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Top 10 Best Kabuki Brush

Top 10 Best Kabuki Brush to Buy in 2020 (Macrilan, Vult and more)

To elaborate and high coverage kabuki makeup brushes are a great option. But the wide range of this makeup item can bring doubt, since the brush out of the material and the format of the top need to be considered when choosing.

Therefore, we have prepared a comprehensive guide with lots of hints and tips especially for you. In addition, the top 10 ranqueamos kabuki brushes available. In this ranking, you will find brands like Macrilan, Vult and Sigma Beauty that have great products. Check out!

Top 10 Best Kabuki Brush To Buy In 2020 (Macrilan, Vult And More)

The kabuki brush has a lot of bristles compared to other brushes. Its bristles are found in rounded, straight or beveled shapes. Each model has different functions can be used for vacuum application base, concealer, among others.

By having a top with many bristles, usually close together and synthetic, Kabuki brush provides the average high coverage to the skin. It’s a great brush to use in more elaborate makeup, whether for parties, events or business use.

How to Choose the Best Kabuki Brush

Depending on your top form, kabuki brushes can be displayed for different types of use, such as application of liquid, cream or powder. Below, you will find this information and other tips on how to choose. Check out!

Choose Agreement Kabuki Brush to Use

For blush and contour powder you will use a brush for blush, creamy contour other. Textures liquid, creamy powder and ask Kabuki brushes with different formats. To facilitate understanding, detailed below which the most important points to note when choosing.

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Top 10 Best Kabuki Brush To Buy In 2020 (Macrilan, Vult And More)

By rounding the top, this type of brush has bristles slightly longer and fluffy Kabuki compared to straight cut brush. These brushes are great for applying powder products, and you can find them in conical shape, beveled or rounded only.

The beveled brushes, because of its shape, fit perfectly in the face angles, making them ideal for application blush, contour and bronzer. The tapered and rounded adapt better in the application of loose and illuminating face powder, but can also be used to blush.

Top 10 Best Kabuki Brush To Buy In 2020 (Macrilan, Vult And More)

Normally found in the rectum or top cut straight diagonally possess synthetic, long and short bristles, and are ideal for application of liquid and cream products. The format with the right top is great for the uniform application of the base across the face.

Some models chamfered with straight cut bring better result if used for liquid, creamy contour. By having a different cut, the brush bevel also makes it perfect for face corners-based application, such as the nose of the corner or corner of the eyes.

Wooden Cable Brings Greater Durability to Brush

Top 10 Best Kabuki Brush To Buy In 2020 (Macrilan, Vult And More)

The brush cable is for you to hold the product more firmly and securely. For this reason, choose brushes that have good quality cable is important. Cables made of wood or bamboo bring durability to the accessory, but eventually also make the brush is more expensive.

The brushes made from plastic or aluminum cables are normally lighter, but may have lower durability, and can break or wear out more easily. In contrast, its value may be less compared to others.

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Opt for products Cruelty Free and Vegan Support for the Cause Animal

Top 10 Best Kabuki Brush To Buy In 2020 (Macrilan, Vult And More)

Natural bristles are usually made of the animal and for many years were considered the best because of its softness and ease of handling. A few years now, however, the synthetic bristles gained strength and quality, being quite similar to natural bristles.

Because awareness of brands, many of them holds cruelty free products and also vegans. Brushes are cruelty free products not tested on animals and free of animal cruelty. Already vegan brushes are animal testing and free of any ingredient that has animal origin.

Top 6 Best Kabuki Brush Products for liquids and Creamy

See now rank with the best kabuki brush synthetic bristles to apply liquid and cream products. In this list you will find great brushes to contours based application and more. Check out!

Table Comparison of Top Kabuki Brushes Liquid Products

Top 4 Best Kabuki Brush for Powder Products

Now it’s time to know the 4 best kabuki brushes for use in the application of powder products such as blush, illuminator and face powder. In this ranking you find top brushes rounded and chamfered. Check out our list and choose your own!

Table Comparison of Best Kabuki Brush for Powder Products

See also the indications of Our Other Types of Brushes

If you are looking for brushes for the eyes or complete kits, prepared guides with lots of information and suggestions for choosing each of these makeup items. Check out our articles brushes with other features. Create a complete and wonderful make!

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Certainly, with all of these tips and suggestions it was easier to choose the kabuki brush ideal for you. Remember that the Kabuki theater of short and very closely bristles are usually indicated for liquid and creamy products, as the cuddly give better finish for powder products.

Read our guide and note which brush will meet your need. Maybe two or more options are perfect for you. And do not forget to share this article with someone who is also looking for a good brush!


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