Sim Driver Review

Sim Driver Review

sim driver review


Below are all the reviews for GolfWRXers’ trip at The Kingdom Tester. Rob ” osubuckeyes691 SIM is extremely good. It’s not a magical 30 yards like everyone is talking about here. It comes down to being fit. But it is good, and with a proper fitting I’d be shocked if you couldn’t find at least slightly better numbers with SIM over any gamer you have.

My current set-up is a Callaway Epic Flash SZ Double Diamond combined with a Fuji Ventus Black 6,x. LOW LOW LOW combo…and I still hit it high haha. I’m in the low-mid 170s ball speeds with spin sometimes reaching up to 2700 to 2800. Drives I hit well, spin around 2100. My mishap is a massive push slice.

However, it’s a great fit and I wouldn’t be surprised to see SIM perform better than other games. Rob I got fitted in to the SIM 9* and KBS Tour Driven70 Category 5. This shaft is super interesting. Although it’s difficult to explain, it does have a feeling and quite a bit of it. The spin rate dropped to 2400 after my miss right. I really expected that. What I needed was something that wouldn’t let me down 30 yards when I fell. We put the weight in the heel and it really did help straighten out the miss. Huge advantage for me. Being 120 pounds, I knew I wouldn’t be picking up more than 20 yards. SIM could reduce my missed and I was happy with the results.

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Will the fillwelix driver fitter? Perry was fun to work alongside. I started by hitting my gamer on Trackman, talking with Perry about what my misses usually are, and what I wanted to get out of the fitting.

Because I don’t usually have any problems with distance, I explained to him that I wanted a more dispersed track. While I haven’t yet gotten trackman stats, my average club head speed was about 110, along with 160-something balls speed. The total distance I covered was 285-290. The launch was slightly too high for my taste, however spin was good.

The thing was seriously nuclear. While my club head speed climbed only by about 1 or 2, the launch and spin as well as ball speed were phenomenal. My ball speed reached 170, something I’d never achieved before. We tested the Ventus Black6x 10.5 SIM, which he offered some suggestions to help me set up my system. My AOA was around 4 to 5 degrees above. It was absolutely nuclear. The launch and spin of the thing were remarkable, as was my club head speed. This was a new record for me. I reached 170 ball speed. Carried 295-300 total, 315-320. The Kingdom’s driving range was reached by one shot.

sim driver review

Taylormade Sim Driver Verdict

Although I thought the SIM model would win this review, I was wrong. Dare I say that it delivered exactly what it claimed. For my slower swing speed, the spin would sometimes fall too far.

The SIM Max was the only thing that really amazed me. I never caught one. My distance was never affected by a spinning shot at over 3000 rpm.

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It was surprising that the mid-range driver performed so well, even though it had to be set to lower spin. The Inertia Generator at the back certainly added to the flight of the ball without effecting spin.

Due to the position of the Inertia Generator and its shape, swing speeds were not increased. I have yet to be convinced that 20° angle is the best for an inertia-generator. It may have been proven at TaylorMade or in the “in-the slot” club, but it’s not a universally accepted method of swinging the clubs. I won’t be able to say if we all get the same benefits.

sim driver review

Taylormade Sim Driver Review – A game-changing shape?

Paul Club Reviews of Golf Product Reviews.

SIM continues the M5’s success, namely Speed-Injected Twist Face. It also introduces an entirely reshaped and asymmetrical sole.

The new shape combines with a redesigned Inertia Generator to improve aerodynamics and increase speed at the most critical stage of the swing.

However, the SIM claims to be a major game. But how does it actually work? How does it compare with previous offerings like the ? What is the value of the bag?

I’ll be covering in this review.

Features, Technologies and Performance See, Sound & Feel where to buy this driver online Conclusion

Learn more to help you make informed purchases

sim driver review

Taylormade’S Sim Driver is Focused on Controlling Spin & Adjustability

TaylorMade SIM, or Shape in Motion, driver. This driver is one among three 2020 TaylorMade drivers. They focus on controlling spin and dialling shot biased, while SIM MAX and Max D SIM focus on forgiveness.

The SIM driver is all about aerodynamics and geometry: Combining an asymmetrical sole with tested technologies such as speed injected twist-face and a multi-material carbon crown, TaylorMade have created a driver that places a premiem on increasing clubhead speed through the downswing.

TaylorMade says that the SIM driver SIM is designed for players who want to be able to adjust their ball flight. It allows them to create a draw bias of +/- 20 yards through Sliding weight Technology, and one 10g weight. You will find it to have a more compact face than SIM Max D and SIM Max D. This is a great option for players who appreciate control and adaptability.

TaylorMade SIM2 Drivers reviewed

sim driver review

Taylormade Sim Driver Review, Photos And Video: Clubtest 2020

ClubTest 2020: We tested and evaluated 28 new drivers. Here are the TaylorMade SIM driver results.

Prices: 549/BUY NOW Lofts 8@, 9@ and 10.5@. Our view: To get the most out of drivers’ heads, creativity is key. It also takes some extremely smart engineers. TaylorMade’s SIM (Speed In Motion) shows that its braintrust is working hard to find new ways of capturing more speed, while still appealing to players who are looking for adjustability and control. For increased clubhead speed, the Inertia Generator is located in the sole. SIM stands out from the other two models by its sliding weight of 10 grams. This creates 20 yard draw-fade bias, optimizing ballflight. The driver features a smaller face than Max D or Max D. However, the fifth-generation carbon composite crown, and Twist Face technology make it difficult to notice a significant difference when it comes speed.

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SIM has first-rate launch qualities thanks to its low spin and high carry numbers. Despite having a lower profile driver, SIM ranked high in total (high speed), and top toe (both speeds), forgiveness. You can even choose to use a fade as your primary shot. Even better.

ClubTester’s opinion (+1-hdcp), “This club has a 787.” Robot’s opinion: For high-swing speed players, the forgiveness and carry numbers rank near the top. You can also expect impressive forgiveness from the middle-speed team.


sim driver review


It’s true that SIM does not have the same powerful name as M-Series. However, the SIM driver aesthetics make up for this.

The new SIM Family is designed in a way that’s simply stunning. It seems to become more comfortable as you use the SIM.

At address, it’s our favourite driver by an absolute mile. It contrasts beautifully with the carbon crown’s chalky white topline. It is amazing to see how such small changes can have such an impact on the eyes.

From a performance aspect, TaylorMade never lets you down when it comes to drivers.

The Inertia Generator, which was slightly inclined, did appear to slightly increase my club speed. SIM Max as well as SIM Max also produced some very promising numbers.

SIM driver had a low-spin driver that created a powerful ball flight. SIM Max, on the other hand, gave me slightly more spin and a better ball flight.

While the SIM Max proved to be more forgiving than the other, I found it my favorite because it gave me the same distance that a larger stick could.

sim driver review

Taylormade Sim 2 Driver Review

Are you willing to make it more straight and quicker in 2021, then? You’re probably looking for the most powerful drivers available on the market, and you’ve likely found the TaylorMade SIM2 Series.

The new year has seen these drivers make quite the splash. It’s clear why, as you will see after reading the review. Some of the most prominent names in golf trust it, including Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy as well as Dustin Johnson and John Rahm.

Although the SIM 2 was a big hit in 2020 it wasn’t available to everyday golfers. This is the first time that it has been made available to golfers. To help you select the right driver for your game, this review will break down all the technical specifications and details of these drivers.

Why is TaylorMade’s latest driver special?

You’re right… it will replace the SIM-driver from 2020, which was extremely popular. TaylorMade stated, “First, we modified the driver and then we rebuilt it.” The driver was completely rebuilt from the ground up in order to offer forgiveness as well as distance. The SIM2 Max Driver features include:

Speed Injected Twist-Face Technology: Toe and heel shots just got a whole lot faster. Thanks to the twist face technology, you’ll have more speed and straighter shots on off center hits.

The Forged Ring Construction is the key to this driver’s uniqueness. This driver uses precision-milled aluminum designed to boost both power AND forgiveness.

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sim driver review


No significant changes over earlier models

Not much adjustability

Released in 2020, the SIM and SIM Max drivers are the next step on the path forged by the M drivers of previous years. Although the speed-injected twist facial technology continues, so too does MOI soleweight. It’s just been implemented slightly differently. Although the SIM Max will focus this review, there are many SIMs available, including one with a smaller face, and more adjustability.

We were immediately struck by the great design of this driver. This driver’s head is a lot more modernized than its predecessor. Additionally, it features a unique combination of metallic and dark colors that create an attractive design.

TaylorMade says that their driver delivers more power and is better than ever. They also claim that the single weight has been optimized to increase its MOI. The swing will therefore be lighter and faster. The launch conditions are slightly better than those of previous models.

TaylorMade felt very satisfied with the performance of M driver faces. No changes have been made at all to the speed-injected face twist technology. The ball shoots up off your face and is designed to assist you if you hit the ball in areas that are usually problematic. It also sounds fantastic.

TaylorMade was able increase the ball speeds throughout the years. It’s not disputed, however. They now face the possibility of losing their market share. The new soleweight seems to be a significant improvement, though it is still a powerful driver. However, most players may not notice any difference.

sim driver review

Final Thoughts

TaylorMade is a pioneer in golf club technology. SIM Max has a remarkable driver with its light MOI and proven speed injection. If you are a professional player and feel that your game would be improved by a bit more clubhead speed, this club could prove to be an excellent choice.

The fun can be enjoyed by those with higher handicaps. Although the clubface is optimized for speed it has been designed to be forgiving. The carefully placed CG can help you get just the right amount.

The SIM Max will not make any significant changes to your TaylorMade M5 and M6 games. However, this SIM Max driver is very reliable.

We hope you enjoyed our TaylorMade SIM Max Driver Review.

Are Sim Drivers Any Good?

SIM is undoubtedly one the best-looking 2020 drivers. Jun 9, 2020

Does The Sim Max Driver Allow Forgiveness?

TaylorMade says: The SIM Max driver delivers maximum forgiveness. The all-new Inertia Generator positions additional weight at the extreme rear of the club to further increase MOI, providing more forgiveness and slightly higher launch conditions than the SIM driver.Jan 19, 2021

These are the Pros of Sim Driver

Dustin Johnson.Tiger Woods.Collin Morikawa.Rory McIlroy.Jason Day.Matthew Wolff.Tommy Fleetwood.Harry Higgs.Jun 30, 2021

Is Sim Driver Better Than M6?

A driver who is super satisfied and gives a deep thud for dead-center shots would love the M6. The Sim series may be more flexible and can take a bit longer to drive, but the M6 feels slightly better. It also has a draw bias option for those who prefer it.

.Sim Driver Review

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