Tulo Mattress Review

Tulo Mattress Review

tulo mattress review

Tulo Hybrid Mat

Tulo makes a fascinating mattress-inabox. Tulo has learned that the ideal night of rest is different for each individual. Each mattress is crafted with this in mind. Tulo is owned by Mattress Firm and backed by Mattress Firm. Mattress Firm has a long history in the mattress industry. The Tulo-Mattress Firm relationship just makes sense.

Tulo’s hybrid bed in a box comes with three levels of firmness: firm, medium and firm. That means you can cater for almost every sleeping position. Side sleepers should be happy with the cradling support of the soft or medium, and back and stomach sleepers should feel right at home with the firm model. Read our full review to find out more about this high-quality bed and the affordable price.

Although Tulo isn’t as well-known as Purple and WinkBed mattresses, it has been around for a while. It’s gaining popularity for a reason, we believe. You have the opportunity to test it in-store, at three different firmness levels. Also, there are great deals/coupons available.

tulo mattress review

Construction: What’s Inside Tulo?

Tulo memory foam mattresses feature a seamless knit cover. This covers should feel cool and provides additional comfort. That extra comfort should be a key advantage for sleepers who need pressure relief – especially those who regularly sleep on their side.

The mattress’s total height measures approximately 10 inches. This same model is also available in an 8 inch or 6 inch version. For this review, we will focus on the details of the 10-inch mattress.

The cover has 2 inches of memory foam with gel underneath. As a high-responsive material, memory foam should promote motion isolation. This will ensure that your partner is not disturbed and also allows you to contour the foam to suit your needs. Although memory foam can heat up, gel will help to prevent it from overheating.

Eight inches of support foam make up the base of this mattress. Tulo is built with 8 inches of sturdy support foam.

You can choose between the 6-inch or 8-inch model. Both models come with the support foam base and gel foam memory foam. However, there are different thicknesses for each layer. We recommend the 10-inch or 8-inch bed for regular use or heavier individuals, which should minimize the chance of you sinking too deeply or bottoming out.

tulo mattress review

Tulo Mattress: 2021 Reviews

Gregory Minnis DPT / Phys Therapy Medically reviewed. Lucia Whalen wrote the pros and cons. We may receive a commission if you purchase through the links.

The best mattress choice can impact how much you feel each day. With so many mattress brands offering different models, it can become overwhelming.

Tulo is Mattress Firm’s bed-in-a-box brand that makes choosing a mattress simple. It offers three mattresses that can be used in any combination of firmness levels. Every firmness has been designed to fit a particular sleeping position. Customers have confidence that all options are considered, even if they only have three choices.

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While this can simplify the buying of a mattress for someone who is overwhelmed, it won’t suit everyone. For more information on Tulo mattresses as well as whether or not they might be right for your needs, keep reading.

Tulo are a budget choice, which means that their prices will be lower. While they may not be the most affordable mattress, their prices are often lower than those of other brands.

Tulo offers their mattresses in twin twin XL full queen king California king . For smaller sizes, you can expect to pay less and for bigger ones, a little more. To help you understand the price of your mattress, here is an example.

$ = under $650

tulo mattress review

Quick Summary

Tulo, a U.S.-based manufacturer of mattresses, is available online and at Mattress Firm brick & mortar locations. The current offerings include two models.

Tulo Comfort Series

It is an all foam bed that has three comfort layers. The top layer includes standard memory foam. A high-density foam support core and a knit blend cover make up the bed’s cover. The Comfort Series is available in three firmness settings: ‘Medium Soft’ (4), ‘Medium’ (5.5), and ‘Firm (7). It measures 10 inches in height.

Tulo Liv

is a 9? The mattress is made from a top-quality gel-infused layer and two comfort layers of high density polyfoam. The cover is a knit fabric blend. Tuvo Liv has medium to high (5.5).

The Tulo mattress was reviewed and found to be suitable for a variety of sleeping positions. Tulo bed provide excellent, tight body conforming to target pain and pressure relief. The beds also make no noise and excel in isolation motion transfer.

Tulo memory foam beds are priced below the average, compared to comparable mattresses. White Glove delivery in the US is available for free. All mattresses come with a 100-night guarantee and a 10-year warranty.

tulo mattress review

For the pros

3 Firmness Option

Super Fast Delivery


Editor’s Note – This article contains affiliate links. If you use these links to make a purchase, I will receive a commission. For full details visit the disclosures page The tulo Mattress is a bed in a box offering from Mattress Firm. Tulo in Chichewa means “sleep” which is widely recognized in Malawi. This is a simple name to remember. Three different firmness options are available for the Tuto: firm, medium and soft. In medium, the tulo was given to me in order to review it. Tulo stands out from other mattresses because you can test it at one of many thousands of Mattress Firm stores throughout the United States.

tulo mattress review

Video Review

You can see the results of our Tulo in-house testing by taking a look at this video.

We brought the Tulo into the Mattress Advisor lab and put it through our 14-point evaluation. You can see how the Tulo scored on the important tests. People with back problems should be particularly attentive to the spine alignment score. You can find more information in our review process.

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Score for the mattress advisor (out of 10)

Delivery 8

Try-out Period: 10

Return Policy 9

Garanty 9

tulo mattress review

How to choose the best tulo mattress

Gregory Minnis DPT, Physical Therapy Medically reviewed Summary: Tulo mattress Alternatives You may receive a small commission for purchasing through any of the links.

Tulo sells a range of mattress brands, including a bed in a box brand called Tulo. This brand is more affordable than some similar brands.

This article will provide information about Tulo’s range of mattresses. You will also find some other options.

Medical News Today does not endorse any of the products mentioned. Research is the only source of all information.

Mattress Firm has owned Tulo for the past 90 years. Tulo, which is based in Texas, is a mattress-in-abox company. It ships its mattresses flat-packed in boxes so that they are easy to transport. A person needs to allow the mattress to unroll and fully expand before use.

It may cost less than similar bed-in a-box companies, but the prices of this company are likely to be cheaper. The company offers mattresses in a wide range of firmnesses, which may suit different kinds of beds frames, preferences and sleep positions.

Tulo provides a 120-night return policy and a complete refund. A 10-year warranty is included with every mattress.

tulo mattress review


Casper makes three types mattress: Nova Hybrid, Original, and Wave Hybrid.

The Original mattress is available in two varieties: an all-foam and a foam-and spring hybrid. For targeted support, the mattress offers three comfort zones.

Casper mattress information is available here.


Tulo, a brand of bed-in-a box that delivers conveniently, is called Tulo. There are three types of firmness available for their mattresses, which can suit different sleep positions and frame sizes.

Tulo mattresses come with a 120-night test period, a 10-year warranty and an unconditional 100-night guarantee.

Consider reading reviews online before you buy a mattress.

tulo mattress review


We’ll start off our tulo review with the design of the mattress. The structure of the 10 inch-thick think mattress is almost identical, apart from the foundation layer. It varies in firmness depending on which model you chose.

The cover: Tuto beds are covered in soft and lightweight Tencel and knit polyester blend covers. Tencel is made of wood cellulose and biodegradable, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious customers.

Comfort System: It has two layers. The top one is 2” memory foam infused with titanium to increase airflow. Bottom layer 1.5 inches of convoluted polyfoam. This is what mattresses reviews of Tulo H call “peak-and-valley” design. The term “open-cell” refers to the structure of its open cells, which are used to improve air circulation.

Transition Layer: A buffer between core and comfort layers is provided by 2” of polyfoam. It helps prolong the mattress’s life span.

The base layer is a 4.5-inch high density polyfoam foam core that supports the construction of the whole bed.

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tulo mattress review


Let us take a look at which mattresses are ranked according to their firmness.

Tulo soft mattress’s rating is 4 (10 being the hardest), making it an excellent choice for side-sleepers.

tulo medium mattress is a medium-firm bed, rated 6/10 in tulo medium mattress reviews . As the brand’s middle ground, we suggest trying this one out first if you aren’t sure which mattress to go with. If you aren’t happy with the firmness level, the company will exchange your bed for another option at no cost to you.

According to the company, the Tulo Firm mattress is recommended for back sleepers. It ranks between a 7- and an 8 on the firmness scale. Many tulofirm mattress reviews state that it is a good choice for stomach sleepers.

tulo mattress review


Despite being an all-foam bed, tulo is firmer and more responsive than expected. There is sufficient sinkage to offer cushioned support but not enough to make the user feel stuck to the mattress. The mattress’ top layer bounces back quick after being pressured. This is even what the Tullo Soft Mattress Reviews have to say.

In other words, it has a balanced foam feel.

This balance means that combo sleepers have sufficient movement freedom to change sleeping positions. However, strict stomach, side and back sleepers can feel their bodies contoured but not as though they are sleeping in a bed.

With the Tulo Mattress, however, the majority of the soft reviews have indicated that heavier people might find it difficult to sink into the soft or medium comfort settings. The firm bed should not have this issue. The mattress will become softer over time. Therefore, heavier people might be better off with an innerspring or hybrid bed.

Is Tulo Any Good?

All-round Value. Tulo is a budget-friendly option that will fit a wide range of people and sleep positions. Jan. 27, 2021

Is Tulo Mattress Made In Usa?

Tulo is supported by Mattress Firm. Tulo’s foams are CertiPUR US Certified and manufactured in the USA. Some reviewers mention that their foams are high quality for the price of the mattress.

What is the time frame before you can sleep on a Tulo mattress?

You should expect it to be ready to use in just a few hours. If you have sensitive noses or are allergic to particular smells, then allowing the mattress to air out for 12 hours is a wise idea. The mattress needs to be fully expanded before it can be used for sleeping. The mattress should then be ready for use within minutes.

Can You Flip A Tulo Mattress?

How often should my tulo have to be turned? Burgers must be turned from time to another; tulo is not. It can be rotated from head to foot all you like.

.Tulo Mattress Review

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