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Top 10 Best Chanel Perfume In 2020 (Women And Men!)

Top 10 Best Chanel Perfume in 2020 (Women and Men!)

Just like clothes, Chanel perfumes are desired by women and men worldwide. The classic No. 5, Coco Mademoiselle and Bleu are some of the most famous perfume brand. But they are not alone and you should know the best options before choosing the perfect fragrance.

Understand the importance of olfactory family, the concentration of essence and check a ranking of the top 10 perfumes of Chanel. At the end of this post you still find extra tips on how to apply and care for your right way of perfume. Check out this next tip!

How to Choose the Best Chanel Perfume

Quality is a permanent feature in each of the Chanel perfumes. However, they are different in every one of its features. The following gives you a few tips that can help you choose the best perfume Chanel for you.

Cinnamon, Lavender, Wood: What Family Olfactory It suits you?

Top 10 Best Chanel Perfume In 2020 (Women And Men!)

To choose the Chanel perfect for you, you must know that every scent fits into an olfactory family. Each of these families is the result of a combination of specific fragrances. So it is possible to divide the perfume categories. Below, we list the main olfactory families.

Observing this classification is easier to decide on choosing the best perfume. Recalling that some fragrances can bring together two olfactory families, for example, the Coco Mademoiselle is a “woody oriental” as the Platinum Egoiste is a musky floral woody.

The Concentration Essence Determines His strength and durability

Top 10 Best Chanel Perfume In 2020 (Women And Men!)

The durability and intensity of a fragrance depend on the concentration of the essence. Among the available, the main ones are: Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette. The Eau de Parfum is more common, with about 15% to 20% concentration of essence. This guarantees you 10-12 hours of attachment.

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The Eau de Toilette has about 5% to 15% concentration and provides 5 to 10 hours fixation. Although the setting is less, not to say that this perfume has no quality. This is an alternative for those who want a good perfume, without spending a higher value.

The fixing of the perfume also depends on the olfactive family. The citrus, floral and fresh tend to evaporate more easily. Already the woody and oriental evaporate less and last longer. Chanel does not indicate the duration of the perfume on the skin, as this aspect varies from person to person.

Small, Medium or Large: What is the Size of Your Need?

Top 10 Best Chanel Perfume In 2020 (Women And Men!)

The Chanel perfume works with varying sizes. Since the pocket 20 ml to large perfume sprays 300 ml. Of course, the higher the more expensive bottle it is. Therefore, many people opt for smaller versions.

The opposite can also happen. Who wears the same perfume every day know that a small bottle lasts a very short time. In this case, it is much more advantageous to invest in a large size and enjoy the fragrance longer.

This choice will depend on your need. Chanel perfumes are classic and timeless, so it is a great brand to invest in a larger bottle. When in doubt, stay in the middle ground. A 100 ml glass may be a good option.

Perfume for the day or night: Choose Agreement with the Occasion

Top 10 Best Chanel Perfume In 2020 (Women And Men!)

You can also base their choice of perfume according to the occasion. Unlike what many people believe, there are fragrances suitable for day and night. Making inappropriate choice is to err on clothing when you have an appointment.

During the day is interesting bet on lighter scents such as citrus, floral, fresh and some fruity. The heat of the sun and your body will evaporate the fragrance in the air and, if it is too intense, the smell may become uncomfortable.

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Overnight evaporation is smaller, so you can opt for more intense versions. oriental perfumes, woody and aromatic are good choices for the evening. There are also scents considered “wild cards” that balance light and striking. An example is the floral chypre perfume.

Top 5 Best Perfumes Chanel Women

If you are looking for a female Chanel perfume is time to check out the top 5. Here the options most sold in the Brazilian market, in addition to the characteristics of each. Thus, it is much easier to make the best choice.

Top 10 Best Chanel Perfume In 2020 (Women And Men!)

Comparison table of the Best Women’s Perfumes Chanel

Top 5 Best Perfumes Chanel Men

Chanel also invests heavily in men’s fragrances. Over the past decades it was launched a few options that were very popular among men. If you are looking for a male fragrance Chanel make sure to check out the top 5 in the market.

Comparison table of the Best Men’s Fragrance Chanel

Extra tip: How to Apply and Caring for Your Perfume?

Buy a good Chanel perfume that matches your personality is an investment. However, we know how expensive they can be. So you’ll want to enjoy it as best you can, right? We have compiled some important tips to help you. Look!

Apply the perfume on pulsating points of His Body

Heat is an important factor to enhance the effect of the perfume, including the heat of the skin. The application in strategic locations can increase your projection and achieve better results. Prioritize areas with pulse, such as the neck, wrists, behind the ears, folds of the elbows and knees.

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Choose two of these locations and do not apply perfume on all at once. Spray the perfume once or twice in the chosen locations. Watch is also not to spray too close to the skin. Ideally, the bottle be at a distance of 15 cm.

Another application tip is not to rub the scent on the skin. This can cause changes in the fragrance, since the product is mixed with natural skin oils. The proper way to enjoy the scent of the fragrance is applied to the skin and let it dry naturally.

Keep bottles Away from the Light and Heat

Contrary to what many people believe, perfumes also have a shelf life. This period may be shortened or extended, depending on how you hold the product. Some prefer to keep the bottles in dressers and shelves. Other keeps them in the bathroom.

Ideally, it is protected from light, heat and temperature variation. For this, hold each bottle in its respective box and store them in a locked cabinet. It is also important to keep bottles capped to prevent bacteria damage the fragrance.

Choosing a perfume can be a challenging task, since it needs to have everything to do with you. Investigate the ingredients of the formula is a great way to understand whether a perfume will please you. Learn about the olfactory family is also one of the main ways to set this choice.

The Chanel is a classic, elegant and traditional brand. Most perfume reflects the personality of its founder, Coco Chanel. A woman free, bold, which revolutionized the fashion and consolidated its brand. Do you identify with these characteristics? Chanel perfumes are perfect for you!

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