate content, such as the sky above desert planets from the Mandalorian’s first season, has been fixed and smoothed. This technology is a standard for Sony and it continues to be so in the X90J.

I disagree with the TV’s viewing angle. I know that others have said it does not have good angles. While yes, because it’s a backlit LCD television it absolutely has a “best” viewing location of straight ahead, if you’re forced to watch this tv from off angles, you’ll still be treated to surprisingly good contrast and color.

A problem with this television, and it’s a complaint that was shared with the X900H prior to it, is its ability for glare. The screen is very shiny and the television doesn’t get particularly bright either, so it’s not capable of overwhelming even the lightest of reflections. A set of LED panel lamps is located across the room. I can see the lights clearly, even at low settings, when I play games.

sony x90j review

Sony Bravia Xr X90J Full Array LED For Terrific Television Viewing (Review).

Ray Shaw Audio Visuals Brands Sony Televisions 14 Minute Read The Sony BraviaXRX90J is their flagship 2021 full-array–local dimming(FALD), Tri­luminous (Quantum Dot), Quad-luminous 4K (VA LED), Android TV. Initial tests put this above other brands comparable offerings in the $1995-$2495 price bracket.

Let’s first define some terms that will be used to describe the TV before we begin our review. Sony can make up names for itself, such as Tri-Luminous which is its Quantum Dot version (other names include QLED and ULED), etc. BTW – Sony doesn’t make TV panels. It is not known from what companies Sony buys panels, but it does know who they purchase them from. Instead, the focus of this blog is on the electronics, sound, and other smarts that make Sony TVs different.

Sony Bravia XR X90J flagship VALED range comes in 50′, 55′ and 65′. They are priced between $1995 and $2495. ‘J’ denotes the 2021 range (‘H’ was 2020). The TV has Dolby Vision/Atmos and FALD backlighting. It also features HDMI 2.1 eARC, Dolby Vision/Atmos as well as the XR cognitive process that employs AI to create a sharper image. It supersedes the KD-X9500H (review here ) that achieves 9.5/10 – excellent for an LCD TV, so we have ‘expectations’.

Under that is the X80J range in 43, 50, 55, and 65” from $1449 to $1895. Dolby Vision/Atmos support is available for this product, as well. However, it utilizes a more affordable edge-light panel. This model is known as Direct-Lit. We loved it. You can read why we liked it later.

At the top of the range are the 2021 OLEDS – A80J (65 and 83”) and A90J (55, 65, and 77”). These supersede the A8H and the fabulous 2019 A9G Master series OLED. These OLED TVs, which are Android OS OLED TVs of top quality that are available soon, are highly anticipated.

sony x90j review

First Impressions: More than You Think

The overnight review was conducted at a Sydney CBD-area hotel. The more advanced testing can only be done at our facility. The facility is capable of performing complex tests, so it’s sufficient to be confident.

First, a Sony technical representative gave an overview to the media of the range’s capabilities. The 55″ Sony Bravia XR X90J was in the middle, with the two 55″ ‘anonymous ’55” TVs to either side. I like ‘shoot-outs’, and Sony was fair – factory defaults for all. Both ran from the same 4K Video Generator Splitter. And the anonymous Quantum Dot model was also top-brand and edge-lit, selling for approximately the exact same street price. The only unfair comparison is that the X90J has a full-array backlit so, it will be naturally brighter.

Sony X80J (L), Sony X90J (Middle) and Brand X (right).

We’ll just say that this TV was the Sony X80J with an edge-lit screen. This model performed very well in comparison to the X90J. The X80J really is a winner, both for its price and the features it offers (such as Dolby Vision/Atmos). It pales in comparison to the TV on the right. It was lacking in the bright, sharp colours and brightness of Quantum Dots. Dolby Vision also was not supported.

We tried to increase the brightness and sharpness of the television on the right after the demonstration but it still looked inferior.

.Sony X90J Review

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